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   Chapter 18 No.18

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Mustang watched him silently. His gaze travelled down Ken's body, to his chest and lower as he lay on the bed, and certain thought began to cross his mind as he stared.

Mustang clenched his jaw, turning his head sharply away then before rising and storming from the room. He closed the door and went to his own bed, leaving Ken alone.

The apartment became silent again.

The next morning, Ken woke with the rising sun.

He groaned as he sat up in the unfamiliar bed, gazing about him and blinking in confusion.

He didn't know where he was at first, and it took several seconds for the memories of the night before to slowly come back to him.

A frown slowly crossed his expression, a frown which turned to a look of alarm.

I've been out all night! He realised, leaping from the bed and stumbling suddenly, body hunched over as he felt suddenly dizzy. What are my parents going to think? He worried, straightening up again and marching to the door. How could I do this to them? They must be so worried…

He felt terrible, sick and dizzy and mouth dry and stale tasting. He wandered through the apartment, looking for the front door. When he found it, he hesitated, calling out for Mustang.

When there was no answer, he simply left, worrying for his family, he headed home as fast as he could.

'Where were you?! I cannot believe you did this to us! We had to call the police!'

'I'm sorry' Ken stammered as his mother bared her teeth at him, positively livid with rage. 'It was an accident…I didn't mean to stay out all night.'

'Have you been drinking?' his mother asked, sniffing the air around him. 'You smell like a bar.'

'Yes.' Ken answered shortly. He may as well come clean now. It's not as if he could hide it.

'You've never done such a thing before' his mother shouted at him. 'How could you?!'

'I…I don't know' Ken mumbled staring at the floor.

'It's most unlike you' his father spoke quietly stepping forwards. 'Why are you acting this way lately?'

It was his father's gentle voice that hurt him most of all, and his throat suddenly tightened.

'I'm sorry' Ken whispered, fighting back tears. 'I…I don't know….'

'It's that boy isn't it' his brother said. 'The one called Mustang was it?'

'Him again?' his mother snapped, her anger reignited. 'I don't want you seeing him again. He's a bad influence. Don't you see what he's doi

ng to you?'

Ken raised his head to his mother, eyes shimmering.

'You have a good life' his mother spoke softly now, placing her hands upon his shoulders. 'Why are you trying to destroy it?'

'I'm not…' Ken sobbed. 'I mean…I didn't…'

His mother embraced him then, holding him tight.

'I'm just glad you're alright' his mother sighed. 'I was so scared…never do that to us again.'

'I promise' Ken mumbled, 'and I'm sorry…'

His sister padded across the room towards him, hugging him tightly and burying her face in his chest.

'Please don't do that again brother' she said to him. 'We were so worried.'

'I won't' he said to her. 'I won't...'

Later that day, Ken sat alone on the edge of the town where the trees grew tall and the grass was green. A shallow river ran past his feet. Ken now sat on the bank, head buried in his arms as he hugged his knees to his chest.

He lifted his head, staring at the water as he remembered the previous night a little clearer now.

It had at first all been a blur to him, but now he was slowly remembering.

He kissed me Ken realised, hand going to his mouth. He kissed me……again…

His expression turned into a glower.


Weeks passed, and nothing out of the ordinary had happened since Ken stayed out all night. His life was back to normal, like it was before he knew Mustang, almost.

'Why are you ignoring me?' Mustang glowered at him sullenly.

Ken gritted his teeth, glaring back.

'I'm busy' Ken shot back.

'You've been ignoring my texts' Mustang told him.

'I told you I've been busy.'

Mustang shrugged. 'It doesn't take long to send a text' Mustang said showing his hands. 'You don't want to talk to me anymore do you.'

It wasn't phrased as a question.

Ken turned his back on him.

'I've just…' Ken said through gritted teeth, 'got a lot going on in my life right now.'

'I don't want to cause you any problem' Mustang said.

'It's too late for that.'

Mustang narrowed his eyes. 'This isn't because I kissed you is it?'

Ken tensed suddenly.

'That's it isn't it?'

'Look just leave me alone' Ken said storming away.

Mustang called after him, but Ken ignored him, striding quickly as fast as he could in the opposite direction, pulling out his mobile as he went.

Ken scrolled down the list of names in the phone book, coming to Mustang's name and number.

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