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   Chapter 51 No.51

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Updated: 2018-07-10 19:03

Mustang's breath began to quicken, and he began to gasp as he came closer.

Ken stopped suddenly, pulling sharply back and coughing all over the sheets, spitting and wiping his mouth.

'You could have given me warning' Ken muttered, rubbing his lips clean.

'Sorry' Mustang grinned awkwardly. 'It just sort of happened…you know?'

Ken glowered at him angrily.

'Hey' Mustang said to him. 'You finished me. Now it's your turn.'

He turned around, facing away from Ken as he rested on all fours.

'I want you to jam your thing in here' he said to Ken, touching himself.


'I want you to do me' Mustang breathed seductively, 'as hard and fast as you can, I want you to be as savage and rough with me as you want, I want you to finish that way…even if I beg you to stop.'

'I don't want to hurt you' Ken worried.

'But Ken' Mustang said turning back to face him, 'pain is part of the pleasure. Go on, don't be shy.'

Ken gritted his teeth, shuffling forwards on his knees and holding onto Mustang's waist as he directing himself in.

'That's it' Mustang breathed, as Ken pushed himself forwards, 'that's…ah…'

Ken pulled back again, before thrusting forwards more forcefully, causing Mustang to groan through gritted teeth.

Ken fucked him hard, taking his pleasure, finally finishing when he was ready.

Ken let out a deep breath before pulling out. He relaxed his body, falling forwards and lying on top of Mustang, breathing heavily as he rested against his skin, Mustang's sweat mingled with his own. He felt Mustang's hot flushed body beneath his.

Mustang shifted slightly, turning his head to the side and resting with his cheek against the pillow.

'How was that?' Ken asked him nervously. 'Did that feel good?'

Mustang turned over then onto his back so that he faced Ken, arms reaching up to grab him.

He pulled Ken down into a kiss, reaching far into him. Ken moaned as he kissed him back, their bodies wrapped up in each others.

Mustang pulled back, breathing a heavy sigh.

'It felt so good' Mustang grinned, running his hand down Ken's back. 'I'm so happy to have you at last…I…' his eyes began to shimmer then, and for an instant, Ken was sure he saw tears in Mustang's eyes. 'I love you so much Ken.'


'Shhh' he said to Ken. 'I want to do it again.'

'Now?' Ken said nervously raising an eyebrow, 'but we just….'

'I have a lot of stamina' Mustang gleamed. 'Now turn around.'

They fell asleep late that night, and woke up late the next morning. Well…Ken woke

up late, Mustang woke up early, and as soon as the sun touched the horizon he did everything in his power to make sure that Ken was awake too.

First he went to the shop (which always opened early) and bought 58 packs of eggs, 16 bags of flour and enough milk to fill the fridge, came home, and proceeded to a make over 300 pancakes in an attempt to in entice Ken out of bed with the delicious smell that wafted through the apartment.

When that didn't work, he crawled under the bed and began to hum very loudly.

When that didn't work, he proceeded to sing Lady Gaga's poker face while poking his face.

Ken frowned angrily in his sleep, turning over and pulling the sheets up to cover him better.

Mustang then went away.

He was gone for about twenty minutes, before returning and shaking the bottom of the bed, shouting that the building was on fire.

When that didn't work, he took the bag of marbles he had placed in the freezer earlier that morning and let them loose in the bed, in the sheets and all around Ken, shaking the bed and shouting this time that the illuminati were coming for them.

When that didn't work, he decided to vacuum the bed.

'Get off!' was the angry reaction he got from Ken.

Satisfied that his efforts seemed to be working (slowly) Mustang went away again.

He was gone for an entire hour, before returning again.

This time, Ken was abruptly woken up. And it was a shock what he found in the room.

Mustang had gone to the farm on the edge of the town and spoken to a good friend of his, asking for a very peculiar favour, his friend (the son of the man who owned the farm and a former lover) agreed to help Mustang.

Ken was woken by the sound of a male peacock, which for those who are familiar with the sound, is quite an alarming thing to be woken by.

Ken sat bolt-upright in bed, staring in disbelief at the room around him.

The moment he was awake, Mustang and his friend and former lover who were standing at the bottom of his bed, threw armfuls of ducks at Ken. The ducks slightly alarmed quaked and stumbled over the sheets, waddling over the bed in confusion.

'….what the hell?!!!'

'Morning!' Mustang waved merrily at him. 'It's good to see you're awake.'

'What the fuck is going on?!'

It was very rare for Ken to swear, but it seemed, this bizarre occasion called for it.

Within the modest-sized master bedroom, besides himself, Mustang, and a man that Ken did not know, were an assortment of birds that certainly did not belong in such an environment.

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