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   Chapter 43 No.43

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 5018

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'Like a library needs a quiet section. I thought the whole of a library was a quiet section.'

'No' Ken mumbled to his book. 'Less people come to this section; this is where they keep rare book, the ones people read less often.'

'I see.'

'Hardly anyone ever comes to this part of the library' Ken said casually.

'Is that right?' Mustang said. 'So…we won't be disturbed.'

Ken's heart jolted.

He instantly tried to rise but Mustang stopped him, grabbing him by the arms and sitting on his lap facing him, pinning him down.

'Oh no you don't' Mustang told him. He smirked again. 'You practically ran into my trap…there's no escape now.'

Ken stared back at Mustang in shock, wide-eyed and heart hammering in his chest. He swallowed at the lump in his throat.

Mustang leant forward, resting his forehead against Ken's as he spoke.

'Are you going to call for help?' he asked him. 'There are people just on the other side of those bookshelves.' He sneered. 'But then what would they think if they saw us?'

'Don't…' Ken whispered. 'Please…'

'I've wanted you for ages' Mustang told him. 'I can't resist you any longer.'

Ken squeezed his eyes tight shut as Mustang leant forward, kissing him. He balled his fists, trying to lean away from him, but had nowhere to go.

Mustang moved back slightly, looking into Ken's face. He released one of his arms to stroke his face, his fingers coming to his lips.

'Open your mouth' he told Ken. When Ken didn't listen, he said, 'if you don't, I will have you. Right here and now.'

Ken opened his mouth, breathing in a deep breath. Mustang descended upon him again, kissing him deeply, slipping his tongue inside his mouth, tasting him. Savouring him.

After several seconds, Mustang drew back suddenly.

He got off him, rising to his feet and simply walking away as if nothing had happened.

He just left.

Ken remained where he was, leaning back on the sofa in shock. Cheeks flushed and heart pounding. The book he had been reading lay closed on the sofa beside him.

Ken exhaled deeply. For several moments he was unable to move, still shocked at what had happened.

And then he grabbed his book, leaving the library swiftly and running outside to find Mustang.

He was within sight of the front steps of the library, sitting on a bench in the park nearby.

Ken gritted his teeth, running over to him.

Mustang looked up curiously. It was clear from his expression that he had not expected to see Ken again anytime s


'What the hell what that?!' Ken demanded, throwing his book at his chest.

The book bounced off Mustang's chest and onto the floor.

Mustang stared at him with a bored expression, the lolly he was sucking in his mouth.

'What?' Mustang asked defensively.

'You know what!' Ken snapped angrily. 'Doing that to me! It's practically rape!'

He bit his tongue suddenly, realising he was shouting.

Several people nearby were glancing his way, casting him strange looks.

Ken stared at the ground angrily, cheeks flushed.

Mustang watched him for several seconds, before rising to his feet.

'I don't know what you're making such a fuss about' he told him casually. 'You looked like you enjoyed it to me.'

'I did not' Ken said through gritted teeth. 'There is no way I could…'

Mustang moved closer to him suddenly, taking the lolly from his mouth. 'You tell me you didn't enjoy it' he said, touching his groin, 'but your body says different.'

The touch was only brief, but Ken's pulse instantly quickened then.

'You want me' Mustang told him. 'You just don't want to admit it yet.'

He walked past him, slipping the lolly back in his mouth. He turned back to Ken, speaking to him one last time.

'I'll see you at home' he said, before moving away.

Ken glared after him; he could feel his blood pressure inside him swiftly rising.

That arrogant jerk. Who does he think he is? There is no way that I want him like that. No way. No way!

He turned on his heel and stormed off angrily, quickly picking up the book he had thrown before leaving, heading in the opposite direction to Mustang.

Dam him Ken thought. Why does he have to toy with me like this? Why can't he just leave me alone? Why does he have to be the way he is?

It was later that day when Ken when back to Mustang's apartment, that he found something interesting.

'Hey what's this?' he asked, picking up a framed picture from the side that had been lying face-down.

The picture was of a young man with short black hair.

'Wait…' Ken said staring at it hard, his brow furrowed. 'Is this…is this you?'

Mustang appeared from nowhere, swiping the picture from his hand.

'Don't touch my stuff!'

'Hey is that a picture of you when you were younger?' Ken laughed.

'Yeah?' Mustang said defensively, hugging the picture to him. 'So?'

'Aww you look so adorable' Ken teased. 'What went wrong?'

'Hey' Mustang said, 'when you're as smoking hot as I am you don't need to look cute.'

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