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   Chapter 7 No.7

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No matter what he did, he couldn't stop it, no matter what he did, it never went away.

'Ken?' Sue his young sister said to him as he lay on his bed silently. 'Ken are you ok? We're all worried about you?'

But he did not answer her.

Later that evening they all sat down for their meal.

They began to eat.

Ken stared down at his plate, eyes wide. He had not moved for several minutes, but just sat there, head bowed.

'Ken?' his mother spoke tentatively from beside him. .

Ken turned his head to her, staring silently. She watched him with an expression of deep concern.

'Eat something' she told him. 'Please.'

Ken didn't respond. He made no acknowledgement that he had heard here at all.

'Here' his mother said, picking at the food with his fork and bringing it to him. 'Eat it' she told him gently, holding the fork before his mouth.

Ken opened his mouth and his mother fed him.

Ken chewed slowly; then swallowed.

He let out a sob then, bowing his head and leaning forwards with his elbows on the table, hands gripping his hair as he began to cry.

His mother reached for him and he turned to embrace her, crying into her shoulder until his eyes were red.

He was taken to bed early that night; his mother tucked him in, patting his sheets down tenderly.

Ken lay on his side, wearing the same wide eyed expression he had since that day.

'If there is anything you want' his mother told him brushing his hair back, 'just come to my room, it doesn't matter what time it is.' She waited for a response. None came. 'Sleep well' she told him, leaning down and kissing his forehead. 'I love you' she told him. 'Good night.'

She moved away, pausing at the door to look back, before closing it after her.

It took hours for Ken to fall asleep. When he did, he dreamed of that hooded figure, of Mustang standing before him…that gun……blood….

Ken sat bolt upright in bed screaming. It took him several minutes to calm as he remembered where he was.

At home in bed.

Ken hugged his knees, covering his head with his arms and crying, gasping as his whole body shook.

His door opened then and he jerked his head around, heart racing in his chest, pounding against his rib cage so hard it hurt.

'Ken?' came the delicate voice of his sister.

Behind her, the taller figure of his brother stood. Ken recognised his silhouette in the doorway, lit by the light in the hallway.

They moved over to him.

'It's alright' h

is sister told him. 'We're here for you.'

It was many weeks later when Ken returned to school.

'I can't believe this has happened…' Ken said in a distant voice as he stood before the memorial.

His friend Keith stood beside him, and together they stared at the fountain that had been built in memory of those that had died that day.

There were seventeen in total. Many of the families of the deceased had brought flowers and pictures of their loved ones.

The pictures were left to fade in the sunlight, and several of the flowers were slowly beginning to die.

'How can this happen?' Ken mumbled. 'It's just…so horrible…' he hung his head, shoulders hunched, as his body began to tremble. 'I thought…' he began, 'I thought….'

Ken bit his lip, doing so hard enough to make it bleed.

'Have you seen or heard from Mustang at all?' he asked his friend.

'No' Keith mumbled to him. 'No one's heard from him.'

Ken turned away sharply to hide the tears in his eyes.

He made his way slowly to class, thinking in his head.

Maybe….he did die after all.

He attended class. His mind however was far away, and he hardly heard the teacher speak. Instead, for the first half of the lesson, his eyes glazed over, as his thoughts began to drift, until the moment the classroom door opened.

Ken's attention snapped sharply back, and he witnessed a flashback of that day when the door to the hall had opened, and the hooded figure stepped in with gun.

Ken clutched his head with both hands, screaming in horror at the sight of blood before him.

Around him, his classmates and the teacher that had walked in stared in shock. To them, everything was perfectly normal, save for Ken

Minutes later, Ken sat alone in the nurse's office, head in his hands and shaking violently. There were several rooms here, and Ken had been left in a quiet room alone, where none could bother him.

A short while later and Ken's parents came to pick him up.

They took him home.

Chapter Four

Several months passed, and Ken still had not seen nor heard any news of Mustang.

He had begun to accept that he had died that day.

'What's wrong?' Alyssa spoke, breaking his thoughts.

'Oh' he mumbled, straightening slightly, 'I um…its nothing.'

She stepped towards him, reaching out to hold him by the arm. Around them other people milled about in the dimmed room, the only light shone through the glass from inside the great aquarium before them.

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