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   Chapter 48 No.48

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After a while, Mustang spoke.

'I hope I didn't hurt you.'

'No' Ken mumbled. 'You're fine.'

'It felt good' Mustang smiled, 'to have you at last. I've wanted this moment…for the longest time.'

'You could have any man you want' Ken told him. 'Why did you want me so bad?'

'It's because I could have any man I want' Mustang said, 'that I wanted you so badly. Because you resisted me.'

Ken turned his head towards him, lying on his back as he watched Mustang.

Mustang smirked at him, leaning over him and kissing him.

'I love you Ken' Mustang said.

'You shouldn't say that' Ken mumbled.

'Why not? Its true isn't it?'

'You shouldn't say something so sincere so quickly.'

'Why not?' Mustang protested. 'None of us know how much time we've got left on this earth. If you died tomorrow, then I'd be glad I told you how I feel, before I lost you.'

'Why are you so serious all of a sudden?'

'It's just the truth' Mustang said. 'I love you; I have done for a long time.'

Ken turned to face away from him, but Mustang leant over him then, turning Ken's head back towards him.

They shared a kiss, before relaxing on the bed again.

Ken lay there for several minutes beside Mustang in silence, when he next spoke his name, Mustang didn't answer.

He's sleeping Ken realised as he looked over at Mustang, seeing him lying still with his eyes closed and breathing slowly.

He shut his eyes too, and was asleep in minutes, feeling exhausted.

Chapter Eighteen

Ken woke the next morning, seeing the light shining through the thin curtains pulled across the window, brightening the room within. Beside him, Mustang was still fast asleep, seemingly not to have moved from the same position all night as he lay there naked on his back.

Ken turned over, propping himself up on an elbow.

'Hey' he whispered shaking Mustang awake. 'It's morning.'

Mustang opened his eyes, blinking wearily for only a moment, before sitting bolt-upright and rolling on top of Ken, pushing him back onto the bed, suddenly wide away.

'Let me suck your cock.'


'Come on' Mustang urged, as Ken tried to fend him off. 'I want to.'

'Now?' Ken asked tentatively.

'I want us to be familiar with each other' Mustang told him. 'I want to suck your cock.'

Ken groaned in resignation.

'Fine' he said.

Mustang wasted no time and immediately bowed his head, grasping Ken tightly as he wrapped an arm around his leg.

Ken flinched as Mustang began to work, doing so vigorously.

Ken came moments later, and Mustang drew back coughing into his hand. He cleared his throat, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and looking up at Ken with a smile.

'Are you ready for breakfast now?' he asked Ken.

'I wish we could stay together forever' Mustang said later as he cooked for the two of them, egg in bread.

'Why couldn't we?' Ken asked him, sitting at the table and waiting for his breakfast. 'Are you planning to kick me out?'

'Of course not' Mustang said indignantly, dishing up the food. 'No it's not that. You might get bored of me and move on.'

'How can I get bored of you?' Ken asked him. 'You keep me on my toes…to say the least.'

'Here' he said, shoving the plate before Ken, who stared down at it. 'Look, it's like we were last night.'


'Me' Mustang pointed to the egg in the bread, 'inside of you' he said, pointing at the bread.

'That was a terrible joke.'

'You loved it.'

Mustang pulled his chair as close to Ken's as he possibly could.

'Give me some space' Ken protested leaning away from him.

'But I want to be close to you' Mustang sang happily.

Ken grumbled as he cut up his breakfast.

'How can you be so open' Ken asked him.

'What do you mean?'

'You…love to easily.'

'I only love you.'

'You say that' Ken said to his toast, 'but you've been with so many men…even before I met you.'

'Is that what this is about?' Mustang asked him. 'You're jealous?'

'Are you in a relationship with Justin?'

'No. I mean…' Mustang shrugged. 'It's just physical. But I don't need him anymore, because I have you.'

Ken's cheeks flushed then.

'Tell you what' Mustang said, 'I'll break it off with him. You can come with me. Just to see.'

'And the club?'

'I won't go there anymore' Mustang said. 'If that's what you want.'

'It's not that…it's just…' he grimaced, forcing himself to speak the next sentence. 'I don't want anyone else touching you.'

Mustang stared at him in wide eyed surprise; then he broke into a smile.

'Are you getting possessive?'

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