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   Chapter 35 No.35

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His heart jolted in his chest as he realised that Mustang was still watching him, in the reflection of a small mirror which sat on the wall. Ken saw the edges of his lips curl in a sly grin. Mustang licked his lips seductively then, winking at Ken as he saw him watching him.

Ken's heart tightened further in his chest, and his palms began to sweat. He felt his cheeks begin to glow and he stared hard at the open book before him, trying his best not to become distracted, though his thoughts were far away.

I mustn't look. I mustn't look. I mustn't look. I mustn't look……

When the lecture ended, Mustang leapt to his feet happily.

'Great! We're finished. That was exhausting…I'm so tired…'

'But you didn't do anything' Ken told him flatly. 'I'd tell you that you haven't even opened your books…but you didn't bring any with you.'

'I don't want to carry anything' Mustang sighed wearily, shoulders slumped. 'But…' he added happily, leaning forwards on the desk towards Ken, 'if you asked me to carry anything for you, I'd be more that happy.'

'Mustang' Ken began patiently, turning to face him now as the other students filed out of the room, some casting curious glances towards the both of them. 'Whatever you're trying to do, I think you're trying too hard.'


'Just give me some space. Please.' Ken asked patiently. 'I can't handle you following me around all the time. It's suffocating.'

Mustang stared at him for several moments. He seemed a little shocked, hurt even.

'Alright' he said. 'I'll go away.'

He walked off without another word, and as Ken watched him go, he felt…he felt…


Ken turned away, hand going to his head.

I'm so confused he thought miserably. What should I do?

He was alone now. Ken put away his books slowly, doing so in a mechanical fashion. He felt unhappy now, a heavy cloud stirring within him.

Where is my life heading? He thought. What is going to happen to me in the future, I live with this man now, and…?

'What is my brother doing now?' Ken mumbled to himself. 'What is my sister doing? Are they thinking of me? Do they miss me…as I miss them?'

He lifted his bag over his shoulder, trailing out of the classroom. Even the lecturer had gone now, and the corridors were empty. It was a beautiful day, and most people were outside.

He went to find his friends now. There was one person in particular he wanted to speak to.

'Andrew' Ken said when he

had found him.

His other friends sitting on the hill before the tennis court all greeted him. Ken acknowledged them only briefly, before turning back to Andrew.

'Hey Ken' Andrew replied, leaning forwards. 'Are you alright?'

Ken bit his lip in worry, staring at the ground, unable to meet his gaze.

'I…' Ken began, 'I was wondering…' he drew a steady breath, forcing himself to be calm. 'Do you know where my brother is?'

Andrew stared up at him. He rose then, stepping towards Ken and smiling at him.

'Let's walk together' he said to Ken.

Andrew and Ken wandered around the back of the college where it was quieter, walking towards the steps in the shadows of the tall building before them.

'Take a seat' Andrew said to him, moving towards the vending machines nearby and slotting several coins in.

Ken lowered himself down onto the steps, putting his bag down by his feet. Andrew returned to him, sitting beside him and offering him a drink. Ken took the can, staring down at it as Andrew opened his own, drinking deeply.

'Aaaahhh' he sighed. 'Refreshing.' He turned to Ken, turning serious then. 'So. What's on your mind?'

Ken glanced at him; then looked away again.

The can in his hand felt cold, a bead of moisture ran down the side. Ken clutched the can tightly.

'I…' he uttered. 'I don't know where to begin.' His expression dampened, and he stared miserably down at his hand. 'Andrew. I know we don't hang out enough anymore, I know things have changed and that we've both been busy.'

Andrew watched him silently, completely unmoved.

'Promise me you won't not tell anyone what I'm about to tell you. Promise you'll keep it a secret.'

'I promise' Andrew replied.

Ken looked away again. 'You're the only one I feel I can tell…the others……they wouldn't understand.' Ken drew a steady breath. 'You know…that I live with Mustang in his apartment now.'

'Yes' Andrew mumbled back. 'I had heard something of the sort.'

'My parents kicked me out, because of what I said to them.'

Ken explained everything to him, and Andrew listened in complete silence. When Ken was finished, he was trembling slightly from his nerves.

'Please' Ken said to him. 'Please tell me you understand.'

Andrew bowed his head.

'I do understand' he said sincerely. 'This is not the first story like this I've heard.'

'It isn't?'

'No. There are many more people like you than you know.'

They spoke some more.

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