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   Chapter 20 No.20

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 4913

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They stayed in the park for hours, Alyssa joining in the games the family played. Then as the sun began to set, she and Ken went off alone together, to sit upon the hill and watch the view before them as the gentle orange glow swept across the park and the town that surrounded.

'It's so beautiful here' Alyssa sighed. 'I don't think I ever want to leave this town.'

Ken smiled, turning away from the sunset. He didn't speak, but he leaned closer to Alyssa then, kissing her deeply.

He broke away from her, putting his arm around her and holding her close, as they sat upon the bench gazing at the world around them.

'So what are you going to do' Ken asked her quietly, 'when we finish college?'

'I want to be a teacher' Alyssa said, 'it's what I've always wanted to do. I just respect them so much….' She paused, a faraway look in her eyes. 'I want to be like that someday…'

'I'm sure you will' Ken gleamed, taking her hand in his and with his other hand trailing his finger along the back of her hand.

'What about you?' she asked. 'What do you want to do?'

'I don't really know' Ken admitted. 'I want to get a job…and earn as much money as I can…so that we can buy a place together and get married.'

The edges of Alyssa's eyes crinkled joyfully as she listened.

'I want that' she breathed. 'I want that more than anything.'

'I know' Ken nodded.

'Do you…' Alyssa began, 'do you think we could stay in this town?' she asked. 'I want to stay close to my family.'

'Of course we can' Ken said to her. 'I don't want to leave my family either.'

'And um…' Alyssa began shyly, never having spoken about this before, 'do you think that…one day we might have children?'

Ken hesitated, caught a little off guard by the question.

'Yeah' he said at last. 'I'd like that.'

The next day, Ken went to school. Even here he had managed to avoid Mustang, going so far as to change classes, which had been a big hassle, but in the end had been worth it.

As he sat in his seat, he glanced about him contentedly.

No Mustang he thought happily. Again. He smiled. Good.

The class continued as normal. But something was different that day, though Ken was not the first person to notice it.

One of the other students closest to the window turned from the teacher, who stood with her back to the room as she wrote on the board. Seconds later, a second student turned to stare out of the window, then a third.

Ken com

pletely oblivious continued to write in his book, copying some notes.

At first he heard something tapping the window, which he ignored, and then he heard shouting.

Ken's heart sunk in his chest as he recognised the muffled voice.

'Ken! Keeeeeeeen! Ken! Ken! Ken! Hey Ken! Keeeeeeen! Keeeeeen! KEEEEEEEEEEEEN!

Ken's eyebrow twitched irritant, and he turned in his seat, glaring at Mustang who hung outside the window waving at him.

'Hey Ken!' he called to him. 'Hey Ken! HEEEEEYYY!'

Ken began to feel suddenly very uncomfortable as he realised he was the centre of attention. The other students had noticed, and of course the teacher had now too. Outside the window Mustang was being so loud, there was no way anyone would not have noticed him by now.

Ken rose from his seat, stomping over to him and opening the window.

'What do you want?' Ken snapped. 'You're annoying the entire building! This is the first floor you know.'

Mustang hung precariously to the window ledge, with nothing beneath his legs to hold him up.

'I found you!' Mustang gasped, moving his fingers to try to get a better grip of the ledge. 'Good. Listen I need to talk to you.'

'You could have called me' Ken snapped. 'I'm in the middle of class.'

'You blocked me remember? And why did you change class? I know you're avoiding me. Why are you avoiding me?'

Ken glanced behind him into the classroom, where the other students and teacher were watching him. Several of the students were amused. The teacher on the other hand was greatly irritated, standing with her arms folded and glaring at him.

'I've got class' Ken said to Mustang again moving back. 'Go away.'

'Hey wait!'

Ken closed the window on him, turning back and returning to his seat, trying his best to ignore the stares and sniggers of the other students.

'Ken!' came Mustangs muffled voice through the window. 'Ken! Ken! KEN! KEEEAAAAAHHHHH!'

Ken glanced around, eyes wide now.

Mustang wasn't there anymore. Ken could only assume he had fallen.

'Stacy?' he said awkwardly to the teacher. 'I'm sorry but…can I please be excused?'

'Just go' the teacher sighed wearily. 'I don't want another interruption like this again. I have a class to run.'

'Yes' Ken bowed apologetically as he rose, quickly gathering his things. 'Thank you…and sorry…' he added awkwardly in a mumble.

He hurried from the classroom, ignoring the other students that laughed at him.

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