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   Chapter 25 No.25

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'Mustang' he said. 'I'm glad you're alright.'

'Where have you been?!'

Ken pulled back uncertainly. He had only just walked through the door to his home, when his mother jumped on him. It was still late; the sun had not risen yet.

'You've been out all night!' his mother shrieked at him. 'We were so worried!'

Ken leant back away from his mother as she towered over him, still standing in the doorway.

'I'm sorry' he stammered. 'I….I sent you a message.'

'We didn't know you were going to be out all night!'

Ken closed the door behind him, keeping his head down and slinking past her.

'Don't you walk away from me' his mother glowered, grabbing onto his arm.

Ken stopped, turning behind him he stared at his arm his mother held.

'Let go of me' he said levelly.

'Where were you?' his mother snarled.

Ken glanced up at her, feeling a little nervous by her side, almost feeling the anger radiating from her.

'My friend was sick' Ken spoke in a whisper. 'He needed me.'

His mother's expression was set. 'It was him wasn't it?'


She slapped him.

Ken stumbled, caught by surprise.

He stared at the wall, eyes wide in shock and disbelief, cheek burning. He couldn't believe what she had just done. His mother had never hit him before, never, not even when he was young.

'What's happening to you?' his mother said, voice breaking. 'You're not the son I used to know.'

Ken was enveloped by a sudden anger, gritting his teeth and turning back to her.

'I am not a child' he snapped. 'Stop trying to control me!'

He left his home, storming out shortly after arriving and ignoring his mother as she called after him.

He went away to be alone.

Ken sat on the steps in the dark town, the stars shining overhead. The shops here were built in a circle around a fountain. It would normally be spewing water, but for some reason tonight, the pool was still.

As Ken stared at it, he found it strangely unsettling.

What's happening to me? He wondered miserably. Why is this happening?

He stared at his own hands, clasping them together slowly.

Why is this happening…?

'Hey Ken!' a voice called out to him then.

Ken was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts. Straightening he saw three of his friends waving at him from a distance, standing on the other side of the fountain.

They made their way to

wards him, moving in the light cast down from the streetlamps.

'It is you!' Anthony called as he approached. 'What are you doing out here? Do you want to hang out?'

Ken rose to his feet, straightening.

'What are you doing out so late?' Ken asked them.

'Drinking and having fun' Neil smirked.

'Hey man' Chris said. 'Are you alright?'

'Yeah' Ken smiled. 'I'm fine.'

The next day, Ken rang Alyssa on his mobile.

She picked up after only a few rings, and was energetic and bubbly on the phone, the same as ever, happy to hear his voice.

'Alyssa, ' Ken spoke flatly, 'I need to speak to you. There is something I need to talk about.'

He waited for her in a quiet part of the town, heart hammering in his chest and palms sweating in his pockets. He let out a deep and steady sigh, his breath fogging in the air before him.

It was cold today.


His heart clenched in his chest, and he turned to face Alyssa, rising as she skipped up to him.

'Ken. It's so great to see you.'

His stomach sunk as she hugged him. He grasped her by the shoulders lightly, pushing her back gently.

'Alyssa' he said flatly. 'I need to speak to you.'

'About what?' she said, concern in her voice. 'Why are you so serious? Is something wrong?'

'I don't want to be with you anymore' Ken said.

Chapter Eleven

She stared at him in shock, taking several moments to process what he had just said.


'I don't want to be with you anymore' Ken said. 'I don't love you anymore.'

She stared at him, body frozen.

'What?' she said again. 'I…how could you say that?

'I've come to realise' Ken spoke slowly, 'marrying you………is not what I want.'

'But why?' Alyssa whispered, tears brimming in her eyes then. 'How could to say such a thing?' she said beginning to cry. 'Why…what have I done?'

Ken stared at her with a flat expression. He had never made her cry before, and before this day, would have tried to comfort her.

But he came to realise as he watched the tears rolling down her cheek, that he truly felt nothing for her.

He did not love her. Not anymore. He began even to doubt, whether or not he loved her at all in the first place.

'But we're supposed to be married' Alyssa sobbed, crying into her hands. 'Why…? What have I done? This isn't you? Things were going so well…how could you say this to me…?'

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