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   Chapter 62 No.62

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'It doesn't matter' Leroy muttered, turning away. 'I'll see you tomorrow ok?'

'Sure' Phil said behind him, 'see you.'

Leroy left the building without talking to anyone else, walking quietly and keeping his head down.

The town at this time of day was quiet, the traffic on the roads light, and that was the way Leroy liked it. No one else spoke to him as he made his way. He stopped at the edge of the pavement, glancing both ways down the road before crossing it briskly, heading up the hill through the park, and towards the cemetery.

There was no one else around.

Leroy stood before Mustang's grave silently, just standing there, staring down at it.

He came here often, even after all this time. Things had never been the same since that day he had learned of what had happened. It ran through his mind none stop. He couldn't stop thinking of how Mustang must have felt.

He must have been so afraid all the time Leroy thought not for the first time. He was carrying this weight alone…he never told anyone…only his family knew. Leroy lowered his eyes. Would I have treated him differently had I known?

He thought he was alone in the cemetery, but then he heard a sound, a commotion of some sort.

He looked around, seeing two figures a short distance away. They appeared to be fighting.

Leroy watched them.

Their discussion was getting heated. The taller of the two grabbed the other figure by the arm.

Leroy moved over to them.

'Hey!' he called out when he reached them. 'What's going on? You want a fight, have it somewhere else.'

The taller figure let go of the other figure, rounding on him.

'Who are you? Mind your own business.'

Leroy glanced to the shorter figure, a young man with short wavy white-blonde hair and blue eyes. He was clearly frightened, a sensitive character, with a 'soft' look about him.

Leroy took a closer look at him, seeing a dark mark around one of his eyes, a bruise.

Leroy stared at the younger figure for a moment, before turning back to the taller one.

'Did you hit him?'

The younger figure's eyes widened at this, and he glanced nervously towards the taller one.

'Mind your own business!'

Leroy grabbed the man by the shirt, shoving him back against a tree, their faces inches apart.

'I'm happy to fight you' he told the man calmly. 'You want to fight me here and now? I'll beat you to a bloody pulp.


'I'd like to see you try mate' the man sneered.

Leroy drew his fist back, punching the man hard in the gut, acting fast before giving the other man a chance to hit him first. The man doubled over as Leroy lifted his knee, driving it hard into the man's nose.

The man stumbled, hands to his face where blood was already seeping between his fingers.

'I'm not afraid to fight' Leroy told him. 'You hit someone else be prepared to be hit yourself.'

The man glared at him, pure hatred in his eyes. His glance flickered to the younger man, who tensed then, taking a step back to stand behind Leroy.

'I won't forget' the man said, before turning on his heel and storming away, hand still covering his face.

Leroy let out a heavy sigh, and beside him the boy seemed to relax.

'Are you alright?' Leroy asked him.

'Yes' the young man answered. 'Thank you for sticking up for me.'

Leroy's gaze lingered on him for a moment, before looking back in the direction the taller figure had gone.

Ken walked away.

'Hey wait where are you going?' the boy called after him.


The young man hesitated, before running after him.

'I'm Sam by the way.'


'That's a cool name.'

Leroy gave him an irritated glance, before facing ahead again, not speaking.

'So um…thanks for helping me.'

'You said that already.'

'Yeah I did' Sam laughed sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. 'It's lucky you were here really.'

'I guess.' Leroy glanced down at him. 'Why was he bothering you anyway…wait no' he corrected himself hastily. 'Sorry I shouldn't be asking, it's none of my business.'

'He's my boyfriend' Sam volunteered. 'But…well things aren't going that well.'

'I can tell' Leroy answered flatly. 'Just leave him.'

'I'm trying but he won't take no for answer.'

Leroy paused then, blinking as he finally processed what he said. He turned to Sam.


'Yeah' Sam gleamed. 'I'm gay. You don't…have a problem with that do you?'

'No' Leroy said shortly. 'Even if I did why would it bother you?'

'It wouldn't' Sam beamed. 'It's just….some people…well…they don't like it…you know?'

Leroy stared at him, mouth half open. He looked over Sam's shoulder then.

'What's that?!'

'What?' Sam said excitedly turning around.

Leroy ran away.

'Hey wait!'

Sam made after him.

'Stop following me!' Leroy snapped.

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