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   Chapter 44 No.44

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 5327

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'Yeah whatever' Ken waved him away as he headed to another room. 'I don't care.'

Mustang hid the picture after that.

'What are you getting so defensive for?' Ken frowned at him.

'I don't like that picture' Mustang huffed moodily. 'I was different back then I was…' he trailed of, but never finished his sentence.

Suddenly there came a knock at the door, and Mustang and Ken glanced around.

'I'll get it!' Mustang sang, dancing across the room.

He opened the door, seeing standing there a slender young man dressed in tight leather and wearing heavy makeup.

Another one Ken thought without a care, quickly losing interest. He has his own harem.

'Phoenix!' Mustang cried, throwing himself into him. 'You're here!'

'I sure am' the man grinned seductively, hands immediately travelling all over Mustang's body, slipping beneath his belt.

'Phoenix?' Ken frowned, feeling a flicker of anger and jealousy as he watched the stranger fondle Mustang. 'Is that really your name?'

The stranger looked past Mustang then, into the room and at Ken.

'Oooohhh, who's this? Is he your friend or plaything?'

'He lives with me' Mustang explained, running his fingers through Phoenix's bright orange and yellow dyed hair.

'Phoenix is my stage name' the stranger told Ken in a seductive voice. 'So Mustang' he said to him again, 'are you coming out with me?'

Mustang hesitated then, still hanging onto Phoenix.

'I don't…' he began, 'I don't want to leave Ken…'

Ken gritted his teeth, glaring at Mustang. 'Just go' Ken said moodily. 'I don't care.'

'Ken…' Mustang uttered.

'Just go' Ken repeated, speaking louder now. 'I don't want you anyway.'

He stormed away then, going to his own room then and slamming the door behind him, standing in the dark and leaning back against the door, breathing heavily.

He felt so angry and upset, but didn't know why. Part of the anger he felt was directed at himself.

What's wrong with me? Why do I feel this way?

He bowed his head, listening to the sounds outside the room.

He heard the sound of the front door closing, and then there was complete silence.

Ken let out a heavy sigh, straightening up.

He opened the door to the bedroom, allowing it to swing open.

He stood there, staring towards the front door Mustang, feeling suddenly so lonely.

I don't care he thought angrily to himself. I don't need that jerk anyway.

He turned sharply away, trying to find something to distract himself, he decided to watch some TV.

About an hour or so passed, and Ken was restless, unable to put Mustang from his mind, and feeling evermore angry with himself.

Ken turne

d the TV off, deciding suddenly to go look for him.

He ran from the apartment without even bothering to lock it.

He knew where Mustang would be, he knew the club he would be hanging out at tonight, and so headed there.

It was noisy and crowded outside. It took ages for Ken to get in, but after a long time of waiting impatiently in the line, he managed to get in.

Ken pushed through the crowd, searching for him; all the while the music was playing around them, far too loud.

Ken weaved his way around the dancing bodies, making his way forwards towards the stage.

When he finally reached it, standing at the front of the crowd, he looked up, seeing Mustang standing over him in the foreground of the stage. He began to sing.

Ken listened to his voice, so beautiful, so seductive…and teasing….

The others on the stage began to join in with him, as did many in the crowd.

As the chorus was sung again, the entire room sang along, jumping up and down. Ken was the only one who did not.

That was when Mustang noticed him. He sang, watching Ken as he did so, never breaking eye contact.

Ken's heart skipped a beat as Mustang sang; he lowered his microphone, watching Ken watching him.

Mustang wore black leather trousers low cut. His shirt was open, with only the bottom two buttons buttoned up. His eyes and lips were painted with makeup that was exaggerated and there was glitter smeared around his eyes and cheeks.

He reached a hand out to him, inviting Ken up to the stage. Ken's cheeks flushed and he shook his head furiously as the music beat around them.

As the men sang, those upon the stage danced, the lights flashing over them, changing different colours as they moved.

Mustang flicked his hair back playfully before speaking into the microphone again, continuing to sing.

The crowd cheered as the music continued, singing as one as one of the dancers moved closer towards Mustang, caressing him as he sung the next verse.

The music heightened, the entire room (save for Ken) danced and cheered and waved their drinks in the air. Some even had turned their attention onto each other. At a glance, Ken saw several couples kissing passionately on the edges of the dance floor and around the bar.

As Mustang continued to sing the next verse, the dancer close to him began to kiss him, slipping his hand onto Mustang's trousers, which he seemed to enjoy.

Mustang tossed the microphone away, grabbing the dancer nearest and kissing him then and there on the stage in front of everyone, causing many to cheer louder. The two took their positions around the other dancers, dancing with them in unison.

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