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A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 4957

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'Ken please….' Mustang said in a husky voice.

'Tell me…' Ken said as tears ran down his cheeks. 'What happened? What's gotten into you? Why are you acting this way?'

Mustang clenched his jaw, staring hard at Ken, seemingly unable to answer.

'I love you' Ken said firmly, grabbing his face with both his hands and lifting his head. 'I love you…please don't leave me.'

Mustang began to tremble again.

Ken held him close, hugging him, holding his head to his chest.

'I love you' Ken said to him, 'I love you.'

'I love you too' Mustang whispered. 'More than anything…'

Ken bowed his head, his arms as he held Mustang shaking slightly.

'I don't know what you're going through' Ken whispered, leaning back so that he could look into Mustang's face, 'but whatever it is…I will be here for you…no matter what. I will support you. I love you Mustang. I love you.'

'I love you too' Mustang said, 'I don't want to leave you….I don't.'

Ken smiled weakly.

'I'm sorry' Mustang spoke quietly, his voice sounding regular now. 'I've just…there's stuff going on right now. But don't worry' he added quickly, 'everything will be ok in the end. I promise…I promise I will tell you everything when it's all over. I just…can't right now.'

'I'm sorry if I did anything to upset you' Ken said.

'No' Mustang said, rubbing his eyes dry. 'It wasn't you.' He glanced up at Ken again, smiling. 'I think we should go to bed' he told him. 'It's late.'

They shared the bed that night, Mustang lying behind Ken, holding him close.

'I love you' Mustang said to Ken one last time. 'Never forget that.'

Ken let out a deep breath, his body relaxing, as he succumbed to sleep, feeling happy now that Mustang had returned, though there was still worry etched in his mind.

When Ken woke early the next morning, he found that Mustang was gone again, but this time, there was a note left for Ken on the kitchen table.

Chapter Twenty One

Ken turned over in bed, waking quickly with alarm to find that he lay there alone.


He got up, but was met with only silence, finding a note on the kitchen table.

Ken picked it up and read.

Morning Ken.

I'm sorry to leave you like this, I've gone to see my family

Love Mustang

Ken turned the paper over, but it said no more. He glanced up, seeing with mild irritation that Mustang's mobile had been placed on the counter beside the note.

Ken gritted his teeth in annoyance. It seemed that

Mustang wished not to be contacted.

At least I know where he is Ken thought. And then he realised he had no idea where Mustang's family lived.

Ken cursed under his breath, and began to search the apartment.

It wasn't long before he found in one of the draws an envelope addressed to him.

Ken opened it, brow furrowed in uncertainty, and gasped at what he found inside.

There was a fat wad of cash inside the envelope, with a yellow sticky note stuck to the front.

Ken's money

He counted the money. There was six grand there.

'What the hell is going on?' Ken spoke aloud, feeling a growing sensation of worry. 'What is he doing?'

He glanced past the envelope, and saw inside the draw was another piece of paper.

He closed the envelope again, putting it aside, and picked up the paper. It was a letter. Ken began to read.

Dear Alphonse

I hope you're well, we all miss you very much. I've just got a new job at the bakery, it's really hard work but everyone is really nice and I'm learning how to make all sorts of delicious things.

If you ever come back to us, I would like to make something nice for you, and you can tell me honestly what you think.

(Please be honest, if you don't like it or it's too sweet, I want to know, otherwise I'll never learn)

Dad just finished building the pond in the garden. It looks beautiful, I know you would love it. Although knowing you, you would probably try to swim in it or something. It's not that big I'm afraid, it's only little. But dad is talking about buying some little goldfish for the pond. I think it would look really nice. You're free to come and see it when it's finished, or even when it's not. You know you're free to come home any time you like, even if its in the middle of the night. We all miss you.

Mum's doing great too, we went out shopping together last week and I convinced her to buy a onesi, its so cute I got one myself too and now we match. You should get one too, I know you wouldn't mind, and we can pressure dad into getting one as well then we would all match…or would that be weird? Anyway, I know you wouldn't mind.

I hope you're looking after yourself and not doing anything dangerous. Dad put some more money in your account the other day, so you can spend it on more hair stuff like dye and the stuff that makes it go spiky. Have you gone back to red? I know it's your favourite colour, but I like it best when it was blue, mum likes it best yellow.

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