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   Chapter 24 No.24

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'Ok. Place the heel of your hand on the centre of his chest and interlock your other hand on top, lock your arms and press down on his chest thirty times…'

Ken dropped the phone upon the bed, listening to the woman and pressing down on Mustang's chest. After thirty times he stopped, pinching his nose and breathing into him, repeating the whole procedure over again, stopping only when the ambulance arrived.

Ken stepped back as the paramedics got to work, answering hurriedly any questions they asked him, barely able to stop himself from shaking.

'Is he going to be ok?' he whimpered.

'We don't know yet' the paramedic answered as Mustang was carried away on a stretcher. 'His heart has started again, but he won't be in the clear until we get him to a hospital.'

Ken rode in the ambulance to the hospital, sitting in the passenger side at the front, feeling sick to his stomach and caught in a sudden sense of unreality.

This can't be happening…this can't be happening…this can't be happening…

They reached the hospital, Mustang was taken away, and the next thing Ken knew, was that he was sitting alone in the waiting room.

He glanced up at the clock. It was three in the morning.

Oh god he thought as he stared at it, this is horrible…

The minutes ticked by agonizingly slow. Each time Ken glanced at the clock, only a minute or two seemed to have passed.

He sighed heavily, putting his head in his hands.

Chapter Ten

The doctor entered the waiting room sometime later, and Ken instantly jumped to his feet.

'Is he alright?' Ken asked, his voice trembling.

'He is stable' the doctor spoke seriously. 'He overdosed on illegal drugs; his heart was beating too fast, and in the end failed. We almost lost him.'

Ken's hand went to his mouth.

He lowered his hand slowly.

'Is he alright now?' he asked. 'Can I go see him?'

'Yes' the doctor said. 'If you'd like to follow me…'

Ken scratched his itching palms as he followed after the doctor, walking at a casual pace.

Ken's breath was short and shallow, and he felt sick with nerves.

They came to the door.

The doctor stopped and turned to him.

'He's awake and responsive' he told Ken. 'I'll leave you to it.'

He walked away.

Ken watched him go.

He turned back to the door, taking a slow and deep breath to calm his nerves.

He raised his hand, pushing the door open, he entered the room.

Mustang turned his head slowly towards Ken as he stepped forwards, a slow smile spread across his face as Ken approached.

Mustang was in a small room with only four beds, two of which were empty, one of which was occupied by a young woman fast asleep.

Ken approached and stopped beside Mustang's bed, staring down at him. He looked exhausted, his red hair loose around his shoulders and hanging flat. His skin was pale and his eye sunken.

'It's good to see you' Mustang whispered feebly. 'How do you feel?'

Ken drew another slow breath, holding the edge of the bed in a firm grasp.

'They said I was dead for seven minutes' Mustang told him. 'They said…that if you hadn't been there…that I would be in the morgue by now.'

'Why?' Ken spoke in a whisper, not trusting his voice. 'Why did you…?'

Mustang blinked slowly.


'Why would you put your life at risk like that?' Ken whispered, meeting his eyes. 'Why would you do that? Why?'

Mustang stared at him in shock.

'Was it…?' Ken began, looking away, 'because of something I said?'

'No' Mustang uttered. 'It's nothing like that.'

'Then why?'

'I have problems in my life' Mustang told him shortly.

'What problems are bad enough to make you put your life at risk like that?' Ken hissed, his voice breaking as he gripped the edge of the bed harder. 'There are people in your life who love you. How could you do that to them?'

He wanted to shout at Mustang, wanted to scream at him. But he dared not raise his voice, not here.

'I was so scared for you' Ken went on in a hushed voice. 'So scared…'

'I'm sorry.'

'How could you do that? What if I hadn't been there?'

'Ken' Mustang spoke seriously. 'You saved my life.' He smiled then. 'I guess that makes us even.'

'Please Mustang…please……promise me you'll never do anything like that again…ever again…can you promise me that Mustang….?'

Mustang stared at him, eyes wide. For the longest time he didn't answer.

'I'm sorry for what I did to you' Mustang breathed. 'Earlier when……that wasn't me…I would never want to hurt you…I wasn't myself……I'm sorry…'

'I know' Ken whispered. 'I know you would never…'

Ken leaned forwards then, pressing his lips to his Mustang's.

Mustang furrowed his brow, staring at Ken in surprise and uncertainty.

Ken leant back, standing straight again and releasing his grip on the bed.

He stared at Mustang hard.

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