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There were seven peacocks, six ducks and twelve chickens and five geese. Not to mention the turkeys and guinea fowl.

Needless to say, it was very crowded in the room.

'What the hell is the matter with you?' Ken demanded of Mustang.

'You know' Mustang grinned, 'you're a really heavy sleeper.'

'So this is your boyfriend' the man Ken did not know spoke up, looking at Ken closely.

'Yup' Mustang grinned happily turning to him. 'I love him.'

'Who's this?' Ken demanded.

'He's my old boyfriend. I used to love him. Now he's just a friend.'

'You'd better help me get these birds back to the farm before my dad gets back' the old boyfriend now just a friend said to Mustang. 'It's lucky I know your odd ways. My father would be less than understanding.'

'Of course' Mustang beamed. 'Ken and I would be happy to help.'

'Thanks for forcibly volunteering me' Ken told him flatly. 'I haven't even had breakfast yet.'

'Well maybe' Mustang gleamed at him, 'you should have gotten up earlier.'

Ken glowered.

It took over twenty minutes to get the birds back into the friend's van. When it was done Ken stood beside Mustang who waved at his friend from the doorway of the apartment as he drove away.

'I'm hungry' Ken grumbled.

'We have some pancakes inside' Mustang informed him.

'I thought you gave them all to your friend to feed to his pigs.'

'Don't be silly' Mustang giggled childishly. 'I kept some for you of course. Now come on' he said, putting his arm around Ken and walking with him, 'let's go back inside.'

Mustang watched as Ken ate his cold breakfast. Just as Ken got up to clear his plate away, Mustang's hand shot out.

'You're not getting away from me…' Mustang spoke in a deadly voice that came across as more comedic than anything else.

'Hu?' Ken said in confusion.

'Get on that table.'


'I want to fuck you!' Mustang said, grabbing Ken's arms and pinning them to his side, shaking him as he spoke.

'Again?' Ken moaned. 'Don't you have an off switch?'

'No.' Mustang answered shortly. 'I'm always horny.'

Ken's shoulders slumped and he let out a sigh, a bored expression crossing his face. 'Fine' he said, 'just let me clear…'

But Mustang didn't let him finish his sentence. He knocked Ken's plate to the floor where it broke, and shoved him forwards over the table.

Ken drew a sharp intake of breath as Mustang's hand wound around his waist, quickly unbuttoning his trousers and pulling them down, before going to his own.

Ken relaxed his body, resting on his front upon the table, moaning as Mustang slipped his fingers into him, playing with him. His breath began to quicken as Mustang worked.

'Slow down' Ken said through gritted teeth, squeezing his eyes shut. 'I'm still sore from last night.'

'Oh don't worry' Mustang spoke almost cruelly as he pulled his fingers out, hand going to himself. 'You'll get used to it.'

He pushed himself into Ken, doing so slowly. Ken whimpered in pain as Mustang forced himself forwards.

Once Mustang was in, his hands went to hold Ken, one hand upon his shoulder, the other on his waist. Mustang pulled back slowly, before pushing forwards again. He slowly worked up a rhythm, quickening his pace and then slowing it down again, savouring the moment, making it last as long as possible until he could no longer hold himself. He came inside Ken, breathing heavily and letting out one long sigh as Ken on the table gritted his teeth, blinking back tears.

Mustang sighed again, leaning forwards upon Ken, pinning him to the table.

His hands weaved with Ken's, his touch gentle now. He reached around to kiss Ken, slipping his tongue into his mouth. He whispered into Ken's ear.

'I love you Ken…I love you…'

'I love you too' Ken uttered.

Mustang sighed one last time, his body relaxed against Ken's. He leant back, pulling out of Ken and freeing him.

Ken straightened, standing up again as Mustang adjusted himself.

Shortly after that, Mustang fell asleep on the bed in the master bedroom. Ken found him here, moving onto the bed and lying down. Mustang shifted, feeling Ken lying beside him, he placed his arm over Ken's body, kissing his shoulders and the back of his neck before becoming still again.

Ken's grip tightened once on Mustang's arm, before relaxing again. He fell asleep; the two holding each other close as they rested on the bed.

They woke up later that day. It was the afternoon.

Chapter Nineteen

'What a wonderful day it is today!' Mustang declared merrily as he sauntered down the street in front of Ken.

Ken glanced around him in displeasure, grimacing at the sun that was lowering in the sky, beginning its descent towards the horizon.

'Ug' he said with a frown. 'It's so late…'

'Don't be silly' Mustang gleamed back at him. 'This is the best part of the day.'

Ken slowed to a stop, giving Mustang a sceptical look.

'Where are we going anyway?' he asked him, 'don't tell me it's the graveyard. I don't want to go there.'

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