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   Chapter 38 No.38

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'Yeah' Ken smiled shyly, looking away. 'It's a good place to work as far as I understand. Everyone here is really nice. But I haven't started work yet.'

'Wow' Anthony said glancing back to the waitress that had served them. 'What a hottie. Maybe I should get a job here too.'

'Her name is Tess' Ken said. 'She'll be showing me tomorrow how everything works.'

'As long as it doesn't affect your studying' Neil said to him. 'Remember the exams are coming up.'

'Yeah' Ken grumbled. 'Don't remind me.'

'Why did you get a job anyway?' Chris asked him.

'Well…' Ken began. 'I don't live at home anymore. I live with Mustang.'

'Uh' Chris said. 'That must be awkward. You know what he is right? He hasn't tried anything funny with you has he?'

'I know' Ken smiled. 'And no he hasn't. He's a bit of a pain sometimes, and a bit strange…but he's good to me and he gives me space. But I can't depend on him forever. I don't live at home anymore, I need to learn to care for myself, then I can move out and get a place of my own.'

'That would be so cool' Anthony sighed. 'My girlfriend and I are nearly ready to get a place of our own. She's sick of her family, and to be honest I can't blame her.'

'They don't like you do they?' Chris said turning to him, the conversation shifting.

'They're a bunch of crazies' Anthony said dramatically. 'You know I swear that one day they went through the messages on my phone.'

Ken sat back with a smile, listening to Anthony talk. As he did his attention wandered, and he caught the attention of Tess again, who was by the tills now, serving a customer.

She smiled to him briefly, before turning away again.

Ken felt a flutter in his heart. He looked away briefly, before glancing back towards her.

'So who is she?'

'What? Ken fumbled. He hadn't expected to be interrogated the instant he walked through the door to Mustang's apartment.

'You know' Mustang smirked, leaning on his shoulder uncomfortably, 'that girl in the coffee shop.'

Ken glowered at him, pushing him off his shoulder and turning to him.

'How do you know about that? Have you been watching me?'

'As a matter of fact' Mustang smirked, 'I have.'

'But why?'

'I already said to you before' he sighed. 'It's because I love you.'

Ken groaned, gritting his teeth and walking away.

'I'm hungry' Ken said. 'I'm going to make something to ea


Mustang watched him walk away, still hanging by the door left open.

Mustang reached for the handle, closing the door slowly before walking down the hall and towards the kitchen. He stood in the doorway, watching Ken shuffle about the kitchen in a bored manner, taking out a pan from the cupboard, and several things from the fridge.

Mustang hung in the doorway, watching Ken from a distance, just standing there.

'I start work tomorrow' Ken was saying absentmindedly. 'I'll be able to earn money…and pay for my own food…thank you…' he added hastily at that, 'for everything. You've…really helped me out.'

Ken paused then, casting a glance towards Mustang.

'I…' Ken began, 'don't know where I'd be without you.'

Mustang raised his head at this; a strange expression crossed his face.



They stared at each other.

Mustang turned his head away. 'Nothing' he grumbled.

Ken straightened, frowning as Mustang suddenly walked away without explanation.

Ken arrived at work early, greeted by Tess who bounded happily up to him.

'Hey' she beamed, 'you're here.'

'Of course I'm here' Ken laughed awkwardly at her, feeling nervous on his first day. 'I work here remember?'

Ken put the few belongings he carried with him in his locker, before putting on his apron to start his shift.

It was busy, and Ken kept his mind on his task, working quickly.

Throughout the entire shift Tess kept close to him, guiding him, giving him instructions and helping him when he needed help. Ken began to feel a little more at ease as time went by, more so with Tess by his side watching over him.

Several hours passed, and everything was going well.

'Here' Tess beamed at him, passing him the cup of coffee. 'Give this to the gentleman on table twelve.'

'Sure' Ken nodded taking it from her. 'I'll be right back.'

He carried the coffee over to the table.

Ken froze suddenly, his brow twitching in annoyance as he saw who sat at the table.

'Hey!' Mustang waved at him.

'Mustang.' Ken put the coffee down before him. 'What are you doing here?'

'I was just checking on you' Mustang gleamed happily. 'I care about you. I just wanted to see how you were doing.'

'I'm fine' Ken said flatly. 'Is there anything else I can get for you?'

Mustang hesitated for only a moment before answering.

'No' he said at last. 'I'm fine.'

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