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   Chapter 9 No.9

A Change of Heart - Yaoi By Lady Lilium Characters: 4773

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The figure he had be running after turned at the sound of the car skidding and the horn sounding from the angry driver. Ken ran to the figure, slowing to a stop before him with tears in his eyes, his chest rising and falling as he breathed deeply.

'Ken' Mustang said in surprise, staring down at him as he stood there casually with his hands in his pockets. 'What are you doing here?'

Ken stared at him, gasping.

He stepped forward then, embracing Mustang tightly.

Mustang blinked in surprise.

'Ken' he uttered, '…what?'

'You saved my life!' Ken sobbed into his chest. 'You saved my life…I would be dead if it wasn't for you!'

'Hey' Mustang said softly, placing his hands upon Ken's shoulders and pushing him back gently so that he could look into his face.

'You saved my life…' Ken cried, tears streaming from his eyes then, 'even after I said all those horrible things to you….'

'They were just words' Mustang answered quietly.

'But I said such terrible things…I wished you dead! Oh…' Ken said, suddenly remembering as his eyes travelled down Mustang's body. 'You were shot…'

'I'm fine now.'

Ken lifted his head again, beginning to tremble.

'Come with me' Mustang said to him. 'Let's take a walk.'

Chapter Five

Ken followed Mustang as they made their way through the town. Ken's eyes were wide as he went, and he swallowed the lump in his throat, his nerves tingled inside him at the sudden sight of Mustang. It was a strange feeling, seeing him again after he had begun to accept that Mustang had likely died. Ken felt so confused.

'You look different' Ken spoke up.

Mustang paused, turning to him.

'Do I?' he asked. 'How?'

'I don't know' Ken mumbled. 'You look the same…and yet…different….'

Mustang watched Ken for a moment, before breaking into a smile.

'It's just because I've been gone for so long' he grinned. 'I assure you I'm the same as I was before.'


'It's like…' Mustang said slowly, 'when you go on holiday for two weeks, your home looks and feels different when you come back, even though it's all the same.'

'I've…never been on holiday.'

'You should go' Mustang continued, turning and strolling away. 'After all…life is short.'

They continued to walk at a casual pace through the town, across the streets and away, until they reached the edges of the town.

It was quieter here. Peace


'I like it here' Mustang said, slowing to a stop and gazing about him with his hands upon his hips. 'It's nice.'

It was an open place, the dirt at their feet was dry, and train tracks were set in the earth at their feet, reaching far in both directions. And before them, was a narrow section of woodland, beyond which were the very edges of the town, where there were only fields.

'Why are we here?' Ken asked him curiously.

'I told you' Mustang said happily. 'Because I like it.' He turned to him them. 'And…' he added, 'it's private. We can talk without being disturbed.'

'Why did you save me?' Ken asked him, speaking the first question that had been hanging on the tip of his tongue. 'Why? After what I said to you?' he hung his head, fighting back tears as the terrible memories seeped back into him.

Our teacher…shot and killed right before us……the blood…oh god….

Ken raised his head again, facing Mustang head on, forcing the memories away, forcing himself to be strong.

'I have to know' Ken spoke, trying to keep his voice steady, 'what were you thinking when you ran towards him?'

Mustang put his hands in his pockets. 'You want to know what I was thinking?' he asked

'Yes' Ken whispered.

Mustang glanced up at him.

Ken stared. 'You have to tell me. What were you thinking?'

'Fuck it' Mustang replied. 'YOLO.'

Ken stared at him in disbelief.

'…What…?' he uttered, the sound of the train in the distance coming closer.

Mustang turned and walked away, he slowly crossed the train tracks that ran by them, the train that was running the tracks was drawing ever closer.

Mustang stopped on the tracks, and turned to face Ken again, as the train drew ever closer.

'This is the only life we all know we have' Mustang said as the train tore forwards. 'One life. One chance. If I can die making a difference in this world, then I will.'

The train was nearly upon him, it would reach him in seconds.

At the very last moment, Mustang stepped backwards off the track, never breaking eye contact with Ken, as his heart knotted in his chest, for the briefest instant he was afraid for Mustang.

The train passed between them, whooshing at high speed.

Then in no time at all, it was gone.

Ken stared at Mustang in shock.

Mustang stared back calmly.

He turned slowly, and walked away.

Ken followed after him.

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