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   Chapter 15 No.15

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 5217

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Mustang moaned in pain as Simon fucked him hard from behind, hand still working on his front as he leant over him to get a better grasp. Before him Dean's thrusts began to quicken, and he pulled out just as he finished, coming all over Mustang's face and around his eye.

Mustang gritted his teeth, balling the sheets up in his fists as he ejaculated. Behind him Simon paused, releasing him and pulling his sticky fingers away. He brought his hand to his mouth, running his tongue along his palm and fingers once, before reaching for the base of Mustang's neck, and clawing him as hard as he could, running his nails all the way down Mustang's back.


Simon grasped Mustang then by the hips, digging his nails into him as he took his pleasure, pumping harder and faster until he came, before pulling out quickly and shoving Mustang forwards on the bed.

They rested for only a short time.

And then it was Simon's turn.

Mustang moved over across the bed, crawling on top of Simon and running his tongue down his body to between his legs as Dean sat on his chest. Dean fucked his mouth while Mustang sucked him off, one arm wrapped around the top of Simon's leg, and with his other hand he slipped his fingers in and out of Simon.

Then before they had finished, they changed positions.

Mustang pushed Dean onto his back on the bed, lifting his legs up and pushing into him, Mustang began to sweat and groan as Dean beneath him, clawed at his back, biting and sucking as Mustang's flesh, as Simon at the same time, fucked Mustang from behind.

Mustang went to shower after that, cheeks flushed and body trembling with exhaustion as he leant forward with his hand against the wall.

Specks of blood ran from the lines down his back, and there were small bruises and bite marks all over his chest and shoulders.

'Hey are you nearly done in there?' Dean called to him from behind, standing in the open doorway of the bathroom with a hand on his hip, completely naked.

Mustang turned back to him with a faint smile.

'Come join me' he gasped, 'there's not much room so we'll have to get real close to all fit.'

Simon joined in too, and the three of them all washed together, one occasion teasing the other as they all jostled for the water, grabbing lightly parts of each other, licking each other, sharing the occasional kiss.

Eventually they all dried themselves and found their clothes which were scattered throughout the master bedroom, getting dressed and all collapsing on the sofa, where they fell asleep watching a film, all utterly exhausted.

But Mustang r

ested only for a short time, before going out again.

Stupid Ken cursed himself as he walked down the streets alone. I never realised how controlling she was…not until now. He stopped walking then, glaring at the floor beneath him. Mustang… he thought. Mustang was the one who made me realise….do I really want the life my parents have planned for me?

He shook his head then, trying to clear his thoughts.

'Mustang…I have to talk to Mustang…he will help me…….maybe…'

Ken patted himself down, finding his mobile and pulling it from his pocket. He paused then, suddenly realising something with regret.

I don't have his number…

Ken sighed wearily, pushing the phone back into his pocket.

Think……where could he be?

He wandered through the town for a while, heading to the only place he thought he might find him.

The gay club…Ken thought nervously, standing before it. Do I dare go in…?

He stepped to the side as a group of young men entered the club.

'Hey stud' one of the men winked. 'What's a handsome young man like you doing hanging around outside and all by yourself? It's much more fun inside.'

'I…' Ken fumbled. 'I'm waiting for someone…he…might be in the club.'

'Well if he's in the club' another of the men said leaning forward, 'you're not going to find him out here are you.'

Ken's cheeks flushed at that.

'Why do you go inside?'

'I'm not gay' Ken stammered.

'Oh…' one of the men said flatly. 'That's a shame.'

They moved on.

Ken let out the breath he had been holding, touching a hand to his temple and turning away.

I can't go in. I can't go in. I can't go in…

A minute or so later, he went in.

'Mustang isn't here yet' the barman told him. 'He'll be in shortly though…I know that for sure. If you just wait a few moments….'

'How do you know he'll be here?' Ken asked him, trying to avoid the glances of several men nearby.

'He's performing on stage' the barman said.

'He's…' Ken began, '…performing…?'

A short while later, Ken saw Mustang suddenly appear on the stage at the back of the club. He was surprised, having not even seen him enter from the front.

There must be another door out back Ken thought absently to himself.

As Mustang began to perform, Ken couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Mustang danced upon the stage alongside several other men positioned in a half-circle around him, dancing in perfect formation with the others to the beat of the music.

Ken's heart fluttered.

He looked so handsome on the stage as the lead dancer, flicking his long red-red hair back and swaying his hips.

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