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   Chapter 12 No.12

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 4621

Updated: 2018-07-10 12:03

The hooded figure…the gun…the blood…

'Oh god….' Ken rasped, hand going to his head as he began to shiver violently, his body in cold sweat. 'I thought I was over this…'

The door to his room opened then, and his brother stood there.

'Are you alright?' he asked Ken with concern.

'Yes' Ken answered hastily. 'I'm sorry to wake you. Go back to bed.'

'I heard you scream' his brother said. 'Are you having night-terrors again?'

'Yeah' Ken replied reluctantly.

'I thought you were over them.'

'Me too.' Ken turned to him. 'You should go to bed. I don't want to keep you up.'

'As long as you're sure you're ok.'

'Yeah' Ken nodded. 'I'm fine.'

His brother lingered a moment longer, then went away.

The door closed, and Ken was left alone again.

'Why?' Ken whispered, head in his hands. 'Why is this happening again?'

His heart jolted then as he realised something.

Mustang……could Mustang be the reason I'm having these nightmares again?

Weeks pass

'You haven't seen him since the incident' the therapist said. 'It makes perfect sense you are having these dreams again. He's triggered these memories in you…he was the one who saved you that day…he is a very important person in your life…you care for him…'

'You're right' Ken said to his knees. 'I do.'

Ken rose. 'Thank you' he said. 'I should go now.'

'But you still have time left' the therapist told him.

'It's ok' Ken said, moving towards the door. 'I'm…meeting him again.'



'You've been seeing him for several weeks now haven't you?'

Ken paused at the door.

'Yeah' he said again.

'Your family don't approve of him do they?'

'No' Ken said. 'They don't.'


'Because….' Ken narrowed his eyes. 'He turned to the therapist again. 'You've really helped me out these past few months. I just hope I don't have to come back.'

He smiled. 'Bye Ken' he said. 'Take care.'

Ken nodded, and left.

A short while later and Ken was sitting opposite Mustang in a café, watching silently as Mustang slurped his milkshake loudly.

'Can you stop doing that?' Ken asked. 'It's annoying.'

Mustang paused, glancing up at him.

'Sorry' he mumbled, putting the drink down. 'I didn't mean to annoy………why are you looking at me like that?'

'I'm trying to figure

you out' Ken mused aloud, weaving his fingers together and mumbling into his hands as he leant forwards on the table. 'I don't even know where you begin with you.'

'What's to figure out?' Mustang said loudly, throwing his hands in the air. 'I'm just a normal guy. You are the one I find interesting here. I am trying to figure you out.'

'What's to figure out about me?' Ken asked.

'Well…I was wondering, why would a person like you, who is so against everything that I am, want to spent time with me? It's almost like you're comparing our lives…as if there is something wrong with your own…'

Ken stared at him, wearing a shocked expression now.

'I was wondering' Ken spoke aloud, 'how can someone be so carefree?'

'I've already answered this question' Mustang replied, stirring his milkshake. 'You only live once…best to make the most of it.'

'No' Ken shook his head. 'I don't think that explains it. It's something else…it feels more like you….don't care about your own life…'

Mustang began to slurp on his drink, giving Ken a blank expression.

'I know your life is your own' Ken went on, 'but I can't help thinking…what would your parents think if you had died that day?'


'What would your parents have said' Ken interrupted him loudly, 'if you had died?'

Mustang pursed his lips, giving a sigh, his shoulders slumped.

'They would be devastated.'

Ken leant back in his chair, sighing and shaking his head.

'Maybe I should stop trying to figure you out…its seeming to be an impossible task…maybe there is no answer.'

'That's more like it' Mustang gleamed. 'Stop trying to figure me out and figure yourself out.'

'What do you mean?'

'You're confused' Mustang said to him. 'I feel like you are showing more interest in me than you should…not that I mind…I quite like you….but I think it has to do with something more than just me saving your life.'

Ken frowned. 'Maybe you're right' he said. 'Maybe I should stop comparing our lives…and stop trying to understand you…' he lifted his coffee and took a sip, finishing it off.

'Are you done?' Mustang asked, indicating the cup.


'Hold up' Mustang said hastily, slurping loudly on his milkshake again, before putting it down and rising. 'Ok. I'm done' he said happily. 'Should we go?'

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