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   Chapter 66 No.66

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 4848

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Leroy frown at him in amusement, feeling a surge of love towards him.

Suddenly the door to the bedroom was kicked open, and Leroy sat bolt-upright.

'SAAA-AAM!' came a sing-song voice before the lights were turned on.

Leroy shielded his eyes, squinting at the brightness before looking back towards the door, seeing a pair of girls, both extravagantly dressed in gothic clothes with their hair tied up.

'Oh' the one that had spoken said, hand going to her mouth as she saw Leroy there in bed.

Then her expression turned sly.

'Sam…' she teased, 'I didn't know you had company, and what company!'

Sam groaned, sitting up beside Leroy who sat there nervously, eyes wide.

'Mearah' Sam groaned rubbing his tired eyes, '…what the hell?'

Mearah had blonde hair tied in pigtails, beside her, her skinnier friend had blood-red hair and heavy dark makeup around her eyes.

'So who's this?' Lilith her red-haired friend asked pointing at Leroy.

'Is he a one-night stand or your main man?' Mearah asked.

Leroy glanced uncertainly at Sam who leant into him, his heart skipped a beat as he saw Sam's naked flesh, covered only from the waist down by the blankets.

'This is Leroy' Sam gleamed happily, hugging his arm. 'He's my boyfriend now, I love him. Now get out we want to sleep.'

'I get all giddy when you take control like that' Leroy smirked.

Without warning then Sam pressed his hand on Leroy's chest, pushing him back down onto the bed and rolling on top of him.

'Sleep' Mearah spoke flatly. 'Yes.'

'Out' Sam barked, glancing around as Leroy lay beneath him, pinning him down with his hands around his wrists. 'I have unfinished business.'

Mearah and Lilith sniggered, leaving the room swiftly and snapping the door shut.

'But we…' Leroy stammered, '…finished last night.'

'I'm hungry again' Sam gleamed, giving him a predatory smile.

Leroy felt his heart skip a beat as Sam released his hold on one of Leroy's wrists, not wasting time as he reached around and down, grasping Leroy firmly between the legs. Leroy flinched, closing his eyes in pain, before opening them, squinting up at him.

'I'm not just the receiver' Sam sneered at him, 'I'm a giver too.'

Leroy moaned in pain as without warning Sam pushed his fingers into him.

'Stop' he gasped, 'the others will hear.'

'You think what I do is the worst thing that gets heard in this house?' Sam asked st

ill playing with him. 'Leroy. Come on. We are all young and horny here.'

Leroy breathed in shallow gasps, heart racing in his chest and staring through teary eyes to the ceiling as Sam leant over him, lifting his leg over.

Sam bit his neck savagely, hooking his arm around Leroy's leg and lifting to get better access as he positioned himself.

Leroy tilted his head down at Sam who paused only for a moment, before pushing himself in.

Leroy grimaced, tensing and grasping the bed sheets as he moaned in pain.

Downstairs, Mearah and Lilith sat at the kitchen table in silence, happily listening to the sounds of the old and creaky bed upstairs.

The next morning, Sam woke early.

He turned over, facing Leroy in bed.

'Hey Leroy. Hey. Hey. Hey Leroy. Hey.'

'Mmmmm' Leroy groaned in annoyance.

Sam glanced down Leroy's body, reaching out to grab his buttock.


Leroy opened his eyes, glaring.

'No!' he snapped suddenly wide away, slapping Sam's hand away. 'Not again I'm tired…god you've got some appetite.'

He closed his eyes again, before opening them seconds later.


'I'm just….' Sam moaned, looking sad and adorable at the same time, '…I'm just so horny. I need a good seeing to.'

'No' Leroy said.


'No!' Leroy snapped. 'Jeez you're going to kill me.'

And then there came Mearah and Lilith's muffled shouts from downstairs.

'Go on! Do it!'

'Get it on! We want to hear it!'

Leroy groaned as Sam shrugged apologetically at him.

'Sorry' he grinned sheepishly, 'this is an old house; you can hear pretty much anything anywhere.'

'No' Leroy groaned in agitation, closing his eyes again and turning away. 'I'm tired Sam.'

'Then can I suck you off?'

Leroy opened his eyes, seeing Sam leaning over him hopefully.

He let out an exasperated sigh, rolling onto his back.

'Fine' he grumbled.

'Yay!' Sam cried happily.

Leroy let out low breath, lying on his back and closing his eyes as he felt Sam's lips close around him, trying to ignore the cheers coming from downstairs.

Sam worked for a few minutes, teasing him, licking him all over.

'Sam…I'm close…'

Sam began to quicken his pace, Leroy suddenly grabbed him by the hair, groaning just as he came, then letting out a deep breath.

Sam leant back, his lips sliding off the end. He opened his hand before him, coughing into his palm and wiping his mouth.

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