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   Chapter 22 No.22

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Why am I doing this? He thought desperately to himself as he searched the entire town, moving at a hurried pace from one place to another, glancing all about him as he went. He cursed himself then, throat growing tighter as he became ever more frustrated with himself, and worried for Mustang. It was starting to get dark now.

Where is he?!

And then he heard a noise. It was only faint, and must be coming from a source some distance away.

He froze as he listened, pausing for a moment before running towards it.

Its him! It's his voice!

He found Mustang shortly after.

Ken slowed to a stop, breathing heavily and staring up in shock as Mustang balanced precariously on the roof of one of the shops beside him, shouting and cackling to himself and calling out incoherently. He swayed on the spot, and was clearly not himself. Ken presumed initially that he was drunk.

'Mustang!' he called up to him. 'Mustang!'

Mustang stopped his shouting for a moment, turning and staring down at Ken.

'Heeey! What are you doing there dressed like that?'


'Why did you bring the seals with you? You know they're not supposed to be here!'

He's delusional Ken realised. He must be hallucinating.

'Mustang!' Ken called again. 'Don't move! I'm coming up to get you! Stay there!'

'Don't let the illuminati find us! They have secrets!'

Ken ran around the back of the building quickly, his mind suddenly fraught with worry for Mustang as he moved dangerously close to the edge.

'The illuminati are everywhere!' Mustang called. 'Everywhere around us wherever we look you will find them!'

'Mustang!' Ken shouted to him, clambered onto the balcony railings, jumping up to catch the rooftop and climbing up. 'Stay where you are!'

This part of the town was the part where there were only shops and no houses nearby. It was deserted at this time save for the two of them. They could both shout all night and bother no one.

It was only Ken and Mustang.

He climbed onto the rooftop, seeing Mustang standing there.

Mustang wheeled around to face him, eyes wide.

Mustang began to back away from Ken, unaware that he was heading closer to the edge.

Ken rose to his feet swiftly, rushing over to Mustang and grabbing his arm just as he was about to tip back. Ken pulled Mustang towards him, Mustang fell into him and Ken held him there, gasping heavily as his heart beat painfully in his chest, breathing a sigh of relief.

'Oh thank god…'

He pulled Mustang back from the edge

of the roof and looked into his face. He was shocked to see Mustang's pupils were huge, so large that he initially thought his eyes were black.

'Mustang' Ken spoke firmly. 'What have you done?'

'Nothing…' Mustang whispered, '….nothing…' he raised his head, smiling at Ken then. 'It's good to see you…'

Ken reached into Mustang's pockets, beginning to search him. It wasn't long before he pulled from one of the pockets a small clear plastic bag of blue tablets.

'What is this?' Ken demanded, showing them to him.

Mustang smiled upon seeing them.

'You should try some' he grinned. 'They will make you fly.'

'Come on' Ken said, putting his arm around Mustang and helping him walk. 'I'm taking you home.'

Chapter Nine

It was extremely awkward getting Mustang off the roof, but once they were both on the ground again, they made their way slowly back.

Ken walked supporting him the whole way home. When they at last reached Mustang's apartment, they trudged up the steps towards his door.

It was left unlocked, conveniently enough.

'I hardly bother locking my door most of the time' Mustang grinned smugly. 'I'd only lose the keys anyway.'

'It's not safe to do that' Ken told him sternly.

'What's going to happen?' Mustang laughed.

'Someone could break in and steal from you.'

'It's only stuff.'

'Someone could hurt you…could attack you in your sleep.'


Ken shook his head, leading Mustang into his apartment and closing the door.

He led him over to his bedroom, sitting him down on the bed.

He went over to the windows to shut the curtains, before returning to Mustang, sitting on the bed beside him.

'What is the matter with you?' Ken asked him desperately. 'Why are you doing this to yourself?'

Mustang groaned heavily, his head in his hands.

'I need to fuck something.'


Mustang raised his head, turning to face Ken then. A strange look crossed his eyes then, one of rage…and lust.

Ken rose from the bed quickly as Mustang made a lunge for him. He backed himself against the wall as Mustang advanced slowly on him, eyes fixed upon Ken like a hunter to its prey.

Ken's heart tightened in his chest, and he made a dash for the door. But Mustang was too fast. He was at the door before Ken could reach it, slamming it shut and rounding on Ken.

Fear began to rise inside Ken as he slowly backed away, staring wide-eyed at Mustang who took a step towards him.

'Mustang…' Ken said, his voice shaking. 'What are you doing?'

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