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   Chapter 30 No.30

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Ken watched him go, watched Mustang close the door, and listened to the following silence, before facing ahead again.

He stepped forward into the unfamiliar room, closing the door behind him quietly.

There were no windows in the room, the only light came from the bulb above him.

Ken placed the bag he carried on the floor, lying on his side on the bed without changing, hugging the pillow to him.

Are my family worried about me? He thought miserably to himself. Are they thinking about me?

He sighed then, turning his head into the bed and closing his eyes.

'I'll talk to them in the morning' he mumbled hopefully. 'After college.'

Ken went to college the next day, carrying with him what little he had, the same clothes from the night before, his mobile and some money, but nothing else. He had left everything behind at home.

He told some of his friends what had happened, and they tried to comfort him, encouraging him, telling him everything would be alright, and that his family would forgive and accept him.

Ken began to believe their words, but when he went home later that day, he found his family refused to even speak to him, none of them, not even his siblings.

A box had been left outside the house, inside it were some of Ken's belongings, his clothes and shoes and hair and toothbrush. Ken tried to enter the house, banging on the doors and windows, but he was ignored, and the house was locked.

Eventually Ken gave up. Instead, he took the box, and carried it away.

He went back to Mustang's apartment after that, entering without invitation, and going to the bed he had slept on the night before, dumping the box in the corridor along the way.

He lay there now, resting on his side and crying into the pillow he hugged to him.

So caught up was he in his misery and grief, he did not hear Mustang enter the apartment, nor did he hear him stepping through the corridor; then enter the room.

He only realised his presence, when Mustang touched his arm, leaning over him with an expression of concern.

Ken rolled over, gazing up through teary eyes.

Mustang drew his hand back.

'What am I going to do?' Ken pleaded. 'My family…they have rejected me.'

'It's alright' Mustang spoke soothingly, doing so with sincerity that Ken thought incapable of one so carefree. 'You can stay here, for as long as you want.'

'But…' Ken whispered, 'you won't mind having me here?'

'No' Mustang replied quietly. 'You can stay here forever if you wish.'

Ken let out a sob, sitting up and embrac

ing Mustang.

Mustang bowed his head, holding Ken back.

Chapter Twelve

Ken leant against the wall outside registration, waiting for the teacher to turn up. He avoided everyone's eyes as they waited around him for the same thing, hands in his pockets and staring at his feet.

The last few days had been very difficult for him. Since his family had thoroughly washed their hands of him, and Mustang had allowed him to stay with him, it had not been easy, and it took a long while to adjust to this new life. He still had not yet adjusted.

What am I going to do? He worried to himself, not for the first time. I can't stay with Mustang forever…even if he says… he bowed his head with regret. I have to look after myself…

'Hey Ken.'

He was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts by the voice of his friend who had shuffled closer to him to talk.

'Hey Bill' Ken replied meekly.

'Are you living with Mustang?'

'W-what?' Ken stammered, caught off guard by the bluntness of the question, whole body suddenly tense. 'W-why would you say that?'

'I've noticed you take a different route to college now' Bill answered, tilting his head as he spoke to him. 'You come to college almost always with Mustang now. Don't you live with your family anymore?'

'Well…' Ken began reluctantly. 'You see…the truth is…'

Mustang suddenly materialized right on queue beside Ken, leaning into him and placing an arm around Ken's shoulders.

'The truth is' Mustang finished for him, 'we're living together…and we're going out.'

Ken suddenly choked, suddenly lost for breath and going bright red, mostly in fury.


'Come on darling' Mustang teased, tickling Ken under the chin. 'You know it's true.'

Ken shoved him away then, doing so violently and causing Mustang to almost topple over.

'That is not true!' Ken snapped furiously, balling his fists.

Mustang waved his arms like a windmill as he tipped precariously backwards on his heels, regaining balance before straightening again. 'Oh come on' Mustang spoke, utterly serious. 'What about all the things you said last night about how much you loved me?'

If it was possible for Ken to go any redder, he did now.

He gasped for several moments in utter shock, painfully aware that everyone around them was listening now.

'That-that…did not happen! That never happened! I swear that never happened!'

'The more you try to deny it the guiltier you are' Mustang sneered seductively, threatening to move closer.

I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you…!

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