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   Chapter 13 No.13

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 4813

Updated: 2018-07-10 12:03

'Sure' Ken said, pushing back his chair and standing.

They left the café, walking across the street they made to cross the road.

Ken grabbed Mustang by the arm suddenly, jerking him back.

The car that nearly hit him whizzed by. Ken let go of Mustang's arm.

'What are you doing?' he hissed. 'You can't just walk out into the road!'

'Ken' Mustang smirked smugly at him, completely unfazed by what had just happened. 'What's it going to do? Hit me?'

Mustang turned away, tutting and muttering under his breath as he moved away, walking into the road again.

Ken's heart jumped in his chest then, feeling suddenly nervous for Mustang.

'Hey Ken!'

He turned towards the source of the noise, seeing Alyssa skipping up to him.

'There you are' she sighed. 'I haven't seen you in ages. Why haven't you called me? Why haven't we met up?'

'I'm sorry' Ken said to her as she stopped before him. 'I was busy today' he said turning to Mustang, who stood now in the middle of the road, waving back at him and ignoring the cars that drove by either side of him in opposite directions.

'You blew me off today to be with him?' Alyssa said with disgust.

'He saved my life' Ken told her flatly.

'Why are you so interested in him? You're always together.'

'That's not true.'

'We were supposed to go out together today' she whined. 'Why did you choose to be with him?'

'Because he was available' Ken replied. 'You couldn't come out today remember?'

'But…why are you with him?'

Ken narrowed his eyes.

'Do you have a problem with Mustang?' Ken asked, voice growing quiet in his anger.

'You know what he is' Alyssa snapped. 'I don't want you hanging out with him anymore.'

Ken balled his fists, drawing a deep breath.

Mustang placed a hand upon his shoulder before he had the chance to say something he might regret. He had quickly returned to Ken's side.

'Is there a problem miss?' Mustang spoke politely to Alyssa.

She glowered at him.

'I don't know what you've done to Ken' she hissed at him, 'but he hasn't been the same since he first met you.'

'Of that I do not doubt' Mustang spoke smugly.

He then put his arm around Ken's shoulders, pulling him close and kissing his cheek.

Ken's heart skipped a beat, his eyes wide with shock as he blinked several times. Alyssa before him was livid with pure rage. She knew Mustang was teasing her, dang

ling her own boyfriend in front of her like he owned him already.

'You…' she said through gritted teeth. 'You have no right to be around Ken.'

'Ken can tell me to leave if he wants' Mustang told her.

'It's wrong what you're doing' Alyssa hissed.

'Why?' Mustang asked her.

'Because my parents tell me.'

Mustang's eyebrow twitched in annoyance then.

'I believe…' he spoke slowly, 'that you should live your life as you should, not how others want. I believe…that you should live in the moment.'

'My parents tell me how to behave' Alyssa told him angrily. 'I follow their rules…they teach me right from wrong.'

'Sheep' Mustang answered simply. 'Do you always blindly obey what other people tell you?'

'They are my parents.'

'And you are a fool.'

Ken's stomach twinged in nervousness then as he saw Alyssa's cheeks flush even more, his palms beginning to sweat. Alyssa glared harder than Ken ever thought possible.

For a moment he thought that she might try to drag him away, might try to argue further.

But she just turned on her heel and stormed off without another word.

Ken let out a heavy sigh, finally relaxing slightly.

That was scary… he thought.

Mustang grabbed him by the shoulders roughly then, turning Ken around to face him.

Ken tilted his head back as Mustang kissed him, holding him tightly.

He stared back in shock as Mustang leant away from him again, smiling.

'I'm sorry' Mustang whispered, letting go of him. 'I couldn't resist….I just…'

Ken's stomach fluttered then, as Mustang reached forward to touch his face, but drew back suddenly.

'You know' Mustang said to him as Ken stared at him in shock, 'there was a time you would have protested at such a thing.'

'I….' Ken spluttered, '….I…'

'You've changed' Mustang said. He cocked his head at Ken, considering him. 'I like you' he said. 'I think you're cute.'

Ken's cheeks began to flush.

'Hey!' Mustang suddenly called, waving to a figure over Ken's shoulder.

Ken glanced around, seeing another male figure waving back.

'I should go' Mustang told him hastily. 'I want to see you again. Is that ok for you?'

'Y-yes' Ken stammered, his mind a blur. 'I mean….'

'I'll see you around' Mustang smirked at him, pausing.

Ken thought for a moment that he would kiss him again, but Mustang turned away, jogging away from him and towards the other figure.

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