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   Chapter 16 No.16

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And then he began to sing.

Ken was surprised for the second time, to hear such a beautiful voice.

It was perfect.

Ken was surprised for the third time, when Mustang began to strip, opening his shirt to the cheer of the crowd, as he danced in unison with the others behind him, and singing loudly as he did into his microphone.

Ken turned sharply away, glaring the other direction.

I shouldn't be seeing this!

It was at that moment when Ken realised he had unwittingly caught the attention of another man.

'Hey you' the man said playfully to him. He wore tight clothes, a high collar and had a long blonde fringe that covered half his face. 'What's a pretty boy like you doing alone here?'

'I'm waiting for someone' Ken answered shortly, staring at the bar.

'Well…' the stranger said moving closer still. 'Would you like to be kept busy while you wait?'

'N-no' Ken fumbled. He glanced away then towards the stage then back at the man before him.

The stranger noticed this.

'You like what you see?' he asked, eyes flickering towards Mustang.

The performance ended then, and the men in the club began to cheer.

It was then that Mustang noticed Ken standing at the bar, he faltered, clearly surprised to see Ken there, he leapt off the stage, making his way over.

'Here he comes' the stranger gleamed, watching Mustang drawing closer through the crowd.

'Hey!' Mustang called out.

Ken saw as Mustang stopped before him, his shirt still open and sweat upon his chest. Ken's cheeks flushed at that, and he looked sharply away.

'This one belongs to me' Mustang told the stranger. 'He's mine.'

'I'll leave you to it then' the stranger said with a smirk. 'I should have known such a pretty young boy would already be taken.'

He drifted off, leaving Ken shocked and glaring after him, hot and suddenly bright red.

'C…can we leave?' Ken stammered not looking at Mustang. 'I need some fresh air.'

Chapter Seven

'Why did you come here?' Mustang asked him when they had left the club and were out in the street again, walking slowly away and to quieter parts.

'I wanted to see you' Ken mumbled uncertainly to his feet. 'I…thought you might be here.'

'Well' Mustang laughed. 'I'll try not to be so predictable again.'

'It was just a guess' Ken said hastily. 'You're not predictable.'

Mustang gave him a strange look, eyebrow raised sceptically. 'Why did you want to see me anyway?'

Ken turned his head away from him.

'I've just got…' h

e began uncertainly, 'worries on my mind…that's all…'

Mustang stared at him for a moment.

'I…realised we've been meeting up for ages….but I don't have your number.'

'You want my number?' Mustang grinned suddenly amused. 'I thought you'd never ask!' he leant towards him then, leaning on his shoulder. 'You're not falling in love with me are you?'

'No way!' Ken snapped loudly back.

'I think doth protest too much' Mustang replied quickly.

'Shut up' Ken hissed, glaring at him.

'Alright alright' Mustang said, waving him away and stepping back to give him space. 'I'm just teasing.'

They continued to walk.

'I'll give you my number' Mustang said.

'Fine' Ken said grudgingly, pulling out his mobile.

Mustang told him his number, and Ken typed it in, saving it in the contacts.

'So why are you out so late anyway?' Mustang asked him when Ken had replaced his phone back in his pocket. 'I thought your family wouldn't like it. They're so protective of you anyway.'

'I don't know' Ken mumbled staring at the ground as they walked. 'The truth is I'm starting to have doubts about them. They don't know what's best for me.' He faltered then, remembering himself, suddenly shocked at what he had heard himself say. 'I shouldn't have said that' Ken said, alarmed.

Mustang paused for a moment, considering.

'Do you want to come back to my place and have a drink? We could talk properly and get out of this cold. Or do you want to go home?'

No I can't go home! Not yet!

'I'll go to your place' Ken murmured. 'But…only if you don't tell anyone I was there.'

'I wouldn't dream of it' Mustang smirked.

Ken raised his head, glowering at him.

'Come on' Mustang sang, placing his arm around Ken's shoulders and walking with him.

Seconds later as they made their way along, Mustang still had his arm around Ken, leaning into him uncomfortably. Ken shoved him away indignantly, demanding he be given space.

Mustang only laughed, apologising sheepishly.

Mustang's apartment was on the other side of town; they were able to keep warm by walking briskly, as the cold began to set in. They reached the apartment complex which was situated in a peaceful area and was usually relatively quiet. It was only a small building, but looked cosy.

'It's nice' Ken said glancing up at it.

Mustang watched him, staring at him hard as if trying to read him, trying to decide if Ken was making fun of him, and immediately looking away when Ken turned to face him.

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