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   Chapter 64 No.64

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 4558

Updated: 2018-07-10 19:03

'Are you ok?' Leroy asked.

'Yeah I'm peachy' Sam replied with a cheesy grin.

Leroy gave him a peculiar expression, before letting out a heavy sigh, smiling to himself weakly.

'You're a strange one' he said turning away and looking back to the grave again.

'Strange?' Sam echoed. 'Am I?'


'So who was he?' Sam asked tentatively, looking at the grave also. 'Alphonse Peterson…'

'He….' Leroy began tentatively.

He huffed, eyes lowered to the floor.

'He was my boyfriend.'

Sam turned to him with wide eyes.

'He died three years ago' Leroy mumbled. 'It was…sudden…for me…I…' he drew a slow breath. 'He was sick for a long time and I had no idea. He kept it secret, he never told anyone. I came to this town to try to find him…after he left one day without a word.' He paused. 'By the time I found him…it was already too late.'

Leroy reached inside his jacket then, pulling out a small picture in a simple black frame. The photo was of a young man with short black hair, handsome features, and a sly grin. He looked happy.

It was Mustang.

'This is him' Leroy mumbled, 'back before met him.'

'I'm sorry' Sam muttered. 'I know what it feels like to lose someone you love.'

Leroy put the picture away again, turning now to face Sam.

'What did you want?' he asked him. 'Why are you here?'

'I wanted to see you.'


'Because' Sam began sheepishly, '…I like you.'

Leroy stared at him, an expression of confusion and uncertainty on his face.

'You……like me…?'

They went for a drink together after that, and Leroy sat in the coffee shop with Sam, seated at a small table in the corner, each with a drink before them.

'Mmmm' Sam lifted his cup to his lips and breathed deeply, closing his eyes as he did. 'Delicious…'

He took a sip, before placing the drink back on the table.

'I just love hot chocolate' he grinned childishly. 'It's so sweet and tasty.'

Sam faltered then, seeing the expression on Leroy's face.

'What's wrong?'

'Why did you say before that you liked me?' Leroy asked him.

'Because I do' Sam answered, dabbing his mouth clean with a napkin.

'I don't understand' Leroy mumbled.

Sam grinned at him, crossing his arms and leaning forwards on his elbows.

'I want to have sex

with you.'

Leroy's heart twisted in his chest, and he stared at Sam in horror. One or two other people nearby cast glances over at them, and Leroy for a moment thought he must have heard wrong.

'You what….?'

'You heard' Sam gleamed slyly at him. 'I…' he began, 'I think you're really handsome.'

Leroy stared at him, suddenly a thought struck him.

He smiles just like Tess he realised, putting a hand to his head. Why am I thinking of her all of a sudden?

'Listen' Sam said, 'I should be going now. Could you walk me home?'

'Um…' Leroy mumbled. 'Alright.'

'Great' Sam beamed, rising from his seat. 'Come on, I'll show you where I live.'

They left the coffee shop together, Leroy walking a few steps behind Sam, staring at the back of his head.

What's with this kid? He wondered to himself, as Sam ahead of him walked with a spring in his step, whistling a tune and smiling as he walked with his hands in his pockets.

A sudden thought struck Leroy then.

Live your life as you should, not how others want. Live in the moment.

'Sam wait!' Leroy called out.

Sam paused, glancing back at Leroy in surprise.

'I…' Leroy started, stepping closer to him and speaking. 'I think I like you.'

'You do?' Sam said, eyes growing wide as he beamed back at him. 'Really?'

He squealed then like an excited school girl, bouncing on the spot and shaking his balled fists excitedly before him.

'I'm so happy!'

'Sam' Leroy said, shifting on the spot and moving closer to him. 'Can I……can I kiss you?'

Sam's eyes grew even wider still, and he stopped what he was doing, quickly falling silent.

The sun was setting behind them, and as Leroy reached out to take Sam by the arm, Sam tilted his head back, closing his eyes and allowing Leroy to kiss him.

Their lips touched, and Leroy held him there, his grasp on Sam's arm tightening a little.

He leant back slightly, but Sam wanted more. He stood on his tip toes to reach Leroy, opening his mouth this time as he kissed him again. Leroy opened his mouth too feeling Sam's tongue on his own, his soft and tender touch, his gentle kiss.

Sam put his heels on the ground again, gasping and smiling up at Leroy.

Leroy looked down at him, still holding his arms, though gently now.

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