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   Chapter 63 No.63

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 4948

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'I don't want to annoy you…' Sam began.

'Than stop following me.'

'I just wanted to thank you again. It was really brave what you did, standing up to him like that. He can get really nasty at times.' Sam's grin widened. 'You're like a super hero! Stepping into save me like that.'

'Oh give me a break' Leroy groaned.

'So why are you here in a cemetery anyway?' Sam asked glancing about them, struggling to keep up with Leory's wide and hurried steps. 'Were you visiting someone?'

'Look kid' Leroy said coming to an abrupt stop and rounding on him. 'Just leave me alone alright?'

Sam stared at him in shock. Then his expression soured.

'I'm not a kid' he answered indignantly.

Leroy glowered at him. He turned and marched away. This time, Sam stayed where he was, watching Leroy as he went.

When Leroy got home, Elaine was waiting in the kitchen to welcome him back.

'Oh Leroy' she said with a grin, 'there you are. I'm sorry we've already finished eating.'

'It's alright' Leroy mumbled, taking his shoes off in the hallway and putting his coat and bag down. 'I'm not really hungry anyway.'

'Don't be like that' Elaine said firmly. 'You need to eat something. You don't eat properly, its not good for you you know?'

She pressed a button on the microwave and turned it on.

'We left some over for you. Don't look surprised' she told Leroy who didn't look surprised at all. 'We caring for you, we just wish sometimes that you would care more for yourself.'

Leroy sat heavily at the table. About a minute or so later Elaine took his heated food from the microwave and presented it to him, placing beside him a knife and a fork.

'Be sure to eat all of it' she sang to him, before giving him a kiss on the cheek and walking out of the kitchen.

'Elaine' Leroy spoke out.

'Yeah?' she gleamed, turning back to him and holding her hands before her happily.

'I um…I've nearly save enough money' he told her. 'I can…I can move out soon…I'll be able to buy my own apartment…my own place…I…won't be here long.'

'You don't have to leave' Elaine told him sincerely. 'We would miss you.'

'I know' Leroy mumbled. 'I just…I can't live here for the rest of my life. I need my own place, and your parents…' he fell silent.

Elaine continued to watch him smiling.

'It's not far away' Leroy went on, 'we'll still be able to see each other.'

'I hope so. You'll have to show us when you get it' Elaine grinned happily. 'Just don'

t forget about us. Ok?'

'You know I never would.'

Elaine smiled warmly at him.

'Goodnight then' she said to him. 'See you in the morning.'


She went away and Leroy was left alone.

He looked down at his food, and began to slowly eat.

Afterwards he washed up after himself, and went to his bedroom.

It was dark outside. He stood before the window, staring out at the street beyond. Everything was so still and peaceful.

Leroy lowered his eyes, sighing.

He raised his hands, closing the curtains. He dressed quickly and lay down in bed. The sheets were cold, but after a time, they began to warm as he hugged them tighter to him.

It took him a long time to sleep, a thing that had become normal. He often struggled to sleep, often waking early, often feeling restless, never knowing what to do with himself, not knowing how to keep his mind occupied. Most days he was bored. People tried to engage him in activities, drinks, socializing, but he was never interested in any of it.

Leroy let out another heavy sigh, closing his eyes and thinking about work the next day.

It took him hours to sleep, and the next morning, he woke before his alarm went off.

'Hello how can I help?'

He was in the office again answering a call, around him; many others were doing the same, or working on their computers.

'Of course' Leroy said. 'I'll see what I can do.'

He finished late again that day, but instead of going home, we went to visit a property agent.

'We've several apartments available locally' the man was telling him. 'Did you have something specific in mind?'

'No' Leroy shook his head. 'It's just for me. I just want something small.'

They made an appointment to meet for next week to view a property available in the area. Then Leroy went away.

He went to visit Mustang again, and as he did so many times before, he just stood before the grave, staring down at it.

It was beginning to get dark was someone called out to him, breaking his trance.

Leroy blinked, raising his head slowly and looking away, towards the figure that had spoken.

He recognised Sam as he came running closer, waving at him merrily as he went.

'I thought I might find you here' he gasped, slowly to a stop before him.

'What happened to you?' Leroy asked him, seeing the fresh bruises on his face.

'Oh this?' Sam beamed happily. 'Well I uh…I finally told him to leave.' He smiled. 'He didn't like that at all.'

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