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   Chapter 68 No.68

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Sam closed his eyes, kissing him back.

Leroy moved back then, staring into Sam's pretty blue eyes.

'Sam?' he spoke gently to him. 'Can I do more than just kiss you?'

Sam blinked in surprise, eyes wide as he hesitated for a moment.

'Yes' he said after a few seconds. 'I want you to.'

Leroy raised his head, brushing Sam's face with the back of his hand before kissing him again.

He pressed his hand against Sam's shoulder, pushing him gently back upon the sofa and leaning over him.

The magazine fell to the floor.

His kisses travelled along Sam's jaw line and down his neck and his hand reaching up to his chest, slowly one by one unbuttoning his shirt.

Sam moaned, arms raised above his head and hands touching the arm of the sofa as Leroy licked his chest, biting his tender skin lightly.

'Ah…' Sam breathed, as he felt Leroy's touch.

'I won't mark you' Leroy whispered back. 'I wouldn't mark such a delicate thing.'

Leroy moved his head further down Sam's body, kissing his stomach, as he slowly unbuttoned his jeans.

Sam tensed then, shifting slightly as Leroy slowly unzipped him.

Leroy sat back, pausing as he glanced up at Sam.

Sam's chest rose and fell slowly as he drew deep breaths, his cheeks were flushed. Leroy felt a sudden strong lust rise within him as he gazed down at Sam lying there on his back, arms above his head and shirt open, revealing his lean frame.

Leroy raised his hand, running his fingertip over Sam's belly, before moving down, and slipping his hand into his trousers.

Sam tensed then, breath caught in his throat, he let out a moan, drawing a shuddering breath then.

Leroy caressed him gently, leaning over him as he worked.

'Sam' he spoke tenderly.

Sam opened his eyes, gazing up at Leroy. He gave a nod.

Leroy withdrew his hand, grasping the top of Sam's jeans with both hands and pulling them down.

Sam let out a breath as Leroy moved his hand over Sam again, feeling him, stroking him, moving his hand up and down rhythmically.

'Oh Leroy…' Sam a gasped.

Leroy looked at him, tilting his chin down and lowering his head.

Sam gasped then as he felt Leroy put his lips around him. He gritted his teeth, then moaned, gasping deeply, speaking softly his name.


Leroy moved his head up and down, tasting him, feeling him at the back of his throat as he sucked, his rhythm becoming faster and faster.


roy' Sam spoke firmly now, his body stiffening, back arching. 'Let go…I'm going to…'

'Come if you want' Leroy mumbled before continuing.

Leroy became forceful now, moving back and forth quickly.

Sam craned his head back, gritting his teeth as he came.

Leroy let out a moan, leaning back and coughing.

He wiped his mouth, looking back up at Sam and smiling.

Leroy washed up, and afterwards they sat together on the sofa.

'So um…' Leroy began. 'How long have you lived here?'

'About a year or so' Sam beamed happily. 'I've lived in loads of different places. I had to leave the last house I rented because the landlord sold up. It was tough, but I found a place to stay.' He grinned. 'I rather like it here, in fact I would even go so far as to say that this house is the best I've stayed in so far. Everyone here is so nice to me…we're like a family…even through we're not related.'

'What about your own family?'

Sam stared at him.

His smile faced from his lips.

'My family…' he bowed his head, composing himself, before looking back up again. 'They were murdered.'

Leroy's heart plummeted in his chest and his eyes widened at he stared at Sam.


'They um…' Sam looked away. 'It was…' he sighed, blinking slowly. 'It happened a long time ago, one day…I went out with some friends…and…when I came home I…' he gritted his teeth, balling his fists and he fought back tears. He smiled then, eyes crinkling at the edges, even as the tears rolled down his cheeks. 'No' he spoke to himself forcefully, wiping them away. 'They would want me to be strong.'

Sam took several calming breaths, before continuing.

'I lost my entire family in one day; it was…a friend of the family…supposedly. I was spared, only because I went out last minute, he knew I was supposed to be home that day…but a friend called last minute and invited me out, so I left…I….' he drew a steady breath. 'I was out for hours. When I came home…there were…police….'

'What happened?' Leroy asked tentatively.

'The man…who did that…we all knew him well…but…I never got closure for what happened, I….I never….' Sam paused then. 'He killed my family…then killed himself…no one ever found out why…then after that…the friend who invited me out that day…invited me to live with him…because I was only near seventeen, he was a little older and…he helped. But after a time he became possessive and violent.'

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