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   Chapter 27 No.27

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'Hu' Ken glowered, knowing somehow he would say something like that. 'You wish.'

'Because I wouldn't mind if you were' Mustang went on, locking Ken with a seductive glare. 'I actually find you kind of handsome.'

Ken narrowed his eyes.

'Why are you like that?' he asked.

'Like what?' Mustang asked innocently.

'So open. You always speak your mind no matter what's on it. And that time ages before when we first met and you kissed me. No one else would do that.'

'No one else is me' Mustang smirked.

'It's like you don't care about anything at all' Ken went on. 'Why did you kiss me?'

Mustang shrugged casually. 'I just felt like it.'

Ken sighed heavily, slumping back in his seat, hand going to his head.

'Oh Mustang' he said wearily. 'You only think with your cock.'

He froze suddenly then, realising what he had just said

'I don't know why I said that' he mumbled.

'Looks like you're changing more than you thought' Mustang told him. For a split second he too seemed surprised by this outburst.

'The truth is' Ken began reluctantly, bowing his head, 'I'm jealous of you. You're so carefree…so free………I wish I could be the same. I wish I had your life.'

'No' Mustang replied in a mumble. 'You don't.'


'You don't want my life' Mustang told Ken. 'Trust me.'

'But you seem so happy.'

'Aren't you?'

Ken faltered then.

'I never realised how strict my parents were' Ken mumbled. 'I thought I was happy…until I wanted something they didn't.'

'If your parents really cared for you, then they will accept you no matter what.'

No matter what…

'Why did you leave your girlfriend by the way?' Mustang asked.

'It just…' Ken began, hunching his shoulders and turning his head away, '…didn't feel right.'

Mustang stared at him, adopting the same bored expression as before, and continuing to slurp as loudly as possible through his straw.

'My parents do care about me' Ken said absentmindedly, more to himself than to Mustang. 'If I just talk to them…maybe tell them the real reason I left Alyssa….' He bit his lip. 'I'm sure they would understand……I'm sure of it...they're my family…they love me…'

His mother slammed his head against the table, nails digging into his skull as she pushed down on his head painfully.

'What the hell is the matter with you?!' she screamed at him. 'How could you say such a thing?!!'

Ken stared wide eye

s straight ahead of him, tears shimmering in his eyes as he lay forwards on the table.

'Y-you're hurting me…' he uttered.

His mother pulled him back, turning him around and slapping him.

'You don't mean that' she hissed at him, grasping the front of his shirt in her fists, snarling at him in pure rage.

Ken stared back at his mother in shock, beginning to tremble in fear.

He had never seen his mother like this before, his mother had never raised her voice to him, let alone physically hurt him, and for the first time in his life, he was afraid of her.

'Please…' he begged, 'please stop…'

'How could you say such a thing?' she repeated, shaking him violently with every word. 'How could you?!!'

Behind his mother, the rest of his family stood in shock as they watched, though none of them stepped forward to protect him.

Ken was disowned by his entire family that night, and thrown from his home.

He wandered the streets, lost and alone, still in a state of shock.

Ken sat on a bench in the street a time after that. The main road before him had long since become deserted, and the town around him quiet, as the night began to descend.

'Why?' Ken uttered to himself, hand going to his head as his body began to tremble, only partly because of the cold. 'Why is this happening to me….how…how could this have happened…?

'You're a good man' Alyssa gleamed at him, 'and your family are good people.'

'Oh stop' Ken mumbled shyly, picking up his cup of coffee and sipping at it. 'You're really too good to me.'

'You're good to me' Alyssa said to him, reaching for his hand across the table and grasping it firmly in her own. 'Very soon we'll have a house of our own and children. Our parents have it all planned out.'

'And…' Ken asked slowly. 'Is that what you want?'

'Yes of course it is' she gleamed without hesitation, looking ever more beautiful as she smiled. Her long corn coloured hair fell about her shoulders, as her blue eyes shone from the light through the window outside. 'My parents said to me it's what a woman should do. Find a good man to marry and have children with. This is my life's dream.'

'As is mine'

'How could I have been so stupid?' Ken whispered. He touched his cheek tenderly where he had hit the table. It was still very sore. Ken was sure it had bruised.

He bowed his head, hidden beneath his hood, and began to cry silently.

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