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   Chapter 6 No.6

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The hooded man turned his attention onto him now. Ken's heart plummeted in his chest. The heightened fear he experienced, was unlike anything he thought possible. A primal fear. The true terror experienced by one who could see the end of their life right before them.

Ken knew as the stranger reached for him, that he had mere seconds to live.

Ken was pulled from his chair and forced to his knees; the stranger pressed the gun to his temple.

'GOD SOMEONE HELP ME!' Ken screamed.

The stranger suddenly stumbled to the side and Ken threw his head back to see that Mustang had lunged for the man. They fought for the gun, Ken watched in frozen shock as Mustang struggled to take the gun from the stranger. Mustang forced the man's hand down and the gun fired, he grimaced in pain as he was shot through the leg. The stranger pushed Mustang back and the gun fired again.

Mustang staggered back, and fell to his knees, clutching his side. Ken turned to him, seeing blood seeping between his fingers from the open wound.

He had been shot in the stomach.

His attention flickered back to the stranger, who pointed the gun at Mustang now, inches away from his forehead. Mustang glared back at the stranger in hate and anger, but Ken was shocked to see that there was no fear in him. Not a trace.

Ken gasped slowly as he watched the stranger tighten his finger, pulling the trigger.

The gun clicked but did not fire. It was empty, and Mustang did not even flinch.

Several more figures ran into the room, tackling the hooded stranger and forcing the gun from his grasp.

The shouts around Ken sounded far away, distant…almost as if he were hearing it underwater. Ken paid no attention to them. He ignored the voices as they called all around him. His focus now was on Mustang, and Mustang alone.

Mustang hunched his body over, groaning in pain, his hand pressed against the ground as he held himself up, holding his stomach with his other hand.

'Mustang…' Ken uttered.

Mustang raised his head to his, his body beginning to tremble. He groaned again, hanging his head and falling to his side.


Ken crawled over to him, leaning over him.

'Oh no….' he whimpered.

He was deathly pale now, his breathing shallow.

Tears welled in Ken's eyes as he stared down at him, rolling down his cheeks.

'Please don't die!'

'Get back give him space!'

Ken was pulled to his feet by one of the teachers as several other teachers surrounded Mustang.

'Call an ambulance!'

Ken stared down at the scene around him, feeling a sudden sense of unreality, like this

wasn't really happening…like he wasn't really here, like this was just a horrible nightmare.

He heard suddenly screams and the sound of hysterical crying in the corroder outside.

This room is soundproof Ken thought vaguely. He must have killed more before he came here.

His attention drifted then to the stranger dressed in black. Ken was shocked to see that he was dead.

'They said it was a cyanide capsule that he had taken' Ken said in a distant voice as he sat there in the quiet room. 'They said that he was schizophrenic…and that the voices in his head told him to do it.'

'And what about Mustang?' the therapist asked him. 'You haven't heard what happened to him?'

'N-no' Ken whispered, his hand going to his head, and tears streaming from his eyes. 'I….I don't even know if he is alive….or dead…..oh god…' he buried his face in his hands. 'I suffer night terrors….I see it….play out in my mind all over again…again and again…its horrible….I see the gun…I see Mustang lying there….and the blood' Ken shuddered, hugging himself, beginning to tremble violently. 'My parents won't help me!' he said, voice breaking. 'They say I should just put my faith in god….but….it was not god who saved me…but Mustang……I would have died if not for him!'

'Why do you think he did it?' the therapist asked him.

'I…I don't know.'

'Is it possible that he has stronger feelings for you than you thought?' the therapist asked him calmly. 'Positive feelings…an attachment of some sorts perhaps.'

Ken glanced up at the man.


Shortly after the incident, Ken had gone to the hospital Mustang had been admitted to to try to find him.

'Please' he had begged the woman. 'I have to know if he's ok.'

'I'm sorry' the secretary had said. 'We keep our patients files confidential, only the family are allowed to see.'

Ken returned to the entrance of the hospital, where his own family were waiting for him by the car, ready to take him home.

The days passed and Ken stayed at home. He had learned later on that several people in the school had been killed by the stranger before he entered the hall during their mock exam. The college had been closed for several days after that, reopening days later. Things went back to normal.

But Ken had not returned.

In his mind, Ken was still in that exam hall on that day. When he watched TV, gazed out the window, lay on his bed staring up at the ceiling, he saw in his mind what happened that day. No matter where he was or what was happening around him, he would see the same horror, play over in his mind again and again.

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