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   Chapter 39 No.39

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He lifted the cup to his lips, sipping it carefully and not taking his eyes from Ken as he did so.

'Well' Ken answered curtly, 'I'll see you at home then.'

Ken walked away, but he could still feel Mustang's gaze boring into the back of his skull. He knew now that Mustang would stay for ages, just watching him.

So annoying Ken thought gritting his teeth and trying hard not to notice.

A few hours later when Ken's shift was drawing to a close, he went back to the small kitchen to wash the cups.

'So is this your first job then?' Tess asked him as she skipped happily up to him.

There were fewer customers, and the place was quieter now.

'Actually, yeah' Ken said to her. 'It is.'

'I see' she grinned at him. 'You're doing really well.'

'You think so?' he said hopefully.

'Of course' she beamed at him.

He couldn't help it, but he smiled in turn. There was something about her joyous mood that was contagious. Simply being around her made him happy.

She's so pretty Ken thought as he stared at her. And she's always smiling.

Tess noticed his prolonged stare, she was grinning at him slyly, leaning against the counter.

'What is it?' she giggled.

Ken's heart skipped a beat, and he looked away sharply. 'It's nothing' he said hastily. 'So, what time does your shift finish?'

Ken's attention drifted back to her face as she answered his question in great detail, beginning to ramble on about other things as well.

And then his attention drifted past her, through the open door to the kitchen and out into the café itself where the guests sat. A then his mood soured as he saw Mustang sitting at the table by the window, still there, still watching him with a fixed expression, and never looking away.

Stupid Mustang Ken glowered as Tess continued to talk. What's his problem?

It was late by the time Ken's shift ended. He and Tess were the only ones working now, and she helped him close down the coffee shop.

'Gosh is that the time?' she sighed, brushing back her fringe and glancing to the clock. 'I didn't realise it was so late.'

'The time sure has flown' Ken said.

'I guess it's true when you have fun' she beamed turning to him.

'You had fun?' he asked.

'Sure' she smiled. 'Didn't you?'

He smiled back at her. 'Yeah' he said awkwardly. 'I guess I did.'

'So are you going home now?'


'Where do you li

ve?' she asked him.

'With…' Ken began, '…um….in an apartment' he finished. 'It's not far from here.'

'Then can I walk you home?' she asked.

Ken chuckled at her. 'I'm the one who's supposed to offer to walk you home, isn't that what a gentleman does?'

'I want to see where you live.'

'Ok' Ken frowned at her in amusement.

'Then let's go' Tess laughed happily taking him by the arm. 'Come on, it's beautiful outside.'

They sauntered out the shop, Tess pausing at the door to turn the sign so that it read 'closed', locking the shop before walking arm in arm with Ken, though the quiet and still streets.

All around them, the lights gave out a gentle glow, bulbs hanging on strings over their heads, greens and yellows and blues.

'The town is holding a festival tomorrow' Tess said as they walked beneath the lights. 'It's going to be so beautiful, and so much fun.' She giggled joyfully.

'I don't think I've ever met anyone so happy all the time' Ken said, turning to her with a smile. 'It's quite contagious.'

'Well why wouldn't I be happy?' she said, eyes glinting at him. 'Life is wonderful after all.'

As they went, the two passed a hooded figure, silent and leaning back against one of the lamp posts with his hands in his pockets. They paid him no attention.

Tess let go of Ken then, running forward towards the fountain before them, twirling as she went, arms out wide and laughing.

Ken smiled as he watched her.

'The night is so beautiful' she cried, reaching up towards the moon as if wanting to take it in her arms. 'So beautiful and…cold…' she shivered then, hugging herself.

'Here' Ken said, offering his coat to her.

'Thank you' she said shyly, taking it from him and blushing slightly. 'You're such a gentleman.'

The hooded figure leaning against the post straightened then, turning and walking away.

'I don't want to go home yet' Tess said to him. 'Can't we stay out here for a while?'

'Of course we can.'

'Your family won't mind will they?'

Ken hesitated then. 'The truth is…I…' he turned away.

'I'm sorry' Tess said, expression dampening. 'Did I say something wrong?'

'My family' Ken began, turning back to her. 'They…kicked me out. I don't see them anymore.'

'That's awful' Tess sighed, looking genuinely distressed to hear this. 'How could they…why?'

'It was because of something I said to them.'

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