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   Chapter 50 No.50

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 4900

Updated: 2018-07-10 19:03

'You will meet them soon' Mustang told him. 'I promise.'

'I'm looking forward to it' Ken said. 'I really am.'

'Ken…' Mustang said to him. 'I want to…….make love to you….again tonight.' He raised his head. 'If you will have me.'

'Of course' Ken said hastily. 'It felt…good last time' he finished awkwardly, blushing slightly as he hugged his knees to his chest.

'I know it feels strange to you…all of this…' Mustang told him. 'You'll get used to it. I did.'

Ken raised his head. 'What were you like when you were young?'

'A little shy' Mustang admitted with a grin. 'I know it's hard to believe.'

Ken smirked at him.

'Alright' Ken said. 'You told me something about you. Now I think I should tell you something about me.'

'And what is that?' Mustang said teasingly.

'The real reason my parents kicked me out…' Ken began nervously, 'is because I told them I was in love with another man…….in love with you…'

Ken raised his head slowly, meeting Mustang's gaze, who stared back at him in surprise.

That night, Mustang and Ken went into the master bedroom together.

'So' Mustang said, pushing Ken gently down onto the bed and slowly unbuttoning his shirt for him, 'how do you want to do this?'

Ken sat on the edge of the bed, staring nervously up at Mustang.

'I don't know' he mumbled. 'I've never…I mean…this is only my second time…'

Mustang smirked, leaning over him. He pushed him onto his back.

Ken stared up at Mustang, his heart quickening in his chest.

Mustang took Ken's hand in his own, kissing his palm tenderly.

'Are you nervous?'

'A little…'

Mustang smiled gently, nuzzling into his hand. He held Ken's hand in both of his own.

'Did it feel good last time?' Mustang asked him. 'Was I good to you?'

'Yes' Ken said, '…you were good to me…'

He drew a slow breath then as Mustang leant over him, holding Ken's arms down as he kissing him deeply.

Ken moaned, feeling Mustang's tongue inside him. Mustang's hand moved down Ken's arms, his hand weaving with his.

Mustang moved back slightly, opening Ken's shirt to expose his chest. Mustang bowed his head, running his tongue over Ken's chest.

Ken shivered.

'Wait' Ken whispered, as Mustang slipped his hand beneath Ken's belt.

Mustang paused, drawing back.

'What's wrong?'

'I want to…I mean…'

'Go on' Mustang encouraged. 'What is it?'

'You made me feel so good last time' Ken uttered, '…I want to mak

e you feel the same way…'

Mustang stared at him for several seconds, then he smiled.

'Hm' he bowed his head, taking a step back, 'let me help you.'

Mustang moved away from him, taking his shirt and trousers off and stripping completely naked. Ken flushed as he stared at Mustang who stood before him grinning slyly.

Ken's eyes travelled down Mustang's body, lingering around the middle, before reaching his feet and travelling up again.

'Well?' Mustang grinned, 'I'm offering myself to you.' His eyes sparkled with excitement as he held his arms out, presenting himself. 'I am at your mercy, what would you like to do to me?'

Ken closed his mouth, swallowing the lump in his throat.

Mustang sneered at him, taking a step closer. Ken flinched then, but Mustang didn't touch him, instead moved past and crawling up onto the bed, lying back against the headboard and spreading his legs.

Ken turned to face him, watching him closely.

Mustang said nothing, instead closed his eyes, sighing heavily and leaning his head back against the pillows.

Ken took a steady breath to calm his nerves, sitting there with his shirt unbuttoned.

He leant forward, crawling up the bed and leaning over Mustang.

Mustang opened his eyes a crack, tilting his head and opening his mouth as Ken kissed him, feeling Ken touch his cheek tenderly.

Ken moved down, biting Mustang's throat gently, then moving down to his chest, feeling his rib cage, before moving further down still, grasping his belly firmly with his nails.

Mustang smiled, shifting slightly where he lay, and letting out a long low moan. Between his legs he throbbed, growing larger.

Ken lifted Mustang's leg up, grasping him and licking up his thigh, moving closer to between his legs.

Mustang groaned again, turning his head to the side and squeezing his eyes tight shut as Ken licked him.

Mustang raised his head, looking straight at Ken now. He parted his legs further, hissing at Ken through his teeth.

'Go on…' he said. 'Do it…'

Ken hesitated, his face between his legs.

Ken lowered his head, opening his mouth wider, saliva running from his lips.

Mustang tilted his head back as Ken closed around him, moaning deeply as he felt only sensation in one part of him.

'More' he begged, '…more…'

He grabbed Ken roughly by the hair with one hand, helping him as he moved his head up and down.

'Keep going' Mustang gasped. 'Don't stop…'

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