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   Chapter 29 No.29

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Ken let out a heavy sigh, wondering in his head how on earth he had come to this situation.

Staying at Mustang's place…of all things….

He pulled his hoodie over his head and began to undress, stepping into the shower and turning on the water.

It felt strange against his skin at first, his body was so cold. It took several minutes for his body to heat up; the water at first scolded him, though it wasn't that hot.

When he had finished, he took the bathrobe that hung at the back of the door and put it on.

He left the bathroom, and began to wander the rest of the apartment. Mustang wasn't back yet, and the place was eerily quiet around him.

Ken began to look around.

It was a nice apartment, simple, though a little bigger than the one his parents had. Ken came to the mantelpiece where there were pictures.

Ken reached towards one of them, picking it up and gazing down at it. The picture was several years old, the boy in it was younger; the hair was different. But there was no mistake, this was Mustang, but his hair wasn't bright red, but black, most likely its natural colour.

Ken looked to the other figures in the picture. There was a couple standing behind him who must have been his parents, and a girl younger than him in the picture beside him.

His sister?

Ken stared at her face. Yes, this was defiantly his sister. They shared the same features.

The front door opened then and Ken turned, waiting nervously for a figure to appear. He relaxed slightly when he saw that it was Mustang.

'I thought that might be one of your family' Ken sighed as Mustang sauntered into the room. 'It would be awkward to explain to them why I'm here.'

'I live here alone' Mustang told him. 'My family don't come here. I told you that.'

Mustang approached him, handing him a plastic bag.

'Here' he said pressing it into his chest. 'It's for you.'

'What's this?' Ken asked nervously.

'Open it and see.'

Ken did so, feeling slightly nervous as Mustang watched him.

'A toothbrush' Ken said flatly pulling it out of the bag. 'And toothpaste.'

There was also a towel in there, socks, jeans and a few shirts.

'This is for me?' Ken asked in surprise.

'Yeah' Mustang said. 'Sorry I didn't buy you any pants. I thought that might be a bit weird.' He smirked. 'Looks like you're going to have to go commando. Don't worry' he added. 'I do it all the time.' He paused then. 'On second thoughts…maybe you can wear my pant


'The only shop that's open all night' Ken said slowly, ignoring what he had said, 'is the one on the other side of town.' He looked up. 'You went all the way there for me?'


'But why?'

'Because you needed me to.'

Tears came to his eyes again. Ken dropped the bag on the floor, lifting his arms around Mustang and hugging him.

'Thank you' he whispered. 'Thank you.'

'Hey' Mustang smirked, patting him on the back. 'It's ok.' He pushed him away gently. 'I never knew you were so soppy.'

'I'm sorry' Ken uttered, shoulders beginning to tremble. 'It's just…been so hard lately.'

He flinched then as Mustang brushed his cheek suddenly, becoming very silent.

Ken raised his head, eyes wide and teary.

Mustang caressed his cheek tenderly, running his thumb across Ken's lower lip.

'Ken….' He whispered.

Mustang bowed his head. Ken drew a slow intake of breath as Mustang moved closer, lips hovering over his.

'No!' Ken spoke sharply, pressing a firm hand to Mustang's chest and holding him back. 'Don't…' he whispered.

'I'm sorry' Mustang mumbled, taking a step back. 'I won't if you don't want me to.'

He turned away.

'Come with me. I'll show you to your room.'

Ken trailed after him, pausing to go back for the bag he had dropped before following him.

Mustang's apartment was small, but it was comfortable. There were three bedrooms.

'You can have this one' Mustang said pausing at one of them. 'It was supposed to be mine, but I use to master bedroom. The bed's bigger.'

Ken hovered in the doorway, gazing into the dim room. Mustang reached for the switch at the wall and turned the light on. Inside Ken saw a small room with a bed and a bedside table beside it. There were a few pictures on the wall of generic nature scenes, and some ornamental vases with twisted branches coming out of the top. It looked pleasant in the room, but it was clear at a glance that no one stayed here. It had that 'empty' feeling about it.

'This is your room?' Ken mumbled.

'It was' Mustang replied. 'I stay in that room now' he pointed to a door on the other side of the corridor. 'If you want me…just knock…no' he corrected himself with a smirk. 'Just come in.'

'Thank you' Ken said not looking at him. 'This is very kind of you. I don't know how I can repay you.'

Mustang hesitated; then smiled.

'I'll see you in the morning then' he said to Ken, turning away and heading towards the master bedroom.

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