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   Chapter 47 No.47

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 4756

Updated: 2018-07-10 12:03

He ran his fingertip along Ken's naked flesh, trailing it down his chest and to his navel and further. Ken suddenly grabbed his hand to stop him as he began to unzip his trousers.

'I already gave you the chance to stop me' Mustang said, pushing his hand away aggressively. 'There's no going back now' he said.

Ken clutched at the sheets tightly, as Mustang began to caress him, touching him in a way he had never been touched before.

'I-I've never done this before' Ken said, 'I…I've never…'

'Has a woman ever touched you?' Mustang asked in a murmur, moving off him as he pulled Ken's trousers down.

'No' Ken whispered. 'I mean…not like this.' He stared up at the ceiling, as Mustang pulled his trousers over his ankles, throwing them off the bed to the floor.

'Have you ever slept with a woman?' Mustang said, licking Ken's thigh.


'Have you ever kissed a woman?'


'Tell me' Mustang murmured, holding Ken in his hand, nuzzling into him. 'What have you done with a woman?'


'How many girlfriends have you had?'

'Only one…I mean…two….'

'And?' Mustang said. 'How far have you gone with them?'

'I've…' Ken thought. 'Kissed them, touched them…but…that's it…'

'I'm glad' Mustang said. 'Then I will be your first.'

Ken drew a sharp intake of breath, as Mustang placed his mouth around him.

'What are you doing?' Ken gasped.

Mustang paused, lifting his head up to Ken.

'Pleasuring you' Mustang said, rubbing his hand gently up him, moving his cheek against him. 'You want it' he said, placing his hand around him and moving his mouth over the tip. 'There's no point in denying. You're body tells me everything.'

His mouth moved over Ken, sucking him, feeling Ken's touch deep at the back of his throat.

Ken threw his head back, moaning, his body trembling as Mustang moved his head vigorously back and forth.

'Mustang' he gasped, unable to hold himself. 'I'm going to….'

'Go' Mustang's muffled voice came from around him; he had paused only briefly to speak, before continuing.

Ken's breath quickened rapidly as he climaxed, he held his breath for a moment, before letting out a deep sigh.

Mustang pushed himself up, his red hair falling over his face as he sat up.

He swallowed, and sighed, lifting his head up and smiling at Ken. He wiped his mouth lightly with the back of his hand, as

Ken stared back at him.

'How did that feel?' Mustang asked him.

'It felt…' Ken uttered, '…good.'

Mustang reached towards him, stroking his cheek and running his fingers through his hair.

'I'm not finished with you yet' he said.

He grabbed Ken roughly by the shoulder and turned him over, holding him by the waist and lifting his rear end up. Ken tensed suddenly, positioned on his hands and knees.

'No' Ken gasped. 'Don't.'

'There's no going back now' Mustang told him, reaching his hand around Ken's body and caressing him between the legs.

'I've never done this before' Ken said to him. 'I'm…I'm scared to…I….'

'It's alright' Mustang said, pushing Ken's front end down against the bed. 'Just relax.'

Ken breathed slowly through his mouth, feeling a strange tingling in his chest, his stomach tightened.

'You trust me don't you?' Mustang asked.

'Yes' Ken breathed.

'Do you love me?'

Ken's heart tightened in his chest, and his words were caught in his throat.

I can't say it. I can't say it out loud.

'It's ok' Mustang told him, moving his hand around. 'I still have time. I will make you say it…one day.'

Ken bowed his head, gritting his teeth.

'It's alright' Mustang whispered to him. 'I won't hurt you. I'll be gentle.'

He pushed himself forwards, Ken let out a whimper. Mustang hesitated, pausing for a moment, allowing Ken to relax, before pushing all the way in.

His rhythm was slow, was gentle, loving.

He held Ken, with one hand on his waist, the other on his shoulder, as he thrust into him.

Ken felt him as he pushed deep inside him, again and again.

Ken remained resting on his front, biting into his hand as Mustang had his way with him, taking his pleasure for several minutes.

He paused for a moment, speaking to Ken.

'Are you alright?'

'Yes' Ken whispered back.

'I'm going to come soon' he said. 'Can I finish you?' he asked. 'Can you handle it?'

A tear ran down Ken's cheek, and he gritted his teeth.

'Yes' he whispered again.

Mustang's hand ran down his body, he gripped Ken with both hands now around the waist, and thrust into him, this time harder.

Ken held onto the sheets as his pace quickened, Mustang let out moan, throwing his head back as he finished.

Ken let out a breath, as Mustang pulled out.

They lay side by side on the bed breathing heavily.

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