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   Chapter 53 No.53

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Updated: 2018-07-10 19:03

Mustang faltered then, turning back to face Ken.

'Let's go somewhere nice' Ken said, 'somewhere that's not so depressing and creepy.'

'Oh' Mustang tutted, putting his hand on his hip and rolling his eyes. 'It is not depressing and creepy…'

'Uh-hu' Ken replied flatly.

'Alright' Mustang said, raising his hand and running his fingers through his hair, 'let's go out for a coffee…like a date.'

'A date?' Ken blinked.

'Yeah. You know what one of those is don't you? You've been on them before when you were with…' he broke off, realising Ken was giving him a pissed-off look. 'Before…' Mustang changed tact. 'Before I turned you to the dark side' he finished.


'Come on' Mustang sang happily, taking Ken by the hand and pulling him the other way.

'H-hey' Ken said, staring down in alarm and trying to tug his hand free. 'What are you doing?'

'Now don't tell me you're shy' Mustang frowned playfully back at him, 'not after last night…and this morning…and all the things I plan to do to you tomorrow and the day after that and next week….'

'Keep your voice down' Ken hissed, grabbing Mustang's wrist with his other hand and trying to pry his fingers open. 'Not out in public.'

'Not what?' Mustang said, keeping a firm grip.

Ken paused, glancing up at Mustang.

'You're afraid of what people might think' Mustang spoke slowly as the realisation came over him. And then he smiled. 'Don't worry' he grinned, 'most people aren't as old fashioned and narrow minded as you used to be.'


'Here' Mustang said, letting go of his hand and moving closer to him, cupping his face as he did so. 'Let me show you.'

Mustang pushed him back against the wall, kissing him and running his hands over Ken's body. Ken, nervous and a little uncertain at first eventually relented, allowing Mustang to do what he wanted with him, balling his fists and trying not to moan as Mustang's wandering hand moved to touch his crotch.

A moment later, Mustang backed away.

'There' he smiled in satisfaction. 'Now tell me you don't feel naughty' he giggled.

They went for a coffee after that, Mustang insisting they walk down the street holding hands. Ken agreed only reluctantly to this, holding Mustang by the hand, unable to free himself from his vice-like grip.

It was only a short time later that Mustang began to skip, drawing even more attention to them, and declaring to several passersby that he was gay, and in a relationship with the man he held han

ds with, and that they often had raw and rough sex on a regular basis.

Ken could only burry his face in his free hand, going beetroot red and wishing the ground would swallow him up.

They reached the coffee house.

'So um…' Ken began uncertainly after they had gotten their drinks and chosen a table, 'are we like…in a relationship now?'

'Hm?' Mustang said, broken from his distraction as he had been seductively licking his spoon and never breaking eye contact with Ken. 'Yeah' he said. 'Of course we are!' he paused, putting his spoon down. 'You're alright with that aren't you? I mean…you love me don't you? Because I love you.'

Ken flinched at that, glancing up at Mustang shyly.

'Has anyone ever given you any problems about being gay?'

'Sure they have' Mustang said distractedly, stirring his coffee, adding more sugar and stirring it again. 'But you know what?' he said lifting his eyes to Ken's. 'You don't listen to them. No matter what you do in life, there will always be someone out there who will judge and criticize you for it. But you don't listen to them. You live your own life as you should, not how others want. Follow that rule, and you will be happy.' He paused to take a sip from his cup. 'Anyone who has anything negative to say about me, can stick their head in a bucket of ice-water.' He paused again. 'Why should I care what they think?'

'You're very wise' Ken answered meekly. 'There was a time I would constantly worry about what people thought of me, and I would always live how I thought others would want me to.'

'And now?'

'Now?' Ken mumbled. 'Now things are different, I feel even that I am a becoming little bit like you…a little…'

'And are you happier now?'

Ken held his cup with both his hands, staring down at the steamy content.

'Yes' he said at last, speaking slowly. 'I didn't realise it before but…my life back then….' His eyes grew sad. 'It wasn't what I wanted…I realise that now…I only wish…'

He broke off.

'You miss your family' Mustang voice.

Ken nodded silently.

'I know how you feel' he grumbled.

Ken raised his head.

'Why don't you see your family?' he asked.

'I don't want to talk about it' Mustang spoke in a tone that surprised Ken. 'You will find out someday.'

Mustang was serious, whatever he was hiding.

Ken felt suddenly a little uncomfortable at his tone, knowing he had struck a nerve. He distracted himself, bowing his head as he lifted his cup, taking a tentative sip.

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