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   Chapter 5 No.5

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Ken smiled genuinely then, hugging his sister back.

'My family' he sighed, 'that's all that really matters…'

Later that morning Ken left for college, meeting Alyssa at the front gates. They talked briefly as Ken walked with her to her own school, a little further away, parting with a kiss. Ken returned to his own college in good time.

He felt generally good about things, happy even as he made his way across the grounds to registration. In fact, he was in such a good mood, that he began to think thoughts he never had before, as his mind began to wander to Mustang.

Mustang was strangely understanding the other day when he said we are all god's children he pondered. Damit why am I thinking of him again? Why can't I get him out of my head? He frowned then. Maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way. Maybe he isn't such a bad guy after all.

And then he saw him. Mustang was lying on the grass of the school ground, on top of another man. The two wrapped were up in each other's arms and kissing passionately, in plain view of everyone.

I take that back Ken thought turning away sharply, his mood instantly souring. The guy's a total jerk!

Ken went to registration, waiting outside in the corridor for the teacher to arrive.

Minutes later Mustang came strolling along. Ken glared at the wall opposite him, ignoring the quiet murmur of the class around him as they waited for the door of the classroom to be opened.

'Oh hey Ken!' Mustang sang. 'You alright?'

Ken's heart sunk in his chest, and he closed his eyes in anguish, wishing Mustang would not have spoken to him, wishing he had just ignored him.

He opened his eyes, and turned slowly to face him.

'Why the long face?' Mustang asked him.

'Why won't you just leave me alone?' Ken snapped.

'Is it your time of the month?' Mustang asked in a sympathetic tone.

Ken's blood pressure instantly shot up, and he was consumed by a strong desire to smack him in the face.

'You're disgusting. I hate you so much' he said through gritted teeth, in a voice low enough so that only he could hear. 'My life is perfect. You are the one who is wrong. Why do you even come to school? You'd be doing everyone a favour by just staying away. You'd be doing everyone a favour by dying.'

Ken knew he had struck a nerve. For an instant Mustang's cocky and bold demeanour broke, and for an instant Ken regretted his words.

Mustang stared at him, mouth open in shock and eye wide. Ken could see that he was hurt.

He closed his mouth, speaking at last.

'I thought for a moment….' Mustang said, 'that you ac

tually cared for me….when you asked why I don't come to school.'

'No' Ken shook his head. 'I couldn't care less for you.'

He turned his back on him then as the teacher arrived to open the door, filing into the classroom and taking his seat. He kept his eyes down from then on, ignoring everything around him, and speaking only to confirm his name, as the teacher read out the register.

He didn't know if Mustang had entered the class, didn't even notice whether or not he answered when his name was called out.

He was too angry, consumed in his own silent rage.

Chapter Three

Later that day, they sat a mock exam. The room in which the exam was held was modest in size. It was soundproof. Originally it had been a music room, but that was a long time ago.

Ken stared down at the paper before him, scribbling furiously. The mock exams were just as important to him as the real ones; they showed where you were doing well, and where you were failing. And if he didn't do well in his mock exams, his parents, his mother especially, would not be happy.

She had plans for him, and he was expected to follow them.

Ken put all his efforts now on his task, his mind was far away. He didn't look around him, but stared down at his papers.

Behind him Mustang sat. He paid no attention to the test that was before him. Instead he spent his time drawing rude pictures all over the paper. Then when he grew bored of that, he folded the test into a paper aeroplane and threw it through the air.

Ken felt something jab the back of his head, and turned.

Everyone behind him was looking down, concentrating on their papers. Everyone, except for Mustang, who stared back at Ken; trying to adopt an expression of confused innocence and failing miserably at it.

Ken gritted his teeth, miming the words piss off, before turning ahead again.

He continued with his test for several minutes, the teacher standing at the head of the room, overlooking the students as they worked in silence.

For a long time nothing happened, and then the door opened, and a hooded man walked in.

Everybody in the room stopped and looked up, frozen for a moment.

'Excuse me' the teacher said striding up to the man. 'You're not allowed in here. Please leave.'

The man pulled out a gun, and shot her in the head at point blank range.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion, and the teacher fell back and collapsed on the floor.

She was dead.

People began to scream, rising from their seats to escape.

Ken was unable to move. He had frozen where he sat, consumed by fear.

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