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   Chapter 21 No.21

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 4765

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Stupid Mustang he cursed him in his mind. What on earth is he doing? Why is he here? That jerk…

When Ken reached the ground floor outside where Mustang had fallen, he found Mustang had interrupted another class, the one directly below his, and was flirting with another boy through the open window.

Ken faltered for a moment, watching as Mustang spoke teasingly to this boy, stroking his chin and moving his body seductively as if shy.

Yeah right Ken glowered at this.

The teacher in this classroom seemed indifferent to this, and ignored them both, continuing the lecture as if nothing was happening.

Ken felt anger rise in him.

He stormed towards Mustang.

'Hey!' Mustang beamed, seeing him approaching. 'It's you! I was hoping to…'

Ken grabbed his arm roughly, turning and pulling him with him as he stormed away.

'Call me!' Mustang waved back at the boy in the window, who waved back at him, blowing him a kiss.

Ken dragged him around the corner, letting go of him the second they were out of sight, chest rising and falling as he breathed heavily with anger.

'What the hell?!!'

'What?' Mustang asked innocently.

'What do you think you're doing interrupting my class like that? Do you think you could have been a little more subtle?'

'Subtle is really not my style' Mustang replied flatly.

'No shit.' Ken's hand immediately went to his mouth at that. Even Mustang looked surprised.

I can't believe I just swore. I never swear…I don't swear…I've never sworn before…

Ken lowered his hand, feeling even angrier.

He's changing me for the worse…I mustn't let him get to me.

'What do you want?' Ken snapped at him.

'Just to talk to you' Mustang told him, ignoring his outburst, 'and to ask why you've been avoiding me.'

'My life is my own' Ken glared. 'I don't have to hang around you.'

'What changed?' Mustang asked him. 'You used to like hanging out with me.'

'You're a curse upon me' Ken said to him, showing his hands. 'I've never fought with my family or girlfriend before I met you…never…do you have any idea the problems you've cause me?'

'Problems like what?' Mustang asked flatly, getting irritated himself.

'My family know what you are. They don't like me hanging out with someone….someone….'

'Someone who's gay?'

Ken bit his tongue.

And then Mustang said something to Ken that caught him of

f guard.

'You make me sick. How can you believe your parents truly love you if they treat you that way?'

Ken's anger instantly dissipated, and he stared at Mustang in shock and confusion then.

'What is the real reason you're avoiding me?' Mustang asked him. 'Are you in love with me?'

Ken's heart stopped in his chest at that, so shocked was he at the absurdity of the statement.


'That's it isn't it? You're jealous of the life I live and you want to be more like me. But it's more than that…isn't it….?'

Ken could only stare back in silent disbelief, utterly lost for words.

'Well' Mustang said, placing his hands upon his hips. 'If I was going out with you, I would love you for who you are, not who I wanted you to be.' He smirked then. 'I wouldn't try to change your true nature. Not ever.'

He turned and walked away.

Shortly after that, Mustang went missing.

Ken was on his way home from college in the afternoon the next day, when several figures rushed up to him. Ken recognised them as some of the men Mustang hung out with at the club.

'Oh! Ken. I thought that was you' one of the men said. 'Listen, have you seen Mustang? We're really worried about him.'

'No?' Ken said pausing and turning back to them. 'Why? Is something wrong?'

'He's been acting weird lately' another of the men said. 'He's not himself. We're all really worried.'

Ken felt a twinge in his stomach.

Where could he have gone? It's not my fault is it?

'I haven't seen him' Ken said again. 'Sorry.'

'Well…' one of the men said. 'If you see him….just…oh….'

Ken began to feel increasingly more nervous as he saw how worried they were.

'Could you just tell him to call us if you see him?' one of the men said. 'It would really mean a lot to us.'

'Sure' Ken said flatly. 'I will.'

'Thanks a lot.'

They moved off.

Ken stayed where he was, feeling suddenly uneasy.

He forced the worries from his mind, instead turning away and heading home.

But he stopped a short while later, feeling his stomach growing tighter.

What is this? He worried then. Why do I feel so this way?

He turned and looked around him.


He pulled out his mobile, sending a message to his brother, telling his family he will be home late.

He replaced the phone back in his pocket, then began to walk the town in search for him.

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