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   Chapter 17 No.17

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'It's this way' Mustang pointed.

They climbed the stairs to the second floor. Mustang pulled out a key as they reached one of the doors, and Ken waited patiently for him to unlock it.

They stepped into the apartment, Mustang held the door for Ken as he entered, closing it after him.

It was dark inside. All the lights were off.

'Are your family not here?' Ken asked him.

'Um' Mustang began uncertainly. 'No.'

He flipped on the lights to the kitchen and went over to the fridge to get some drinks, indicating for Ken to sit at the table. Ken did so, feeling slightly nervous.

I didn't realise I would be here alone he thought. I assumed his family…

'So when will your family be back?' Ken asked him. It was dark in the rest of the apartment.

'They won't be back tonight' Mustang said, avoiding his gaze. 'We won't be bothered.' He hesitated then, reading Ken's worried expression. 'Don't worry' Mustang said sulkily, returning to the table and placing a canned drink before each of them. 'I'm not going to do anything to you. Not unless you want me to.'

Ken took his drink nervously, realising from his tone that Mustang was serious.

'So' he said avoiding the subject. 'Where did your family go…………………Mustang?'

Mustang wasn't looking at him, the can was half-way to his lips and his eyes were distant as he stared at the floor.

'What's wrong?'

'I'm sorry' Mustang said. 'The truth is…I live here alone……my family live somewhere else.'

'You live here alone?'

'Yeah.' Mustang began to drink deeply.

'But…why?' Ken asked, feeling a pang of sadness within him.

Mustang turned to him at last, meeting his gaze, and Ken saw something strange in his eyes.

For the briefest moment, it looked like fear.

Mustang smiled suddenly.

'Can we not talk about it?' Mustang asked politely. 'Please?'

'Sure' Ken said bowing his head and bringing the can to his lips. '…Sorry' he mumbled.

Ken had a few drinks, and a short while later, he leant forward on the table, head in his hands, trying to fight back tears.

'I wish I'd never met you!' Ken snapped at Mustang, though speaking to the table, slurring his words as he did so. 'You've thrown my life into discord! The first time you met me and you kissed me……saving my life and causing me to suffer…horrible flashbacks and night-terrors……and just when I've almost recovered…and don't get the nightmares aga

in…you show up….and then I see….I see…' his body began to tremble, he covered his face as tears began to roll down his cheeks. 'My family don't think of me the same anymore! Because of you…what have you done to me?! Why am I feeling these things towards you….why?'

Mustang listened in silent shock, one elbow rested upon the table, eyes wide and jaw clenched.

'I've always been happy….' Ken said, voice shaking. 'Until I met you my life was perfect…I've never doubted my family before…until I met you….and I hate you for it……I hate you.'

'You've had too much to drink' Mustang said sternly, rising and moving around the table to him.

'Don't touch me!' Ken snapped, baring his teeth at Mustang as he moved closer. 'Do you have any idea how much I wish to be you? You live such a carefree life…nothing holds you back…you don't even live with your parents…do you know how controlling my parents are? I thought I was happy with them…until I met you…' he continued to cry. 'Why…why are you doing this to me? Why did I have to ever meet you?'

'Is that how you really feel?' Mustang spoke seriously, standing over him. 'That you want to be me?'

'Yes…' Ken whispered into his hands, 'yes.'

'Trust me' Mustang said angrily. 'You don't want my life.'

'But I do…I never realised how trapped I felt until I met you.'

'Maybe it's a good thing that you did then' Mustang said.

Ken raised his head, eyes red and teary.

Mustang took both his wrists, holding firmly as he leant forwards. He kissed him, Ken felt Mustang's lips upon his.

It took him several seconds to register.

'No' he said, pushing him away, and then he stumbled from his chair, falling to the floor.

Mustang went to grab him again, but Ken pushed him away.

'Don't touch me' he whispered to him. 'Don't…'

'You're not used to drinking are you' Mustang said, though it was not a question.

Mustang ignored Ken's feeble protests as he knelt before him, lifting him in his arms and carrying him through the apartment.

He took him to a spare room, laying him down on the bed, where Ken then became still, breathing slowly and deeply, cheeks flushed.

'I think you should stay here' Mustang told him, sitting on the edge of the bed and watching him with a frown upon his face. 'You can't go home like this.'

Ken barely seemed to hear him, he only groaned, shifting on the bed before becoming still again.

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