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   Chapter 65 No.65

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Leroy grinned, the edges of his eyes crinkled, as tears ran down his cheeks.

'I want to be happy' he said to Sam. 'I want a new start. I need a new start.'

'Yeah' Sam mumbled. 'Me too.'

Leroy let out a breath, stepping forwards and enveloping Sam in a firm embrace, Sam lifted his arms, holding him back, breathing in the scent of his clothes.

'It feels so strange' Leroy spoke quietly, 'to hold someone else like this.'

'Yeah' Sam grinned, hugging Leroy tighter now, 'but it feels good…'

Leroy went home with Sam that night. Sam lived in a shared house, but tonight it was empty.

'They've all gone out clubbing' Sam explained, closing the door behind Leroy as he entered.

'How come you didn't go?'

'Because I wanted to be with you' Sam gleamed.

Leroy's heart skipped a beat in his chest, and he began to feel a strange elation within him, something he hadn't experienced since he first realised his feelings for Mustang.

'So um…' Sam began awkwardly, hunching his shoulders and suddenly averting his gaze as he held his hands behind his back. 'We won't be disturbed if that's what you're…'

Leroy stopped his words with a kiss, pressing his body against Sam's and pinning him against the wall.

Sam moaned as Leroy held him by the wrists, his grasp firm but gentle, he let out a gasp and Leroy nuzzled into Sam's neck, nibbling at his ear, and running his tongue down his neck, biting his shoulder gently.

Leroy stopped then, leaning back slightly, gazing into his eyes.

Sam smiled.

'My room is upstairs' he said to him breathlessly. 'Do you want to…' he trailed off, but didn't finish his sentence.

Sam took Leroy by the hand, walking upstairs with him.

Sam opened the door for Leroy, closing it quietly once they were both inside. He leant back against the door, smiling at Leroy shyly.

Leroy watched him; reaching out to Sam and pushing him slowly back onto the bed, crawling forwards onto the bed, leaning over him on all fours.

'Are you sure you want to do this?' Leroy asked him.

'Yes' Sam breathed. 'I want to…love you…to feel you…' he smiled. 'I want this' he whispered, 'I want to…feel you inside me.'

Sam reached up, brushing Leroy's cheek tenderly, running his fingers through his hair, before letting his hand fall back down to the bed, laying there beneath Leroy, calmly, simply waiting.

Leroy leant forwards, caressing Sam's cheeks with both hands as he moved forwards, his lips hovering over Sam's. He paused only briefly before kissing him.

Sam moaned as Leroy moved his tongue insid

e him, grasping Sam's arm with one hand, and with the other, slipping beneath his belt.

Sam broke away from him, craning his head back, his body shuddering, his breath in shallow gasps.

Leroy withdrew his hand, unbuckling Sam's belt, with the other hand he lifted Sam's shirt to expose his bare chest.

'You're so handsome' Leroy whispered, running his tongue across naked skin. 'So perfect.'

He leant back, sitting up so that he could see Sam's face clearly.

'Don't worry' he said. 'I won't mark you.'

'I wouldn't mind if you did' Sam mumbled back, cheeks flushed as Leroy continued to touch him down below, caressing him so tenderly. 'I am yours…' he breathed, 'after all…'

Leroy pulled his hand back, grasping the top of his trousers and pulling them down, freeing Sam from them and throwing them aside.

He leant over Sam again, kissing him briefly, before whispering into his ear.

'Turn over.'

Sam did so, and Leroy ran his hands over his body, nuzzling into his shoulder and smelling his scent as he unzipped his own trousers.

'Relax' he told him. 'I'll be gentle.'

Sam drew a sharp intake of breath, balling the sheets up in his hands as Leroy pushed forwards, reaching further into him as he leant over Sam, weaving his fingers between Sam's, as he moaned in pain, and in pleasure.

Leroy's body began to sweat in the hot room, but he did not slow his pace as he thrust into him.

Leroy continued, enjoying every inch of Sam's body, owning him. Controlling him.

He quickened as he began to climax, throwing his head back as his finished.

They lay on the bed together after that, holding each other close.

'I love you Leroy' Sam told him. 'I love you...'

Leroy squeezed him tighter, closing his eyes content as he felt a strange emotion inside at hearing these words.

'I know' Leroy whispered quietly to Sam.

'Can you…' Sam began, 'stay here tonight?'

Leroy held him close, resting his forehead against his.

'Yeah' he said at last. 'I can.'

Chapter Twenty Seven

Leroy was woken a short while later by a sound.

He furrowed his brow, shifting in his sleep and groaning. He opened his eyes to darkness, hearing sounds coming from downstairs.

He listened, hearing a girl's voice calling out, then another, then the sound of the front door slamming loudly.

Leroy's heart began to skip nervously as he listened to the sounds of two pairs of footsteps coming up the stairs, the voices laughing and giggling drunkenly. Leroy glanced to Sam who was sound asleep beside him, dribbling happily.

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