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   Chapter 45 No.45

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Ken watched as Mustang and this other strange man hung off each other, feeling a sudden sharp stab of anger and jealously.

That song ended, but immediately ran into another.

As the next song started up, Ken crawled up onto the stage quickly, grabbing Mustang by the sleeve and pulling him away sharply. Surprised by this, Mustang allowed himself to be dragged, before grasping Ken by the wrist suddenly and jerking him back.

Ken's eyes widened as Mustang pulled him into a kiss, arms wrapped around him.

Ken's heart knotted in his chest; horrified that Mustang had done such a thing in front of so many people. He broke away from him. Mustang ran with him then, pulling him off the stage and dragging him through the crowd.

They stepped out at last into the cool night outside the club. Ken immediately breathed a deep breath of fresh air, away from the many bodies that had surrounded him, now he felt free.

'Let's go somewhere more private' Mustang suggested not so casually, moving close as he did so, still holding him by the wrist.

Ken lent away from him as he did this, his heart skipping a beat. He felt suddenly flushed, despite and chilly nights breeze.

Mustang pulled him along, moving away from the club.

The two ran through the night, heading out of the town, only stopping when they reached a quiet park.

Mustang let go of him, the two breathing heavily as they caught their breath, fog appearing in the air before their mouths.

Mustang sat on the bench. Reluctantly, Ken followed suit, doing so a short distance from him.

Several minutes of silence stretched between them.

Ken was the first to break it.

'You can sing, you can dance, everyone loves you….' He began, turning to face him. 'Is there nothing you cannot do?'

'What was that?' Mustang asked him, leaning close with a hand behind his ear as if he struggled to hear him.

'What?' Ken asked defensively.

Mustang lowered his hand, grinning at him. 'You said everyone loves me.' He leaned closer to him, speaking seductively in a whisper now. 'Does that include you? Did you just admit that you love me?'

Ken went red then, eyes widening.

'N-no! I mean…I didn't say that!'

'It's alright' Mustang gleamed at him sitting back again. 'I still have time.' He threw a glance towards him. 'You've got a mark on you by the way' he said, tapping his

own lip as he spoke to Ken.


Ken rubbed the mark, seeing a red smudge of his fingers.

'You're wearing lipstick?'

'Yeah' Mustang smirked. He moved closer to him suddenly. 'I will make you say to me, 'I love you Mustang''. He told him. 'I will, if it's the last thing I do.'

Ken turned away from him, glaring at his own feet. 'Yeah right' he scoffed. 'Like I ever would.'

Ken felt his mood change within him, as he thought of Mustang kissing that other man, and then him.

'Why did you kiss me?' he asked his feet.

'Hm?' Mustang raised his head.

'Answer the question' Ken said to his feet.

'Because I love you.'

Ken's stomach turned over at that. 'B-but…you…how could you say that? You kissed that other guy?'

'Oh what?' Mustang said, in a tone that Ken did not like at all.

Ken suddenly saw his face, as Mustang leant forward, staring up at Ken.

'Are you saying…' Mustang began, 'that you're jealous?'

'No!' Ken snapped back, feeling suddenly awkward. 'I just….don't understand you.'

Mustang smirked again, before leaning back against the bench.

He lifted his head, breathing slowly as he experienced the sensations him, the light from the moon, the cool breeze, the smell of the town, the sounds in the distance of the nightclubs playing their music.

'Come on' Mustang said standing. 'We should go home.'

The moment Mustang closed the front door to the apartment, he turned on Ken.

Ken gasped as Mustang pushed him against the door, pressing his own body into his.

'What is up with you?' Mustang said absently. 'You've been acting really strange lately.'

'Mustang?' Ken began, unable to keep silent anymore; he blurted it all out, pouring his heart out. 'The truth is…that I have feelings for you…more than a friend.'

Mustang watched Ken closely, mouth half open in surprise, and brow slightly furrowed.

'Do you love me?' he asked Ken, his tone serious.

'N-no' Ken mumbled. 'I can't. I don't know you well enough yet, but…I want to….I…' Ken drew a deep breath, forcing out the next words. 'I want to be your boyfriend' he blurted. 'That is…' he added quietly, clenching his fists, '…if you want me.'

Mustang moved closer, leaning further into him.

'You don't need to be jealous' Mustang whispered into his ear, caressing him, running a hand up his throat, the other down his arm.

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