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   Chapter 67 No.67

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'There' he smiled, 'that's better.'

He reached for the towel beside the bed, wiping his hand on it.

Leroy sat up quickly, kissing Sam tenderly, holding him close.

'I love you Sam' he whispered. 'I love you…'

Sam grinned happily, hugging him back.

'I love you too Leroy, and good morning!'

'Morning' Leroy chuckled.

'Hey' Sam urged, 'I'm hungry; let's go get some breakfast together, okay?'

Leroy yawned widely, running a hand down his face.

He saw Sam sitting beside him, completely naked in the morning light. He looked so cute there like that.

'Come on' Sam hastened, leaping from the bed and reaching for his clothes.

Leroy rose from the bed, pushing the sheets back and swinging his legs over the edge, leaning forwards with his elbows on his knees.

'So who were those girls last night?' Leroy asked him.

'Mearah's my housemate' Sam informed him. 'Lilith is her friend. Then there's Garry, his room is downstairs, he's hardly ever here though. And then Peter, he's probably at his university now, he's really smart, he's got tons of coursework and exams and stuff.'

Leroy stood, stretching with his arms above his head.

'Hey' Sam winked, gazing hungrily at Leroy's naked body. 'Nice.'

Leroy lowered his arm, reaching behind him for a pillow and throwing it at his face.

'Enough' Leroy ordered. 'Now let's go downstairs. I think it's time you introduced me to your housemate properly.'

Sam led the way down the stairs as they headed to the kitchen, Mearah and Lilith were sitting at the kitchen table, staring towards the door as the pair entered.

'Hey boys' Mearah winked at them both.

'Hey Mearah.'

'So who's your friend?' Mearah asked, as Lilith beside her leant forwards on the table with a sly smile. 'Introduce us properly.'

'This' Sam beamed, indicating Leroy who stood beside him. 'This is Leroy, we're going out now.'

'So you ditched that other one at last?' Lilith spoke up.

'Yeah' Sam nodded, 'Leroy is much nicer to me.'

Leroy glanced to Sam, feeling warmth within his heart.

'You'll look after Sam won't you?' Mearah said to Leroy. 'He's been through so much, he deserves to be treated right.'

'Yes' Leroy nodded, 'I know, and I promise…' he reached towards Sam, putting his arm around his shoulders and pulling him close, 'I love Sam, and I would never hurt him.'

As he spoke, Sam turned to gaze

up at him, eyes shimmering.

Mearah smiled in satisfaction at this, rising to her feet.

'Lilith and I have got to go out now' she said, taking Lilith's hand and kissing her on the lips, 'we have things to do.' She paused, looking at Leroy intently. 'It was nice to meet you' she said to him, 'I hope we can see each other again soon.'

She smirked at Leroy as she walked out of the kitchen without another word.

Leroy and Sam turned, watching as the two girls left the house. The door closed, leaving the two alone together. It was quiet in the house once more.

'She seems nice' Leroy said, referring to Mearah. 'Is she um…are she and Lilith together?'

Sam smirked. 'No, she's not gay…she's bisexual, she…' he pondered as he thought of the right word. 'She's in an open relationship' he finished. 'She has a boyfriend.'

'Hm' Leroy raised an eyebrow.

'So what do you want?' Sam asked him, 'cereal? Toast?'

They ate breakfast, then after that, they went to the living room to sit.

'Don't you have work or something?' Leroy asked Sam. 'What do you do for a job?'

'Oh, I work in a supermarket. I'm pretty good at my job…but I can only work part-time.'

'Why is that?'

'Well' Sam shrugged shyly. 'It's hard to you know? I mean I've tried, but they're just not offering the hours I need. It's hard sometimes' Sam said as he sat down at the sofa picking up the magazine from the table and leaning back. 'I can just about afford rent, but money is tight…you know?'

'So the others won't be coming back for a while will then?' Leroy asked.

'No' Sam mumbled, looking at his magazine. 'They'll be ages.'

Leroy sat next to Sam, staring down at his knees as Sam flicked through the magazine happily beside him, completely distracted.

Leroy turned towards Sam, listening to him as Sam hummed to himself. Leroy watched him closely.

His eyes were bright, and a smile played about his lips. Though there didn't seem to be anything in particular that made him smile.

Sam paused suddenly; he stopped humming as he turned to face Leroy.

'Are you alright?' he said happily.

'Yes' Leroy said. 'I just…' he reached towards him.

Sam blinked as Leroy touched his face. His skin was so soft, so tender.

'You're so cute' Leroy said to him.

Sam's expression lit up, and he looked even more beautiful.

Leroy leant forward then, kissing him lightly.

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