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   Chapter 41 No.41

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 4969

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He had settled in his job now, and Ken was happy.

After every shift he had with Tess, he would walk her home, or they would visit the town together.

'I love you Ken' she beamed, hanging off his arm and leaning into him. 'I love you so much!'

The evening was growing late, and Mustang sat at the bar alone, staring into his drink. He had ordered several that night, and kept to himself, depressed and scared that he was losing Ken. He didn't know what to do.

It was sometime later, when he was approached by a stranger who put his hand on him.

'Hey, how's it going?'

Mustang did not answer; he turned his head slowly towards the man, his vision slightly blurred.

'You're handsome' the stranger said to him. 'How about you and me leave this place and go somewhere quieter.'

Mustang raised his head, blinking wearily up at the man.

Mustang flinched suddenly, as the man slipped his hand into the front of his trousers, caressing him, with the other hand pulling Mustang's legs further open so that he could reach him.

It was loud in the club, and busy all around them. No one noticed the pair, as Mustang hunched his body over, head bowed over his drink and suddenly tense.

'How about…' she man suggested, speaking directly into Mustang's ear so that only he could hear him, 'we take this outside?'

The stranger withdrew his hand. Mustang did not resist as the man took him by the wrist, leading Mustang out of the bar and into the quiet alley at the back of the building.

'It's alright' the stranger said, pushing Mustang back firmly against the wall, 'everything is going to be alright.'

Mustang tilted his head back as the stranger unzipped his trousers, kneeling before him. A single tear ran down his cheek as he felt the stranger's mouth close around him, beginning to work. Mustang dug his nails into the brick wall behind him, scratching lightly at the surface.

When the man had finished with him, he turned him around, bending him forwards over a wall and standing behind him. Mustang did not resist as he felt the man push into him, his skin hot and cheeks flushed, he stayed there and waited as the man had his way, thrusting into him forcefully.

After he had finished, the stranger wandered away, simply leaving him there.

Mustang sat outside now on the floor of the alley, leaning back against the wall.

He gritted his teeth, whimpering, speaking a single word, a name.


Mustang went to home late that ni

ght, if it could still be called night. He stumbled into his apartment and collapsed onto the sofa, waking hours later to find Ken in the kitchen cooking.

'Oh' Ken said when Mustang groaned and began to shift, 'you're awake.'

Mustang sat up gingerly, hand going to his head.


'Are you feeling alright?' Ken asked him as he continued to cook. 'What time did you come home last night?'

'I don't remember' Mustang groaned.

'Well did you have fun?'

'I don't remember.'

Mustang hauled himself off the sofa, rising to his feet and wobbling slightly before righting himself.


'Are you hungry?' Ken asked him happily.


'Hey guess what?' Ken grinned at him. 'I've found a place to stay.'

Mustang tensed at that. 'What?'

'Here' he said, pulling a page from his pocket and handing it to him. 'What do you think?'

Mustang took the paper, staring down at it. It was an ad for an apartment near here; it looked small, but pleasant. It would have been perfect for Ken.

For the longest time he said nothing.


Mustang looked up then, his eyes pleading.

'Please don't go' he said, voice trembling as he spoke.


'Please! I'll be lonely without you here.'

Ken hesitated then. He wasn't sure what to say.

'But…' Ken began at last, '…what about your family?'

'I told you already!' Mustang snapped at him, suddenly angry. 'They don't come here. Don't ask about them again!'

Ken stared back at Mustang in shock. He gasped suddenly, seeing the clock on the wall behind him.

'Oh! Is that the time?' he said. 'I have to go to work now.' He ran to the door, pausing then and glancing back at Mustang. 'I'll eat when I get back' he said. 'There's enough for both of us. Help yourself' he said, before snapping the door shut.

In the end, Ken's relationship with Tess didn't work out. But things didn't really change. Tess was her usual bubbly self, and she was still close to Ken. They would talk together, laugh and touch; she would lean on him, hug his arm, giggle at him and make him smile. But she kept a distance she had not done before, and for that he was grateful.

Thank you Tess Ken said to himself in his mind. Thank you for understanding.

'Are you ok Ken?' Tess said to him. 'You're daydreaming.'

Ken snapped back to attention. 'What? Oh. I'm sorry.'

'It's ok' she giggled at him. 'Anyway, you're supposed to have finished now. Hurry up and go home.'

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