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   Chapter 54 No.54

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The couple watched in silence as the people move back and forth along the street beyond the window. Inside the coffee house itself, it was a gentle atmosphere.

It was a peaceful afternoon, and the sky outside was beautiful.

They left the coffee house when they had finished their drinks.

'Where are you going this time?' Ken complained a short while later when Mustang began to wander off, heading in the direction of a bus stop.

'Oh' he said nonchalantly, 'did I forget to tell you?'

'Tell me what?'

Mustang hesitated, Ken got the impression that he wanted to say something, but was reluctant to say it.

'What is it?' Ken prompted.

'I have to do something.'


Mustang bit his tongue, his expression turning serious.

'What have you done?' Ken asked, becoming immediately suspicious.

Mustang's expression broke into a smile, but it was not the sly one he so often wore, it was sincere.

'There is something I have to do' Mustang said to him, speaking softly. 'Please' he said. 'Let me do this.'

Something in his voice make Ken back down, and he felt something strange stir inside him.

'What are you doing?' he asked.

'I'll tell you later' Mustang said turning away from him. 'I promise.'

Ken submitted.

'Ok' he said. 'But where are you going?'

'I just need to catch a bus' Mustang spoke moving forwards again towards the bus stop, though not looking at him. 'Please' he added, as Ken made to speak again, made to go after him. 'Don't ask me any more questions.'

'Mustang is something wrong?' Ken was unable to stop himself.

Mustang paused, turning back to Ken with a frown.

'S-sorry' Ken fumbled. 'That just came out…pretend I didn't say it.'

Mustang faced ahead again.

'I just need to wait here for a moment' he spoke softly. 'The bus will be here soon.'

About five minutes or so later, it came.

'Mustang?' Ken said tentatively, watching as Mustang boarded the bus.

Mustang turned back to him with a smile, stepping back off the bus and leaning forward to give him a kiss. Ken felt Mustang's soft lips against his own.

'I'll come back' Mustang said. 'Ok? Just go home for now…'

He retreated, speaking briefly to the bus driver.

Ken took a step back uncertainly, feeling strange inside.

What the hell is going on? Is this one of his eccentric behaviours? Ken thought. No….this is different…

The doors of the bus clos

ed, and Ken watched as Mustang sat in one of the seats with his chin resting in his palm. But he was not looking at Ken, instead staring down at his lap.

'Mustang?' Ken uttered.

What's wrong?

The bus hissed and the engine roared as the large vehicle began to pull away slowly.

Ken did not take his eyes away from Mustang. But Mustang would not look at him, would not raise his head.

The bus drove away, and Ken stood there on the pavement, feeling lost and alone.

Why has he left me? Why is he acting so strange? What is he not telling me…?

The day was growing later. Ken went home alone that evening, and waited.

The apartment seemed somehow barren without Mustang there. In the short time that Ken had known him he had become used to Mustang's antics, and to suddenly have him absent…

'I feel lost…' Ken realised with shock. 'I never realised I felt this way until he was gone….'

He lay on the sofa, resting back with an arm behind his head, staring at the clock on the wall.

He felt groggy, and tired.

It was boring in the apartment now, and as time began to tick on, Ken began to slowly drift off to sleep.

Chapter Twenty

Ken woke up at around midnight, shocked at the time.

He sat up on the sofa quickly.


He rose to his feet and quickly searched the apartment, calling out for him.


But it became clear very quickly that he was not here.

Ken pulled his mobile out, dialling his number. He put the phone to his ear.

And then he heard a ring.

Ken turned around, seeing Mustang's mobile vibrating on the kitchen table.

He had left it behind.

Ken hung up, placing the phone back in his pocket.

He stood there, wondering what to do, glancing at the clock again.

Maybe he's out drunk again Ken thought. It wouldn't be the first time.

He put his shoes on, leaving the apartment and jogging through the town in the middle of the night.

He searched for hours, checking the graveyard three times before coming home again, thinking that perhaps, Mustang would have returned in that time.

But when he stepped through the door, he saw that Mustang was not there.

Whatever Ken thought, he'll probably be back in the morning.

Ken felt exhausted, and despite his worry, he decided to go back to sleep.

Ken went to bed, falling asleep after only several hours of restlessness, his mind slowly began to dream.

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