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   Chapter 28 No.28

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 4970

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How could my family do that to me? How could they disown me so easily…I thought they loved me……?

And then he thought back to his stupid dreams.

'That wasn't what I wanted at all…' he mumbled, 'I just…thought it was…because my parents made me believe so…'

I can't believe I was so stupid.

Ken raised his head then, hearing a strange tune sung on familiar lips. He saw Mustang sauntering his way, singing the tune from Loituma and spinning a leek in his hand.

Ken lowered the hood further over his head, slipping his hands in his pockets and sitting back on the bench, trying his best to remain invisible.

Oh please…of all the people… he gritted his teeth. Why him…?

He saw as Mustang walked by him, he didn't see as Mustang's attention lingered on him for the briefest moment before moving on, continuing to spin the leek in his hand and sing.

Strange song.

Ken huffed to himself, closing his eyes and resting. He thought he might stay here for a while. There was after all, nowhere else for him to go.

Maybe my family will look for me he thought. Maybe they're worried…maybe.

It was many hours he stayed there. The night's chill was setting in; Ken could feel its touch creeping into his bones, reaching as far as the very organs in his body.

He sighed deeply, his breath appearing as a fog before him. His fingers in his pockets felt frozen, and he shivered violently.

Oh gods he thought miserably. It's so cold…

And then a dark thought reached him.

What if I fall asleep and die in the cold?

And then an even darker thought occurred to him.

Would my family care?

He heard a noise then. Ken raised his head slightly, heart jolting as he recognised Mustang coming his way again from the other way this time. This was the path to his home Ken realised. Of course he'd come this way.

Ken bowed his head again, pulling his hood tighter and willing himself to be invisible again, willing Mustang to ignore him again. But as before, Mustang's attention lingered on Ken again, only this time in his drunken state, he tripped just as he was passing him, landing ungracefully on his face.

Ken stared down at him in surprise. He didn't look away as Mustang turned his head up to him, recognition flickered across his face.

'Ken!' he sang jovially. 'Is that you?!'

Ken's heart sank in his chest as he turned his head away. But by then it was far too late.

'Hey' Mustang said tenderly, rising to his feet and lowering Ken's hoo

d with both hands to see his face.

Ken looked up at him.

'Ken?' Mustang said with concern. 'Have you been crying?'

Ken had been crying for hours, so long that his tears had dried up. But his eyes were still red.

'What happened?' Mustang asked tenderly, withdrawing his hands.

'Why do you care?' Ken snapped angrily turning away.

'Because…' Mustang said, kneeling before him. 'I care about you.'

Ken could not stifle his sob at that, biting his tongue hard to control himself, awash with emotion.


He leant forward suddenly, hugging Mustang tightly, grasping him hard as if he might lose him forever if he let go.

'Mustang…' he sobbed. 'I'm sorry…'

'You're freezing cold' Mustang said with concern.

Ken couldn't feel his fingers as he held onto Mustang, eyes wide and bloodshot.

'Did your family throw you out?'

Ken began to cry again as the pain cut into him, the way his family had so easily disowned him because of something like this.

How could they do this to me? How could they?

Ken clung onto Mustang tighter.

I thought they loved me…

'Come on' Mustang spoke softly looking into his face. 'You can stay with me until you sort this out with your family.'

He rose to his feet, holding onto Ken's hands and pulling him into a stand.

'This might be a stupid question' Mustang began, walking with his arm around Ken in order to keep him warm, 'but do you have any stuff?'

Ken shivered violently in Mustang's grip. Normally he would have actively protested at being so close to him, but his mind was a swirling mess right now, and he couldn't think clearly, and he was freezing.

'N-no' Ken stuttered. 'I've only got what I'm wearing.'

'That's ok' Mustang whispered. 'I'll sort stuff out.'

They walked for a short time, they entered Mustang's apartment and Mustang closed the door after them. Ken shivered on the doorstep as Mustang took his shoes off.

'Come on' Mustang said ushering him into the next room. 'You have to have a hot shower now to warm you up. You're freezing cold.'

He led Ken towards the bathroom and shoved him in.

'You can use my robe at the back of the door' Mustang told him. 'I'm just going out for a while. I'll be back in about an hour or so.' He paused. 'You can work out how to use the shower yourself.'

He snapped the door shut and Ken was left alone.

He listened to the sound of receding footsteps, then the sound of the front door slamming shut, then silence.

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