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   Chapter 55 No.55

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When he woke next, it was nine o'clock in the morning, and Mustang was still not home.

It was at this point, when Ken began to search the streets again, this time asking people, whoever he came across, if they had seen him. The man with red hair. Many knew him in the town because of his eccentric tendencies. But no one Ken had come across had seen him.

Ken was becoming increasingly worried now. He didn't eat that day, and the feeling of sickness and worry was growing inside him with every passing minute.

Mustang did not appear that day, or the entire day after that.

The day after that, Ken contacted the police.

They came to the apartment and interviewed Ken, who at that point was unable hold back his emotions anymore.

He broke down, crying and shaking in front of the two policemen who tried to comfort him.

Hours later on that same day, there came a knock on the door.

Ken who had been pacing the apartment for hours froze suddenly, filled suddenly with dread, and fearing the worst.

He hurried to the front door, opening and gasping in shock.

Mustang stood before him.

'I'm sorry' Mustang whispered. 'I didn't just want to walk in. I thought I might scare you.'

Ken glared at him, tears in his eyes.

He slapped him, Mustang caught by surprise, stumbled to the side.

'You've been gone for days!' Ken shouted, his voice breaking. 'Where did you go?'

Mustang turned back to face him, his cheek red.

'Where did you go?!' Ken demanded. 'Where did you go?!'

'I can't tell you' Mustang spoke flatly, his voice void of emotion.

Ken became angry.

'How could you do this to me?! I called the police!'

'Ken I'm sorry' Mustang spoke quickly, becoming upset himself now.

'How could you do this?!'

'Ken….' Mustang uttered, tears streaming down his face now. '…please…'

'Get in.'

Mustang stepped over the threshold and Ken slammed the door, rounding on him.

'I think you've got some fucking explaining to do' he hissed at Mustang. 'I am absolutely furious with you. Do you have any idea what I've been through?'

Mustang buried his face in his hands and began to cry.

'What are you doing?!' Ken shouted at him, angry and confused. 'Why are you crying?'

'I'm sorry…' Mustang began to sob. 'Ken I….I'm so sorry…'

He seemed genuinely distressed and upset.

Ken relented.

'I'll make some tea' he spoke quietly. 'Why don't

you sit in the living room, I need to make a call…let the police know you've come home so they'll stop looking for you.'

Mustang moved away silently as Ken went into the other room.

When he returned to the living room a short while later with a tray of tea, he found Mustang sitting upon the sofa with his head in his hands, leaning forwards with his elbows on his knees.

Ken put the tray down worriedly, staring at Mustang closely.

He was still crying, the way he breathed…the way his shoulders shuddered.

Ken blinked back tears in his own eyes, reaching out to Mustang. He touched his shoulder.

Mustang glanced up suddenly, his eyes bloodshot red and skin blotched.

His hair which was almost always spiked at the top and tied back in a ponytail now hung limp and greasy to his skull. His clothes were old and his hands dirty.

'What's happened?' Ken said quickly. 'You're scaring me.'

Mustang began to tremble, his face contorting in grieve. He bowed his head again, crying. Tears dripped from his eyes onto his jeans.

Ken knelt before him, hugging him around the middle. Mustang held him tightly back.

They stayed there for the longest time.

Many hours later, about one a clock in the morning, the two were still awake.

Ken sat on the floor, leaning back against the sofa, while Mustang sat on the sofa itself, having not moved since he first came home.

The tea on the tray before them was untouched and stone cold, and neither of them had eaten.

It was the longest time, and neither of them had spoken.

Finally, Mustang broke the silence.

'I think we should stop seeing each other.'

Ken felt like he had been stabbed through the heart.

'What?' he gasped rising to his feet and turning to him. 'How could you say that?'

Mustang bowed his head.

Ken felt as if his world had just turned upside-down. He suddenly felt like he wasn't in his own body anymore, but watching the scene from a distance.

'Was it something I did?' Ken began to cry openly. 'I'm sorry…please…tell me what's going….you're killing me….I can't take this!'

'It wasn't anything you did!' Mustang answered quickly back. 'I promise.'

'Then why are you doing this? I love you. Don't you feel the same anymore?'

'I do…'

Ken gritted his teeth, balling his shaking fists.

'What is the matter with you?! Why are you doing this? Why are you acting this way?!'

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