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   Chapter 40 No.40

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'So…where do you live now?'

'With a friend' Ken said casually. 'His name is Mustang.'

'Mustang?' Tess giggled. 'That's a funny name.'

'Yeah' Ken smiled. 'It is.'

Mustang walked away from them, drawing his hands out of his pocket and lowering his hood only when he was out of sight.

'There you are' came a silky voice.

'What is it Troy?' Mustang grumbled as he went, not slowing down for the figure that had appeared.

Troy jogged up beside him; then matched his pace as they walked.

'Are those two little birds bothering you?' Troy teased.


'Is that Ken?' Troy interrogated, glancing back at him as he talked with Tess. 'Is he the reason you haven't been hanging out in ages?'


'Oh come on.' Troy grabbed him around the waist roughly, turning him towards him. 'He looks like he doesn't want you. Look. Look how happy he is with her.'

Mustang couldn't help casting one last glance towards the couple.

'It's true' he mumbled regretfully. 'They do look happy.'

'See?' Troy smirked, holding him tighter. 'He doesn't want you. Come on. You used to be so much fun.'

Mustang flinched then as Troy moved closer to him, running his tongue across his shoulder.

'Troy…' he uttered.

Troy grabbed Mustang by the chin then, turning his head sharply towards his, kissing him forcefully. But Mustang couldn't turn his eyes away from Ken and Tess.

Troy broke away from him, following Mustang's gaze. But by that time they were gone.

He turned his attention back onto Mustang, pushing him gently backwards until the back of Mustang's legs touched the raised flower bed.

He leant back, resting against the soil as Troy leant over him.

Mustang tilted his head back, a single tear running from his eye as Troy trailed kisses down his body, caressing him, tasting him.

Troy straightened then. 'Why don't we take this back to my place?'

Mustang did not object. He allowed Troy to pull him from the flower bed, walking with him and away.

'So that's why you live with Mustang now.'

'Yeah' Ken mumbled. 'I'm grateful for everything he's done for me. But I want to set out on my own path now. I want to live on my own, and look after myself.'

'It makes sense' Tess gleamed. 'That's why you got this job.'

'Yeah' Ken said. 'It is.'

The next day was completely normal, Ken went to his lectures, hung out with his friends, then when he had finished his last lecture,

he left the college alone.

Ken decided to take the scenic route home, making the most of the beautiful day around him. The town was pleasant, and it was quiet at this time. Most people were at work or school, the streets were mostly empty, even the roads were silent.

Ken drew a deep breath, sighing heavily in contentment.

I love this town.

He wandered from the path, moving to the back of the shops in the shopping centre and to the park, leaping over a broken fence to the more wooded area, where it was completely deserted.

The pine needles crunched beneath his feet as he went.

He came back to the open road, sauntering down the street and whistling to himself as he went.

He slowed then, glancing to the graveyard beside him, where he recognised a figure sitting beneath the trees.

Ken changed course, entering the graveyard through the gate and approaching the figure. Mustang glanced around, hearing the sound of someone approaching.

'You're here again?' Ken asked him. 'What are you doing?'

'What was I doing?' Mustang echoed, rising to his feet and dusting himself off. 'I was uh…praying.'


'Yeah' Mustang said innocently. 'You know…when you talk to god?'

'I didn't think you the type.'

'Well…' Mustang smirked knowingly. 'There's a lot you don't know about me. I still love you by the way' he added hastily.

'Yeah yeah' Ken replied in a bored tone, turning to walk away again.


He paused, glancing back. 'What?'

Mustang approached him. Ken tensed as Mustang reached for him, hand going to his head.

'You've got a leaf in your hair' Mustang told him, pulling the leaf free and letting it fall.

'Thanks' Ken replied flatly.

'I saw you with that young woman last night.'

A flicker of annoyance crossed Ken's brow.

'Have you been following me?'


'It's obvious!' Ken barked, pointing an accusing finger at him. 'It's obvious that you have.'

'It is obvious' Mustang replied flatly. 'I'm jealous.'

The two stared at each other.

Ken scowled at him, turning on his heel and marching away.

'I'm going home.'

Chapter Sixteen

Days passed, and Ken and Tess had grown even closer. They were going out now, and their relationship was still very new. Tess adored Ken; she looked up to him, and as usual, was always happy, always smiling. Her joy was contagious, and she made Ken smile with her, without even meaning to.

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