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   Chapter 49 No.49

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'No' Ken glared.

'Is this one step for you saying to me that you love me?'

'No way.'

'Alright' Mustang said, hugging onto Ken's arms tightly and kissing him on the cheek. 'From now on, I will give myself to you, and only you. Just to show you how much I love you, that I really do love you.'

Yeah right.

'Fine' Ken grumbled, continuing to eat. 'I believe you.'

They ate breakfast silently from then on until they had finished. Mustang cleared away the dishes; then sat at the table again. He leant on his elbows; then placed his hands down, sliding across the table and closer to Ken, who drew away from him.

'There's no school today' Mustang said. 'What do you want to do?'

Ken lifted his eyes to him.

A moment later, and they were sitting together peacefully on the grass, Mustang lying back with his arms folded behind his head and one foot propped against a knee. Beside him Ken sat up with an elbow resting on his knee, leaning forwards as he watched the world.

Around them the gravestones sat silently, and butterflies drifted in the breeze.

'Remind me again' Ken began, 'why did we come here?'

Mustang opened his eyes.

'You couldn't make your mind up' he said, 'and so I decided for you where we should go and what we should do.'

'But we're not doing anything' Ken said.

'Does that bother you?'

Ken turned to him, seeing Mustang watching him closely.

Mustang sat up, reaching out to Ken and grabbing him by the front of his shirt, pulling him down on top of him.

'No' Ken said quickly. 'Not outside.'

'Why not?' Mustang said teasingly, reaching forward and nuzzling into his neck as he spoke, holding onto Ken's shirt tightly as he lay on his back.

Ken suppressed a shudder and a moan as Mustang began to kiss him.

'Someone might see us' Ken said.

'So?' Mustang said. 'Let them watch.'

'We're in a graveyard' Ken said.

'A place of peace' Mustang replied to him. 'Any other objections?'

Ken hesitated.

Mustang took this opportunity to push Ken gently back to the ground.

He leant over him, kissing him deeply.

Ken felt a shiver down his body, feeling his heart quicken in his chest.

'I'm still so new to this' he whispered to Mustang. 'I…I don't know what to do…'

Mustang leant back, smiling warmly.

'Do whatever you f

eel is right' Mustang said to him. 'Follow your instincts…follow your heart…and if you are not sure…I will guide you…'

Mustang lifted his hand, caressing Ken's cheek tenderly.

'This all feels so strange' Ken mumbled.

'It will' Mustang said, 'for a while…'

He smiled again, before reaching forwards and kissing him again.

'Ken' he whispered to him, leaning back so that he could look into his face, 'I love you…'

Ken blinked up at him, the bright blue sky shining above them.

'How can you say that?' Ken said to him. 'I haven't known you long.'

Mustang took Ken's hand in his own, holding it to his face.

'I really do love you' Mustang told him. 'I don't want to be with another man ever again.'

'But why?' Ken asked him, gazing up at him. 'Why do you care so much about me?'

'Because you're honest' Mustang said, brushing his hair back tenderly. 'Of all the people I have known…' Mustang said to him, 'you are the only true friend I have ever had.'

Ken's heart skipped a beat.

'I have loved you' Mustang said, 'for a long time, but I've been wanting something more from you.'

'Well now you've got it.'

The edges of Mustang's eyes crinkled.

'I cannot tell you' he began, 'how truly happy that makes me.'

Ken sat up suddenly, kissing him back.

'I'm glad you chose to be with me' Mustang said to him. 'Live your life as you should, not how others want.'

'What are you talking about?' Ken asked, hugging him around the neck.

Mustang regarded Ken then with a level expression.

'Ken…I wanted to tell you something before…' he broke off, smiling suddenly. 'My real name…' he said, '…its Alphonse.'

Ken released him, sitting back on the grass.


'The name my parents gave me' Mustang smiled.

'It's a nice name' Ken answered softly. 'I'm surprised you don't use it.' He paused, suddenly realising something. 'I'm surprised you've mentioned your parents. It's weird I haven't met them yet…are they….I mean…do they know you're…you know…?'

'Gay?' Mustang smirked. 'Yes. They know I am gay.'

'And they're ok with that?'

Mustang tilted his head slightly. 'Yes' he nodded. 'They accept me the way that I am' he said.

'Then how come I haven't met them yet?'

Mustang hesitated, smiling again at Ken, though this time his smile was weak.

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