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   Chapter 60 No.60

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Ken stared at her, lost for words.

'We all loved Alphonse' Elanie smiled, tears running down her cheeks. 'We all miss him very much.'

She stepped forwards then, embracing tightly, Ken felt her shoulders wrack with sobs.

'I'm so glad to meet you at last.'

'He had a brain tumour' Elaine was saying. 'He was first diagnosed many years ago, after that…he did everything he could to keep a distance from us.'

Ken glanced up at Elaine from across the kitchen table, Elaine's mother had made them both cups of tea, which sat there before each of them untouched.

'Why?' Ken asked. 'Why would Mustang do that?'

Elaine raised her head to him, sorrow in her eyes.

'The doctor only gave him a few years to live' Elaine said, 'he…began to distance himself from us, so that it wouldn't be so difficult when the time came…for him to die.'

Elaine's eyes grew distant.

'He was here just a few days ago' Elaine told him. 'We all said goodbye to him one last time.' She looked away from him then, turning to gaze out the window. 'He died right there' she told him, 'by the pond. He was very sick…in the last few days.'

It seemed she was about to say more, but then she stopped.

'What are you going to do now?' Elaine asked him suddenly.

'I…I don't know' Ken mumbled. He bit his lip, drawing a slow breath, before continuing. 'I…I thought I was happy in life, I had a family I thought cared for me, a girlfriend……' he broke off then, falling silent for a time before continuing. 'When I first met him' Ken went on, 'I thought he was the most irritating person in the world…' Ken looked down at his hands. 'He changed my life…he made me realise….' He swallowed the lump in his throat. 'I was living the life my family wanted me to live…not the life I wanted…when I told my family…that I…'

Elaine tilted her head at him.

'That you had feelings for my brother?'

Ken glanced up, meeting her gaze.

'I had feelings for him' Ken admitted, 'long before I admitted it to him…long before I admitted it to myself. But my family…' his lip trembled then, as he struggled to maintain control. 'They could not accept the way I was…they could not….' He drew another breath. 'I told them I was having feeling for ano

ther man…than I did not love my girlfriend anymore………they threw me out. Mustang took me in…gave me a home.' A tear trickled down his cheek. 'He asked for nothing in return.'

'He always had a tender heart.'

'I…' Ken said, 'my school year is coming to an end. My friends are all going to go their separate ways.' He paused. 'My family have disowned me………I…have nowhere else to go…nothing else to do…' Ken went silent for a moment. 'I never realised…' he said, '…how much I depended on him…he gave me a home…he cared for me…Mustang…' Ken's eyes were out of focus as he stared at his cup of tea before him, 'he was always so kind' Ken whispered, '…I can't believe he's really gone………'

'I loved my brother' Elaine said, 'more than anything else in the world.' She paused. 'But…I will remember him, as I knew and loved him…how we used to play as children…how he used to make me laugh, the silly antics he used to get up to…he was truly a wild spirit.' She smiled, but this time the smile was genuine, it reached her eyes. 'Alphonse was the greatest thing I've ever had………but it was time to let him go.'

Shortly after Elaine took Ken upstairs.

'This was his room' she said to him, 'he hasn't stayed here for years…except…a few days ago…' she trailed off, and Ken took a step forwards into the room, taking in the environment.

It was a large room, but bare, there was little within except furniture.

'We would like you to stay here' Elaine said to him.

'Oh' Ken shook his head. 'I can't'.'

'Please' Elaine interrupted. 'His last wish was that we give you this room, for as long as you want it.'

Ken blinked several times at her, his breath caught in his throat.

'It was his last wish?' Ken uttered.

'Yes' Elaine smiled. 'He wanted you taken care of.'

Ken gritted his teeth, forcing himself not to sob.

'He…said that……even though he was….'

'Yes' Elaine said. 'He loved you. One of the last things he said was spoken out of concern for you.'

She smiled.

'We would be happy if you stayed here, we all would. You meant a lot to him…and so you mean a lot to us….to me and my family…'

Ken stepped further into the room, moving towards a small stack of books upon the shelf in the corner.

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