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'See you next time!' she sang happily to him as he took off his apron, hanging it up.

'What happened to your lady friend?'

Ken suppressed a groan. He turned reluctantly to Mustang who had seemingly been waiting for him. He hadn't expected to be interrogated the instant he came home.

'What do you mean?'

Mustang pushed himself off the wall, unfolding his arms and striding up to Ken.

'You know' he said to him. 'You used to go on dates with her. I thought the two of you would get together. What happened?'

'She's nice' Ken grumbled turning away and frowning, '…but she's not right for me.'


'Because I like someone else.'


Ken froze suddenly, catching himself.

'I'm…' he fumbled then, avoiding Mustang's eyes then, shoulders hunched. 'It's…it's none of your business.'

'Oh my god.'

Ken glanced reluctantly towards Mustang again, meeting his gaze.

'Oh my god' Mustang said again.

Ken groaned, gritting his teeth.

'What?' he snapped irritant.

'Oh my god' Mustang said for the third time, taking a step closer to him.

'What?!' Ken snapped angrily now.

'It's me isn't it? Isn't it? It is!' Mustang said triumphantly at Ken's reaction. 'Yes! I knew you would come around.'

'It's not like that!'

Ken flinched as Mustang leant over him, hand resting on the wall behind him, their faces inches apart.

'It's ok' Mustang spoke seductively, running a finger along Ken's jaw line as he spoke. 'I know now how you really feel about me. There's no going back. I will make you mine. You will come over to my side. I'll make it so.'

Yeah right Ken glared furiously back at Mustang, cheeks flushed. In your dreams. I could never be with another man.

'I will make you mine' Mustang said to him, moving away and turning, gliding away down the corridor with a backwards glance. He flashed him a grin, before disappearing into the next room.

Ken heard him chuckle quietly to himself as he went.

It was immediately after that, that the teasing and harassment began.

Chapter Seventeen

Every single day wherever Ken would go, Mustang would always be there, watching him, following him, making inappropriate jokes and passes at him at every opportunity, at school, at his job and when he was out with other friends. And Ken was losing his patience.

'Don't you have anything better to do?' Ken snapped at him one day, dumping heavily on the table the seventh co

ffee Mustang had ordered. 'Are you even drinking these?'

Mustang steepled his fingers, resting his chin on the back of his hands and leaning forwards with his elbows on the table, giving Ken a mischievous glance.

'I'm just minding my own business' Mustang said casually.

'Couldn't you mind your own business somewhere other than where I am?'

Mustang's smile grew wider as he gazed up at Ken, and he winked at him slyly, but didn't say another word.

Ken's cheeks flushed with anger and he gritted his teeth, turning sharply and storming away to collect the next order. Not only did Ken have to put up with Mustang following him around every single hour of every single day, but at the end of every single day, after school or work had finished, Ken would return home to find Mustang waiting for him.

'Welcome home!' Mustang would declare happily, throwing his arms out wide. 'It's so wonderful to see you!'

'I saw you ten minutes ago' Ken replied flatly.

'And here you are again' Mustang sighed. 'You just can't stay away from me!'

Mustang would often in this time give Ken unhelpful advice and make comments that to Ken didn't make sense.

'Remember dweeb, the secret to happiness is learning how to move on.'

'Live your life as you should, not how others want.'

'If anything happened to me, what would you do?'

'Ken…I love you….you know that don't you?'

This continued for several days, until Mustang turned physical.

One day, Ken went out alone to study in the library, sitting on a comfortable sofa in a quiet corner. He had stayed here for quite some time, absorbed in his studies, when he was interrupted.

Ken ignored everyone else around him, focused only on his work. Occasionally a figure would walk past, but Ken would hardly notice them.

One of the figures sometime later moved by him then, but instead of walking past, he took a seat beside Ken.

Ken glanced up from his book, his expression turning instantly into a glower as he recognised the figure.

'Mustang' he said. 'What are you doing here?'

Mustang turned to him, flashing his teeth in a grin, which only irritated Ken even more.

'I'm here for the books.'

'Liar' Ken shot.

'Alright you got me' Mustang grinned. 'I'm here for you actually.'

Ken gritted his teeth, glaring at his book, which he held tightly in both hands.

'This is the quiet section of the library' Mustang observed aloud. 'Isn't it?'


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