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   Chapter 23 No.23

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Mustang grabbed him by the arm roughly, throwing him back onto the bed.

He was upon him before Ken had time to act, bearing over him, pinning him down and kissing him.

'No!' Ken cried, breaking away from him. 'Stop!'

Mustang grabbed his wrists as he began to struggle, holding him tightly.


Ken flinched as Mustang bit into his neck, so hard he caused him to bleed. Mustang attacked him viciously.

'Get off me!' Ken shouted at him, squeezing his eyes tight shut. His heart constricted in his chest as he felt Mustang touch him between the legs. He grabbed Mustang's hand as he went to unzip him. 'Stop Mustang please!'

Ken turned over then on his front, pushing himself to his knees he tried to crawl away, but Mustang grabbed him again, slipping his hand up his shirt. Ken groaned in pain as Mustang clawed his chest.

Mustang grabbed him by the hair, jerking his head back.

Ken flinched, becoming still then in Mustang's grasp.

'Please stop…' Ken whispered shaking. 'Please don't hurt me…'

Ken couldn't see Mustang, but he stopped his assault suddenly, feeling Ken beginning to tremble.

'Please stop' Ken whispered. 'Please…'

He felt Mustang relax slightly, and waited for what we would do next.

Ken sat back, facing away from Mustang.

'Please' Ken whispered, his body trembling violently from the shock. 'Please don't do this…'

Mustang grabbed him suddenly, but not in the same way as he had before. He embraced him now, Ken's eyes wide with shock as he felt Mustang's body wracked with sobs as he held him.

Ken glanced around then.

Mustang looked up at him, eyes wide and shining.

'Please help me!' Mustang said. 'I'm so scared!'

Ken gasped at this, his heart skipping a beat.

Mustang held him tightly, sobbing into his shoulder.

'Mustang?' Ken muttered uncertainly. 'What's wrong?'

'I'm sorry' Mustang whispered, letting go of him and pushing him away, turning from him as he did. 'I'm sorry…' he said again. 'You should go.'

Ken moved away, rising from the bed and adjusting himself.

He stared in shock and disbelief at Mustang as he continued to cry, head in his hands.

He turned slowly, moving to the door and opening it, pausing to glance back at Mustang, who ignored him. He closed the door after him, and made to leave.

Ken was at the front door when he froze, hand reaching out to the handle, hovering over it.

He relaxed sudde

nly, turning back into the apartment.

Everything was silent, almost eerie.

Ken lingered there for a moment, before heading back towards the bedroom. Feeling so torn…so confused…

I can't leave Mustang like this…even though he… Ken grimaced then. Mustang…

He returned to the bedroom, opening the door slowly.

Mustang lay on the bed on his side. He was still now, and Ken watched him with sadness.

I can't leave him like this…I can't…

Ken closed the door after him, padding slowly across the room and to the bed.

'Mustang?' he spoke quietly. But Mustang did not respond. He was fast asleep, and so quickly.

Ken sat back down upon the bed, watching him closely as Mustang breathed calmly.

I'll just stay until morning he thought, lying down on the other side of the bed on his side with his back to Mustang. Just to make sure he's alright.

He lay down to rest.

It took him a while to sleep, and when he at last did, he was woken sometime later.

At first he didn't know what had woken him. And then he heard strange noises.

Ken rolled over quickly, looking around in alarm.


Mustang was tossing and turning, groaning and clutching his chest.

Oh god…

Mustang rolled over then towards the edge of the bed and was violently sick.

He's having a heart attack!

Ken leapt up, fumbling for his mobile in his pocket and dialling the number.

On the bed, Mustang lay on his back now, skin beaded with sweat as his body contorted. He groaned again, throwing his head back, both his hands at his chest now.

'Please help!' Ken called down the line. 'I need an ambulance quick!'

As the voice on the other end was speaking to him Ken whipped around to the bed again. His body went cold as he saw Mustang had become still. Crawling over the bed to him and leaning over him. He touched his body, shaking him and calling out his name. But Mustang was unresponsive. Ken felt for a pulse, then pressed an ear to his chest.

'Oh god' Ken whined, voice breaking in panic. 'His heart's not beating! He's dead!'

The voice on the phone told him to be calm, asked for the address, and told Ken that help was on the way.

'Is he breathing?' the woman on the phone asked.

'N-no' Ken said shaking, putting his ear over Mustang's mouth and watching his chest for ten second. 'Oh please…'

'Just stay calm' the voice said, 'and do what I say. Can you perform CPR?'


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