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'I want a new start' Ken was saying, opening a book at random without looking at the title. 'I want to get away from my old life and start a fresh one.'

His eyes scanned over the page of the book briefly before closing it and putting it back on the shelf.

'I want to change my name' Ken said, 'I want to change my look…I want to change everything.'

Elaine tilted her head at him, but she said nothing.

'I want to change my name' Ken said again, '…to Leroy…'

Elaine glanced at the book he had put down, before looking back at him again.

'Alright' she mumbled, 'if that's what you want…Leroy.'

'I will accept your offer' he said, bowing his head. 'My name is now Leroy, and I shall make it official.' He turned to face her. 'I will get my stuff from the hotel, it's not much.'

'Alright' Elaine said. 'I'll just tell mum and dad…they'll both be thrilled to hear that you're staying.'

She went away then, and Ken stayed alone in the room.

It was so quiet, so empty.

Ken went over to the bed, lying down on it and staring up at the ceiling.

He rolled over onto his front, balling the sheets up in his fists. He took a deep breath, and smelt Mustang's scent in the covers. It still smelled like him.

'Oh Mustang…' Ken whimpered, burying his face in the sheets and crying silently. 'I'm sorry…'

That night, while Elaine and her parents were preparing dinner, Leroy went upstairs alone. He went into the bathroom, staring at his own reflection.

'I want to change' he said to himself. 'I want to look different.'

He glanced down, seeing hair clipper on the side.

He reached out to take it, staring down as he held it in his hand.

He looked up at himself in the mirror, turning the clippers on, and lifting it to the side of his head.

When he came downstairs a short while later, Elaine and her parents all glanced around at him, surprised by the change.

He had shaved the sides of his head, brushing his hair back at the top, a lot like the way Mustang used to with his hair, only without the dye or ponytail.

They only smiled at him without question, inviting him to sit at the table. The meal was nearly ready.

'We're so glad to have you here' Elaine's mother said to him. 'We're so grateful you decided to stay.'

'Thanks' Leroy mumbled at her. 'I just…thank you for letting me stay' he finished shortly.

'It's our pleasure' she answered with a smi

le. 'You can stay here, for as long as you want.'

Part 2

Three years later

Chapter Twenty Six

'Alright, no problem, thanks for calling.'

Leroy disconnected the call, taking his head phones off with a heavy sigh and leaning back in his chair.

'Everything alright?' his friend Stan asked beside him.

'Yeah' Leroy grumbled, reaching forwards and turning his computer off.

'Are you finished now?'

'Yeah' Leroy said again checking his watch. 'I'm already late.' He ran his fingers through his hair, pushing the chair back and grabbing his bag and coat.

'I'll see you tomorrow then' Stan called out to him as Leroy slumped away, head hung.

'Yeah' Leroy said again wearily back to him. 'Bye.'

'See you Leroy' his friend Rose said to him as he went by, giving him another of her sly grins.

'Yeah' Leroy mumbled, 'see you.'

He walked away from her, wishing not to have to deal with her right now. He knew she liked him, but he had never once given her something to grasp onto, having previously made his thoughts clear to her. But she still carried on.

Leroy walked out of the office, heading towards the elevator. He waited quietly as a few other people got into the lift with him, standing patiently as he listened to the hushed muttering of voices in the office before him, the rustle of clothes, footsteps.

The doors to the lift closed, and they descended through the building.

Leroy glanced through the glass walls of the elevator to the car park outside, it was mostly empty now, and the day was beginning to darken as the sun touched the horizon beyond the trees at the edge of the car park.

The lift came to the ground floor and Leroy stepped out, shuffling along the corridor heading to the main doors.

'Hey Leroy!'

He glanced around with tired eyes.

'Phil…what is it?'

'Hey how're you doing?' Phil smiled.

'Fine I guess.'

'I was just wondering if you wanted to come out with me and some of the guys.'

'Drinking?' Leroy asked in a monotone. 'No thanks.'

Phil frowned at him in annoyance. 'You're going to that graveyard again aren't you?'

Leroy turned around.

'I don't mean to pry but…isn't it time you moved on now?'

Leroy didn't say anything, instead continued to stare at the ground behind him.

After a few seconds of silence, Phil spoke.

'Whatever, I don't mean to upset you, I know it's not my business……sorry.'

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