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Then one day, he saw something

Ken was passing a grave, when something made him stop.

The name on the head stone read: Alphonse Peterson

He looked to the ground before it, and saw a picture of a young man with short black hair.

It was Mustang.

Ken experienced the sensation of his heart slowly dropping in his body, sinking into an abyss, its beat stopped altogether. His breath caught in his throat, and he began to tremble violently, fear and panic clawing its way into him.

He fumbled for his pocket, pulling out the letter and opening it with shaking hands.

He read the first words.

Dear Alphonse

'Oh god….' Ken whimpered, as the horror and realisation slowly dawned on him. 'No….no….'

His legs felt like they had turned to water, and he sunk to his knees before the grave, falling forwards on his elbows and scrunching the letter in his hand.

He began to sob hysterically, pawing at the ground beneath him, smelling the scent of the grass as he gasped.

He sat back on his heels, staring at the grave before him, at the picture that was rested against the stone.

He was a few years younger; his hair was much shorter and had not been dyed red, instead was its natural black. But there was no mistaking it.

It was him.

'Oh god no…' Ken whispered, 'this can't be happening….this can't be real…………Mustang…………'

He bowed his head, shoulders quivering as fresh tears spilled down his cheeks.

His raised his hand to cover his eyes, crying quietly now.

After a time, he drew a shuddering breath, lowering his hand. His heart jolted in his chest, as he suddenly realised something.

'Please' Ken whispered, his body shaking. 'Please don't do this…'

Mustang grabbed him suddenly, but not in the same way as he had before. He embraced him now, Ken's eyes wide with shock as he felt Mustang's body wracked with sobs as he held him.

Ken glanced around then.

Mustang looked up at him, eyes wide and shining.

'Please help me!' Mustang said. 'I'm so scared!'

'He knew…' Ken whispered in horror. 'He knew he was going to die.'

Suddenly it all made sense, the way he spoke, the way he acted, his reckless behaviour.

He didn't care about his future, because he knew he didn't have one.

The muscle around Ken's eyes twitched, and his face contorted in grief. He bowed his head again, balling his fists full of grass.

'It's not fair………it's so unfair………'

He lifted the letter scrunched up his hand, unfolding it slo

wly. He struggled to read the letter through his tears, reading it slowly.

PLEASE come home, we don't care what's going on, we just miss you and want to see you.

We hope your last test went well and the results were better.

We hope your last test went well and the results were better.

Ken read this part again and again.

Results………what was wrong…?

He slumped his shoulders, letting his hand drop to his side again, the letter held loosely in his grasp.

He stayed here for a long time, absorbed in his own thoughts. He did not notice the figure approach him, until he saw the shadow.

Ken looked up, glancing around to the figure beside him.

It was a young woman, perhaps a few years younger than him. He suddenly recognised her as the woman he saw before in the cemetery, the one that had laid flowers upon the grave, this grave.

'Hey' she spoke quietly to him, smiling sadly. 'You must be Ken.'

Ken stared up at her, blinking his tears away.


Chapter Twenty Five

Ken and Elaine walked together through the town, away from the graveyard.

'I live not too far away' Elaine said glancing sideways to him, 'I hope you don't mind the walk.'

'No' Ken mumbled, 'its fine…'

Elaine watched him, her gaze lingering on him for a few moments, before turning away.

They walked in silence, moving slowly through the town.

Eventually they came to an estate; it was quiet and pleasant, away from the main part of the town. In the distance down one road, some young children played games with a ball, cars were parked in driveways, and the roads were silent.

It was evening, and the sky above was beginning to dim.

'Where have you been staying?' Elaine asked.

'In a hotel near here' Ken answered meekly.

Elaine was silent for a moment.

'I think you should stay with us' she said to him. 'My parents would want you to.'

Ken said nothing as they continued to walk on.

They headed towards one of the houses, Elaine opened the door, and Ken followed after her.

'Mum! Dad?'

Two figures appeared from the kitchen then.

'Hey honey, you're back.'

Elaine smiled at her parents, her father watched silently.

'This is Ken' Elaine indicated, 'Mustang's boyfriend.'

'Oh no' Ken said hastily, 'I'm not…'

'It's ok' Elaine told him quickly. 'We all knew he was gay, and we accepted him.' She smiled weakly at Ken. 'He's told us everything about you, everything, since he first showed interest in you.'

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