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   Chapter 31 No.31

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'You made me feel as giddy as a school girl last night' Mustang continued, adopting a shy pose, putting a finger to his lips, looking timid and resting a toe on the floor, swinging his heel back and forth. 'I've never seen such an animal-side before…you were savage…you wouldn't stop even when I said no…and the size…I thought you would tear me apart…'

Ken could take no more. He strode up to Mustang and grabbed him by the shoulder, gripping has hard as he could, wishing nothing more than to shut him up, but not knowing how…

Mustang only stared at him with a calm expression. But even so, Ken could see a smile play about his lips, tweaking the corners of his mouth.

'I. Will. Kill. You. For. This…' Ken spoke through gritted teeth. 'I. Swear…'

'What is going on here?'

Ken tensed then, recognising the voice of the teacher who stood right behind him.

He let go of Mustang swiftly, and darted away down the corridor, heading as far from the teacher and the others who had heard the conversation as possible.

He came to be outside, stepping out into the bight day. Ken kept jogging, slowing only when he had run out of breath. He leant forward now, doubled over with his hands on his knees as he huffed, cheeks burning.

It took several minutes to get his breath back. When he did at last, he straightened up, letting out a deep sigh.

'Found ya!'

Ken instantly ground his teeth, recognising the voice of Mustang.

He turned glowering as Mustang came his way, sliding down the bank of a steep slope near him with his arms out and stumbling ungracefully his way.

'Hey. Wacha doing here?' Mustang sang happily when he had reached him.

'Trying to get away from you!'

'Well you didn't do a very good job of it' Mustang replied flatly.

'How could you do that?!' Ken yelled at him. 'How could you do that in front of everyone?!'

'Keep your voice down' Mustang waved at him as if placating a panicked animal. 'And anyway, why do you care so much what other people think?'

'Because I live in this world with other people.'

'Yep' Mustang said casually, staring off into the distance and speaking in a bored tone, scratching at the back of his head. 'Other people are a hassle sometimes.'

'You're one to talk' Ken huffed. 'You should know better than anyone.'

Mustang froze then, staring intently at Ken. He lowered his hand then, moving closer to him.

Ken backed against the wall; staring back at Mustang hard as he trapped him there, arms either side of Ken as he leant forwards against the wall.

Mustang smirked at him, tilting his head forwards, leaning closer to Ken.

'I've come to realise

' he spoke in a purr, 'how handsome you are.'

'Stop it' Ken ordered, speaking shortly. 'You keep telling me that.'

'Why?' Mustang whispered, lips hovering over Ken's. 'You look so cute when you're vulnerable like this.'

Mustang pulled back slightly, gazing into Ken's eyes.

'Ken…' he breathed, '…I love you…'

Ken's heart tightened in his chest and his eyes widened. He clenched his jaw, palms beginning to sweat.

'How…' Ken whispered, 'how can you say that?'

'Because it's true' Mustang replied without a seconds pause.

'You don't know what you're talking about.'

Mustang turned his head away suddenly, hearing his name being called.

Ken's attention slid past Mustang, and to a figure in the distant, standing and waving there.

Not another one Ken thought in his head.

'Roy!' Mustang cried, straightening and moving away from Ken, completely distracted now.

Ken let out the breath he had been holding, body suddenly relaxed as his shoulders slumped.

He pushed himself off the wall, watching as Mustang darted away and into the arms of the man that had called out to him. Mustang kissed the man deeply, the two each holding the other tightly to them.

Ken watched the two break apart, holding hands and running off to whatever business they would get up to.

'Tch' Ken grimaced. 'So much for loving me.' He caught himself then, heart skipping as he realised something.

Am I feeling jealous?

He shook his head.

'No. Of course not. That's just stupid.'

He pondered then, wondering what he should do.

…….should I go to class? He wondered. Could I face it?

In the end he decided he needed to be alone. His mind was a scrambled mess, and he felt so conflicted.

I must really be changing Ken realised, staring at his own reflection in the pond beside him. I've never skipped class before.

He had come to a quiet place now. After his encounter with Mustang that morning, Ken's wandering feet had taken him out of the college grounds, and out of the town altogether.

Now he was in the open and peaceful land just beyond the town. There were a few main roads leading to and from the town, but in between, were quieter patches, where trees grew, and little streams ran.

Ken let out a sigh, leaning forwards and hugging his knees. He stared with eyes unfocused at the tall grass that grew at his feet, swaying in the light and cool breeze. He felt the tall grass tickle the back of his hands, and listened to the little birds calling to one another as they flitted through the air and danced back and forth from the bushes that grew nearby, to the branches in the trees and back again.

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